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Full text of written safety policies and procedures - some currently in use.

Business Management » Quality Management

Total Quality Management tools, resources, guides

Example System Design [6128] ?

Example quality system documentation

Business Services » Food Services

Food safety guides and materials from production to consumption

Egg Safety [7361] ?

Food safety guidelines from the American Egg Board

Chemical Management » Carcinogen Hazards

Chemicals that are known or suspected carcinogens

SOP for Safe Handling of Carcinogenic Materials [pdf] [6656] ?

A fill-in-the-blank form outlines the standard operating procedure for carcinogens and highly toxic materials

Chemical Management » Chemical Storage

Pproper storage of chemicals, compatibility charts, etc.

Laboratory Waste Management Best Practices [1142] ?

Management of laboratory waste containers is the key to proper disposal of hazardous waste, etc

Chemical Management » Health Hazards

Health hazards and chemicals technical resources

Beryllium - Working Safely [1880] ?

Training reference for beryllium workers

Chemical Management » Lead Hazards

Lead and lead poisoning information and resources

Lead-Based Paint - General Guidelines [2236] ?

Guidelines for workers involved in managing and working around lead-based paints

Disaster Management » Emergency Action Plans

Samples of emergency management and action plans

Building Emergency Plan Template [36497] ?

In use by a major university

Emergency Program Elements [14050] ?

A campus emergency program

Hospital Disaster Plan [pdf] [21753] ?

The basic hospital disaster plan

Disaster Management » Evacuation Procedures

Emergency evacuation programs, fire drills, etc.

Corridor Clearance and Use Guidelines [pdf] [28882] ?

Example of a policy for adequate access and use by emergency personnel and for unobstructed evacuations

Means of Egress - Corridor Clearance [pdf] [28881] ?

Example of a university's policy for healthcare buildings - providing a safe means of egress

Occupant Evacuation Plan [pdf] [28883] ?

Example of a plan in use by the National Institutes of Health

Disaster Management » Hazmat Emergencies

Hazmat teams: hazardous waste and spill containment emergency response

Environmental Response Team Standard Operating Procedures [20211] ?

Full text of air, water, etc. sampling procedures in use by the EPA's ERT

Environmental Protection » Hazardous Waste Guides

Hazardous waste management, site remediation, waste minimization guides

Chemical Waste Disposal [2315] ?

Procedures for disposal of chemical hazardous wastes

Environmental Protection » Risk Assessments

Risk assessment guides, tools and resources for environmental issues

SOP's for Developing Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Hazardous Chemicals [21801] ?

Methodology for developing acute exposure guideline levels (AEGLs) for toxic substances from inhalation exposures.

Property Management » Fire Engineering

Fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire protection

School Fire Safety Report [15766] ?

Standard operating procedures in use by the State of New York

Property Management » Fire Extinguishing

Fire sprinklers, halon, and fire protection engineering technical resources

Fire Extinguisher SOP [pdf] [22035] ?

Standard operating procedures on the use of fire extinguishers

Property Management » Fire Prevention Plans

Fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

Emergency Response Rules [pdf] [26842] ?

Employee rules for fire emergency, disasters, severe weather, etc.

Fire Department Volunteer Policies & Procedures [26840] ?

A guide to using fire department volunteers

Fire Protection & Control Rules [pdf] [26841] ?

Employee rules related to fire safety

Property Management » Property Damage

Cleaning and restoration of interiors & furnishings due to smoke & water damage

Water Incursion SOP [pdf] [27442] ?

A sample standard operating procedure in the event of water incursion into any building

Safety Administration » Accident Investigation

Job safety analyses, accident investigation programs, etc.

Accident Investigation Process [pdf] [15581] ?

Uses the scientific method research technique

Safety Administration » Industry Safety Hazards

Specific industries safety and health hazards & controls

College IIPP Manual [18924] ?

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Manual for a College

Municipal Safety Program - Canada [18427] ?

For a safety program for employees of a municipality

Painting Operations Safety Rules [18402] ?

General safety rules

Petroleum Industry Safety Resources [22058] ?

On safety practices for the petroleum industry

Postal Employees Guide to Safety [pdf] [18419] ?

Safety rules for postal employees

Safety Administration » Management

Safety program management and loss prevention strategies

Sample Workplace Safety Policy [2029] ?

