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Payroll Requirements

Federal pay guidelines related to FLSA

Employment of Workers With Disabilities Under Special Certificates [16889] ?

Full text of US DOL wage and hour regulations CFR Title 29 Chapter V Part 525

Payroll Taxes

US payroll requirements for social security, medicare, withholding

Employer W-2 Filing Instructions & Information [32461] ?

Information for electronic W-2 filers

Employer W-2 Paper Instructions [29294] ?

Social Security Administration mailing addresses

Form SSA-5 Application for a Social Security Card [29303] ?

Used by an employee with a name change or need for a replacement card or who was never issued a card


State wage and hour administration offices and materials

Updated PA-Pennsylvania Labor Law Compliance [28442] ?

Information on minimum wage, wage payment and collection, child labor laws and other labor standards

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