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Farm & agriculture safety resources, tools and bulletins

Updated Canada: Farm Safety Factsheets [18962] ?

Rural health and farm safety materials

Amusement Industry

Amusement park, carnival, and festival safety resources

PA-Pennsylvania Amusement Rides Requirements [5859] ?

All amusement companies are required to register their company and equipment with the Bureau annually


Aviation safety resources and tools

Airport and Aviation Safety [33008] ?

Safety materials from a major European airport

NFPA Codes and Aviation [39593] ?

NFPA codes related to aviation fires

Compressed Gas

Safety resources on compressed gas, pressure lines, propane, helium, etc


Explosives, blasting agents and detonators safety materials

Fall Protection

Fall protection safety resources

Canada: Construction Fall Prevention [17027] ?

Fall prevention requirements in Ontario, Canada


Safety materials on proper forklift operation

Canada: Guideline for the Safe Operation and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks [17018] ?

Requirements in Ontario, Canada for safe forklift operations

Machine Guarding

Resources on machine safeguarding

Machine Guarding [17025] ?

Concepts and techniques of machine safeguarding

Patient Safety

Patient safety guides, medical errors, medication errors

Wandering and Elopement in Nursing Homes [23655] ?

Cognitively impaired individuals who wander are at high risk of injury


Resources on playground safety

Playgrounds, the Place Kids Get Hurt [25812] ?

Crucial elements in playground safety


PPE - Personal Protective Equipment programs

NFPA Standard on Flash-Fire Garments [20506] ?

The standard for protection of industrial personnel from flash fires

PPE Program Forms [35290] ?

Assessment and documentation forms for personal protective equipment programs


Requirements for safety signs

NFPA 170: Standard for Fire Safety and Emergency Symbols [32511] ?

Presents symbols used for fire safety, emergency, and associated hazards


Resource on preventing sports injuries

Accessible Stadiums - Key Features [25240] ?

Highlights key accessibility requirements of the ADA that apply to new


Guides and fact sheets on safe welding

Hot Work Guidelines [25360] ?

Description of procedures to reduce the risk of fire when using torch equipment

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