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GCat: Safety Management
MCat: Vehicle Management

Examples of fleet policies and safety programs, medical exam requirements, loss statistics, research studies, fleet safety materials, etc. DOT substance abuse testing requirements & and program materials. DOT regulatory requirements. Guidance on MVR point systems. Field manuals on traffic operations, vehicle accident investigations, driver manuals, motor transport operations, CDL manuals. Safety guidelines, rules of the road, state laws for bicycles, mopeds, electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles. Pedestrian safety.


Methods for determining causes & contributing factors of vehicle accidents. Accident reconstruction materials. Guide to determine the preventability of an accident. Articles focused on what the driver should do in the event of an accident. Causes of trailer underride accidents. Case studies of accidents.


Driving training materials for drivers of all ages. Fatality facts and other information related to elderly drivers and to teenage drivers.


Resources on countermeasures and advice on how to control aggressive drivers. Statistical data on the extent of the problem.


Tips on the safe use of airbags. Explanation of the airbag on/off switch controversy. FAQs. Vehicle air bags.


National trade associations of the trucking industry. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. National Safety Belt Coalition. Highway Loss Data Institute. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


Information on bicycle helmets. Safety guidelines, rules of the road, state laws for bicycles, mopeds, electric bikes, scooters.

Carrier Info

Consumer's Guide to purchasing professional motorcoach services. Online access to US government databases on carrier, vehicle, driver safety and credential information, e.g., SAFER, US government safety ratings of passenger carriers. Information on truck weight enforcement.


Commercial Drivers License information and resources.


Worksheets to determine the true costs of vehicle accidents. Fuel prices. New and used car and truck prices. IFT tax rate information.

Crash Tests

Access vehicle crash test databases from NHTSI, IIHS, HLDI, NCAP (Australia), NCAP (Europe), Japan - National Organization for Automotive Safety & Victim's Aid

Distracted Driving

Covers information related to cell phone use and texting, digital billboards and other issues causing driver distraction

DOT Updates

Links directly to the What's New pages of announcements, headlines, rulemakings, the latest website additions, etc. for the major offices & agencies of the US Department of Transportation.


Research reports on human factors and driver safety. Factors influencing driver response time. MVR insurance point table. Full text of the Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994 - Title 30 of the US Crime Bill. Fact sheets on drivers such as new drivers, teenagers, elderly, and passengers. Answers to common questions asked by owner-operators. Commercial driver handbooks. Measuring driver response time.

Driving Tips

Fact sheets on safe driving. Driving safety materials. Fleet safety meeting outlines and safety talks. Blind spots. Defensive driving tips. RV safety. RR grade crossing safety. Safety brochures and fact sheets useful for fleet safety talks.


How to recognize a drunk driver. Statistics on drunk driving. Statistics, laws, regulations related to drunk driving. Ideas to prevent drunk driving.


Facts about drowsy driving and recommendations on effective countermeasures. Commercial motor vehicle driver fatigue and alertness study.

Fleet Policies

Personal use of company vehicle policies. Sample policy for alcohol use. Fill-in-the-blank templates. Policy for seat belt use. Driver training policies.


DOT hazardous materials packaging requirements. Procedures to take with chemical spills. Information on sorbent materials. Performance-Oriented Packaging Standard. Clarifications & exemptions to hazmat regulations. North American Emergency Response Guidebook. Training requirements. ERT. Hazmat forms and documents. Hazardous Materials Incident Prevention Manual.


Fleet hazards and recommended controls related to various industries


Most frequently cited violations. Pre-trip inspections. North American inspection standards. North American standard bus inspection procedures. North American standard cargo tank inspection procedures.


Full text of the DOT standards related to motor carriers including guidance and interpretation. Various example forms & other guidance documents to help motor carriers achieve compliance.


DOT recommended guidelines for preventive maintenance procedures. Controlling vehicle emissions. Tire retread information. Guidelines and ready-to-use checklist for vehicle inspection and maintenance. Full text of DOT's manual for an effective anti-icing program for highway maintenance personnel.


Manuals on traffic operations, vehicle accident investigations, driver manuals, motor transport operations, CDL manuals, commercial driver handbooks.

Medical Exams

Guidance for drivers on the importance of health maintenance for safe driving. Full text of DOT requirements for physical qualifications of commercial drivers in the USA.


Motorcycle safety handbook. Safety materials, fatality charts, graphs related to highway accidents and deaths involving motorcycles.


How to evaulate Motor Vehicle Records. Driver selection criteria. Guidance on MVR point systems. What to look for in an MVR.


Resources and articles on pedestrian and bicycle safety.


Highway-Rail grade crossing safety materials. Federal Railroad Administration regulations, safety bulletins, etc. Principles of light rail system safety.


Vehicle safety research studies. Reports on traffic safety topics such as pavement markings, cellular phone use, drowsiness, etc.


RV safety, towing, mirrors, brakes, extinguishers and more.

Safety Programs

Small business sample of a fleet safety program. Case studies of successful fleet safety programs. Ideas to try, sample employee newsletters and ad slicks to promote fleet safety. DOT Commercial Vehicle Preventable Accident Manual. Full text of a university's fleet safety program.

School Buses

School bus transportation statistics. Bus safety rules. School bus accident crash data. Position papers. Seat belt debate. Vans in school service. Loading and unloading safety materials. Sample student transportation contract.

State PUC

Public utility commissions for US states for motor carriers and transportation.


National statistics and statistics by state for vehicle accidents at railway crossings. Analysis of truck accidents involving fatalities. Canadian motor vehicle traffic collision statistics. Insurance industry statistics on highway fatalities. FARS database access.

Substance Abuse

Full text of a commercial driver license alcohol and drug testing program. Full text of US DOT regulations on workplace drug testing programs for transportation. Overview and outline of DOT requirements for drug and alcohol testing. Research studies that address the problem of drunk driving. Full text of a university's substance abuse program for CDL requirements.

Traffic Reports

Road construction, weather conditions and roadway restriction lists by state. Motorist information for real-time traffic conditions in major cities in the US and the world. Descriptions of speed traps in the USA and abroad. Real time traffic cameras.


Underride guards, trailer inspections, conspicuity regs and more.


Online study guide for student drivers. Advice on training and education for physically challenged drivers. Graduated licensing. Full text of skill standards and curriculum standards for entry level truck-trailer driving training course. Online quizzes on various traffic safety topics. Sample driver tests. Study guide for student drivers, driving tests, model curriculum.


Manual on the realities and limitations of trucking. Fact sheets about the trucking industry & trucking safety, including information on basic industry facts, safety statistics, a truck's average total stopping distance, etc. Alternative fuels.

Vehicle Safety

Obtain vehicle recall information from the recall database by entering make, model & year. Databases on vehicle crashworthiness. Information on vehicle and equipment safety.

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