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Biosafety control and bloodborne pathogen programs

Complying with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Regulation, 29 CFR 1910.1030 [3129] ?

Fact sheet outlines basic requirements for OSHA bloodborne pathogen programs

Confined Spaces

Confined space requirements technical resources

Confined Spaces, 29 CFR 1910.146 [3121] ?

Fact sheet offers brief overview of OSHA requirements for confined spaces

Indoor Air

Indoor air quality guides, checklists, fact sheets, sick building syndrome

CA-California Indoor Air Quality Program [16852] ?

State requirements

Facts About Mold [16853] ?

Addresses some of the most common questions and concerns regarding mold

IAQ Checklist [pdf] [13426] ?

To be used when evaluating indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality Fact Sheet [3134] ?

Fact sheet provides an overview of indoor air quality in non-industrial environments

Microbiological Contamination [14606] ?

Certain conditions contribute to microbial contamination in an indoor environment


Lab safety programs, chemical hygiene plans, standard operating procedures

Emergency Eye/Face Wash/ Shower Requirements [3126] ?

Fact sheet outlines general requirements for emergency eye wash and shower equipment

Emergency Eyewashes & Showers: Proper Maintenance [542] ?

Establish a regular maintenance program to identify and correct any problems

Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan [11993] ?

Resources for laboratory chemical safety


The safe use of lasers

Laser Safety Basics [3137] ?

Fact sheet outlines the basics related to laser safety


Guides on indoor air quality and molds

Prevention and Remediation Strategies for the Control and Removal of Fungal Growth [25741] ?

Addresses mold contamination of building components


Acoustics, hearing conservation programs, hearing protection devices

Elements of an Effective Hearing Conservation Program [3109] ?

Outlines the basic elements required in a hearing conservation program

Hearing Protector Selection Guide [31949] ?

Some guidelines for selecting the most appropriate hearing protectors for your application

Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) [11946] ?

Attenuation, generally expressed in terms of a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)


Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials

Radiation Safety [28511] ?

A university's radiation safety program

Radiation Safety Manual [25145] ?

Example of a major university's radiation safety program

Shielding Specs [10333] ?

Construction specs for x-ray shielding, radio frequency shielding, electromagnetic shielding, etc.


References on air sampling, technical papers, etc. related to industrial hygiene

Comparative Noise & Light Levels [10763] ?

Examples of typical noise levels with common activities and of light levels in different locations


Full text of respiratory programs and respirator fit

OSHA Respiratory Standard; Medical Evaluation Questionnaire [7917] ?

OSHA requires the employee to fill out a medical questionnaire - sample template provided

Particulate Respirators, 42 CFR Part 84 [3118] ?

Discusses test criteria for particulate filter respirators

Qualitative Fit Testing [31935] ?

A fact sheet for qualitative fit testing of respirators

Quantitative Fit Testing [31955] ?

OSHA recognizes three types of Quantitative Fit Testing

Respirator Cartridge Change Schedule [31956] ?

A discussion of procedures

Respirator Fit Testing Requirements and Procedures [3119] ?

Fact sheet gives guidelines on respirator fit testing procedures

Respirator Selection Requirements of Substance-Specific Standards [31936] ?

Assigned Protection Factors (APFs) and Maximum Use Concentrations (MUCs)

SCBA Information [7922] ?

In the hierarchy of respiratory protection, SCBAs provide the highest level protection available

Steps for Establishing a Respiratory Program [3115] ?

How to establish an effective respiratory protection program


Technical guides on industrial hygiene air & noise sampling, monitoring

Air Monitor Sensor Selection [31950] ?

A guide to air monitor sensor selection

Air Monitoring Equipment [14369] ?

Following is a description of each type of air monitor


Stress on the body from heat and cold

Updated Extreme Cold Guide [25357] ?

A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety

Updated Extreme Heat Guide [14376] ?

A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety in Extreme Heat

Updated Extreme Heat: A Prevention Guide [39428] ?

Special precautions need to be taken when working in excessive heat and humidity

Hypothermia [20358] ?

Chart shows the correlation between core body temperature and hypothermia symptoms

Recognizing and Preventing Heat Related Illnesses [14364] ?

Heat and humidity combined with physical exertion can lead to a variety of heat-related illnesses


Technical resource information on fume hoods and other ventilation

Fume Removal [524] ?

Fact sheet describing engineering controls for reducing employee chemical exposure

Industrial Ventilation [pdf] [3603] ?

United Facilities Criteria for US military

Industrial Ventilaton & Exhaust Specs [pdf] [19941] ?

Construction specs manual with sections related to industrial ventilation - 47 pages

Safe Use of Fume Hoods and Laboratory Ventilation Equipment [13348] ?

Basic safety rules on fume hoods

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