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Online safety training modules for safety training of supervisors and employees. Multiple topics in each module.

Business Security » Violence Prevention

Prevent violence in the workplace guidelines, statistics, resources

Job Violence Guide [21531] ?

Dealing with violence in the workplace - a guide for planners

Updated Violence Prevention Program Training [3207] ?

Online tutorial on violence prevention program development

Business Services » Food Services

Food safety guides and materials from production to consumption

Food Safety Lessons [6092] ?

Four lessons on food safety for consumers

Disaster Management » Bioterrorism

Bioterrorism, chemical and biological weapons

Anthrax eTool [22969] ?

Web-based training tool on occupational safety and health and anthrax

Disaster Management » Emergency Rescue

Training and emergency response materials for rescues

Employee Health » Occupational Health

Occupational medicine reference materials

Introduction to Occupational Health [32556] ?

Online slide presentation covers the basics of occupational health

Environmental Protection » Oil Spills

US federal agency requirements related to oil spills

Updated Safety and Training of Oil Spill Response Workers [37148] ?

Oil Spill Response Safety Training Tool

OSHA Requirements » Agriculture

Agriculture and farm safety technical resources from OSHA

Agriculture Youth Safety [24017] ?

Guidance for youth who work in the agricultural industry

OSHA Requirements » Construction

Construction technical resources from OSHA

Construction eTool [22983] ?

Identify and control the hazards that commonly cause the most serious construction injuries

Steel Erection eTool [22978] ?

Designed to educate employers and workers about the OSHA standard

OSHA Requirements » General

Offices, consulting services, emergency hotline, for OSHA

OSHA Small Business [5589] ?

Programs and assistance for small business

OSHA Requirements » Industries

OSHA's technical resources for various industries

Hospital Safety eTool [22981] ?

Explore the potential hazards of this industry

Logging eTool [5596] ?

Reviews the requirements of the OSHA Logging Standard in relation to employer safety and health

Sawmills eTools [22979] ?

Explore the potential hazards of this industry

Secondary Lead Smelter eTool [22974] ?

Assistance for compliance with OSHA Lead Standard in lead smelting operations

Shipyard eTool [22977] ?

Explore the potential hazards of this industry

Woodworking eTool [22980] ?

Principal hazards and possible solutions for woodworking

OSHA Requirements » Machinery

Machine guarding technical resources from OSHA

Machine Guarding eTool [22975] ?

Web-based training tool on machine guarding

OSHA Requirements » PPE

Personal protective equipment technical resources from OSHA

Eye and Face Protection eTool [22972] ?

Interactive, Web-based training tool for selecting PPE for thw orkplace

OSHA Requirements » Training

OSHA training requirements, guidance on safety training presentations

Teen Workers [24015] ?

Safety training for teen workers

Property Management » Fire Extinguishing

Fire sprinklers, halon, and fire protection engineering technical resources

Updated Portable Fire Extinguishers [24924] ?

A safety fact sheet

Tips For Buildings With Sprinkler Systems [21534] ?

A checklist to recognize what you need to do to assure that the sprinkler system is maintained properly

Safety Administration » Accident Investigation

Job safety analyses, accident investigation programs, etc.

Updated Accident Investigation Procedures [3204] ?

Online tutorial on accident investigation

MORT: Management Oversight & Risk Tree [1029] ?

MORT User's Manual and Chart

OSHA Standards on Incident Investigation [22423] ?

OSHA materials on accident investigation standards

Safety Administration » Management

Safety program management and loss prevention strategies

Updated Whistleblower - Oregon [3463] ?

This training program covers the whistleblower rights covered in the Oregon S​afe Employment Act

Safety Administration » Safety Assessments

Safety program audits and regulatory compliance self-inspections

Updated Hazard Identification and Control [3205] ?

Online tutorial on workplace hazard analysis and control

Safety Administration » Safety Lesson Plans

Guides on safety training presentations, training requirements, etc.

Accident Preparation & Response Tutorial [26246] ?

Online employee training for work-related accidents at the workplace or when driving

Updated Fire Extinguisher Training Module [pdf] [28366] ?

Example of a slide presentation for fire extinguisher training

Updated General Confined Space Awareness Training Module [28369] ?

Example of a slide presentation for confined space safety training

Updated Hazard Communication Safety Awareness Training Module [28370] ?

Example of a slide presentation for hazard communication safety training

Updated Hearing Conservation Program Awareness Training Module [28371] ?

Example of a slide presentation for hearing conservation safety training

Job Hazard Assessment [pdf] [5416] ?

Training presentation in recognizing and assessing safety hazards - JSA's, etc.

Updated Lockout/Tagout Safe Work Practices Awareness Training Module [28368] ?

Example of a slide presentation for electrical safety training

Newton's Apple [5921] ?

Collection of teacher's guides on scientific topics

Updated Safety and Health Management [3206] ?

The elements of an effective safety and health management program; best practices; and overcoming obstacles

Safety Training Modules [20638] ?

Tutorials on radiation, cleanroom, forklift and crane safety

Safety Training Resources [20675] ?

Training materials focused on Oregon OSHA safety requirements

Updated Safety Training Videos [2129] ?

Series of online safety training videos designed for worker safety training

TRAA Vehicle Identification Guide [pdf] [32286] ?

Information needed to correctly dispatch towing and recovery units to the scene

Safety Administration » Safety Talks

Tool box talks and handouts suitable for employee training at job sites

University Toolbox Talks [16725] ?

15 minute talks that highlight safety issues

Safety Administration » Safety Teams

Safety committees, safety teams, etc.

Updated OR-Oregon OSHA Safety Committee Operations [3464] ?

Online tutorial for workplace safety committees

State Agencies » GA-Georgia

US state agencies, laws and regulations for the state of Georgia

Agency: Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety [3295] ?

Facilitates the implementation of programs that reduce crashes

Workplace Health Hazards » Biosafety

Biosafety control and bloodborne pathogen programs

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Tutorial [28747] ?

Example of a basic BBP presentation for employee training

Workplace Health Hazards » Hazard Communications

Hazard communication programs and resources

Hazard Communication Training - Janitorial [28749] ?

Sample hazard communication training program for the cleaning industry

Workplace Health Hazards » Indoor Air

Indoor air quality guides, checklists, fact sheets, sick building syndrome

Legionnaires Disease eTool [22973] ?

Designed to assist industrial hygienists in the assessment of worksites for potential Legionnaires' disease

Workplace Health Hazards » Labs

Lab safety programs, chemical hygiene plans, standard operating procedures

Hospital Laboratory Safety [22982] ?

Training module for hospital lab safety

Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan [11993] ?

Resources for laboratory chemical safety

Workplace Health Hazards » Radiation

Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials

Radiation Safety Materials [27241] ?

In use by a major university

Workplace Health Hazards » References

References on air sampling, technical papers, etc. related to industrial hygiene

Toxicology Tutorials [10302] ?

Series of three online tutorials on the subject of toxicology

Workplace Safety » Construction

Safety and health resources & tools for construction hazards

Jobsite Safety Handbook [pdf] [2542] ?

Example of a general contractor safety handbook

MSHA Part 46 Sand, Gravel, And Crushed Stone On-the-job Training Modules [16593] ?

Instruction Guide designed to supplement existing health and safety training programs

Scaffolds - SAIA Codes of Safe Practices [18720] ?

Guidelines were created to promote safety in the erecting, dismantling and use of equipment

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