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    » Disasters, Fire Safety

Tutorials on disasters and emergency planning, smoke detectors, arson investigation, fire safety, etc.

Business Services » Building Services

Facilities and property management tools and resources

Basic Housing Inspection [1467] ?

Online tutorial on how to conduct a safety and health residential building inspection

Disaster Management » Animal Disasters

Caring for animals and pets before, during and after a disaster

Animals in Disaster: Community Planning [19766] ?

Develop a coordinated response to a disaster in which animals and their owners are affected

Animals in Disasters - Preparedness [19765] ?

Intended to increase awareness and preparedness among animal owners and care providers

Disaster Management » Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery program guidance and flood clean-up

Introduction to Mitigation [5947] ?

Independent self-study course on how to reduce disaster hazard risks

Disaster Management » Emergency Training

Emergency and disaster preparedness training resources

Emergency Management Institute Courses [19759] ?

Independent study courses related to emergency management - download course materials

Floods: Tutorials [5013] ?

Online tutorials related to flood disasters, flood maps, NFIP, etc.

Disaster Management » Hazard Maps

Flood maps, wind maps, earthquake maps, solar radiation maps

Flood Hazard Mapping [21578] ?

Resources from FEMA

Disaster Management » Radiation Disasters

Emergency response for radiation and nuclear power plants

Radiological Emergency Response [5949] ?

Independent self-study course on radiological emergency response operations

Disaster Management » Storm Disasters

Thunderstorm, lightning, tornado, hail safety resources

Tornado - How Does It Work? [5095] ?

Explains the tornado and answers common questions

Property Management » Fire Safety Prevention

Programs, checklists and reference materials on fire safety

Teaching Fire Safety to Children [5942] ?

Online resources for teachers responsible for teaching fire safety

Property Management » Smoke Management

Smoke detectors, smoke management, smoke alarms

How Smoke Detectors Work [5465] ?

Explains how photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors work

Safety Administration » Safety Lesson Plans

Guides on safety training presentations, training requirements, etc.

Emergency Training Drills [27444] ?

A series of instructor guides related to emergencies and rescues

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