A template

Safety Administration » Safety Forms

Safety department forms

General Safety Rules [24231] ?

Issued to provide a safe and healthy working environment

SOP Development Form for Hazardous Material [doc] [22018] ?

Standard operating procedures guidelines and template for hazardous materials

Student Laboratory Safety Contract [16100] ?

Sample form for students to sign indicating their acceptance of science classroom safety rules

Safety Administration » Safety Programs

Workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Medical Center Safety Manuals [13478] ?

Full text of safety manuals in use by a major university's medical center (pdf)

MN-Minnesota Safety Policies [16823] ?

Full text of safety policies in use by a major university

Safety & Health Services SOP's [885] ?

Sample standard operating procedures - includes industrial hygiene SOPs

Safety / Loss Control Program Materials [15600] ?

Sample safety checklists, forms, programs and manuals

Standard Operating Procedures - Safety [23289] ?

Text of a wide variety of safety SOP's

University Safety Program [25300] ?

Text of the safety policies in use at a major university

Workplace Safety Manual [pdf] [18385] ?

Full text of a state's transportation agency's operations

Vehicle Management » Fleet Policies

Fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Sample Fleet Safety Policy [pdf] [28994] ?

Example of a sample corporate policy related to fleet safety

Suggested Driver Selection Guidelines [24453] ?

Example of an MVR point system and general rules for driver selection and approval

Volunteer Drivers Best Practices [35760] ?

A tool kit that provides the framework for developing and maintaining volunteer driver programs

Workplace Health Hazards » Labs

Lab safety programs, chemical hygiene plans, standard operating procedures

Chemical Hygiene Plan Model [pdf] [27876] ?

An example of a model CHP

Chemical Safety Standard Operating Procedures [14859] ?

Chemical and electrical safety SOP

Chemical Spill Procedures [pdf] [3335] ?

Standard operating procedures for spills in labs

Design Requirements Manual for Biomedical Laboratories and Animal Research Facilities [16828] ?

A detailed design requirements and guidance manual for biomedical research laboratory and animal research facilities

Emergency Eyewash & Shower Equipment [2240] ?

Performance standards for emergency eyewash and shower equipment at the Univ of Kentucky

Lab Safety SOP's [25340] ?

Standard operating procedures on how to safely handle specific laboratory chemicals

Laboratory and Chemical Safety [18460] ?

Laboratory safety standard operating procedures and more

Laboratory Biological Safety Manual [pdf] [2902] ?

Text of a 50+ page manual

Laboratory Biosafety Manual [pdf] [17373] ?

Biosafety precautions to take when operating lab equipment

Laboratory Spill Response [9761] ?

Recommended equipment and supplies for a laboratory spill

Workplace Health Hazards » Molds

Guides on indoor air quality and molds

Fungal Abatement Safe Operating Procedure [24164] ?

SOP for the removal of mold-bearing building materials

Workplace Health Hazards » Radiation

Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials

Manual for the Safe Handling of Radioactive Substances [pdf] [16830] ?

A manual on radiation safety

Medical Center Radiation Safety Management Plan [13477] ?

Full text of a patient & employee radiation safety program in use by a university's medical center

Radiation Food Safety and Japanese Food [3333] ?

USDA U.S. Food, Animal and Agricultural Commodities Import Safety Process

Workplace Health Hazards » References

References on air sampling, technical papers, etc. related to industrial hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Practices [32313] ?

US Department of Energy standard operating procedures for industrial hygienists

Workplace Health Hazards » Respirators

Full text of respiratory programs and respirator fit

Fit Testing Procedure for N95 Respirators [pdf] [5415] ?

Outlines the general steps for fit testing respirators on employees

Workplace Health Hazards » Sampling

Technical guides on industrial hygiene air & noise sampling, monitoring

Methods to Sample and Analyze Environmental Lead [6228] ?

NIOSH lead sampling recommendations

Workplace Health Hazards » Ventilation

Technical resource information on fume hoods and other ventilation

Design Criteria for Laboratories [3331] ?

Based on NFPA, ANSI, ASHRAE requirements

Fume Hood Safety [16869] ?

Safe operating procedures for fume hoods

Fume Hoods: Design Criteria [pdf] [16829] ?

Design requirements for fume hoods

Fume Hoods: Guidelines and Performance Standards [2239] ?

Guidelines and performance standards for fume hoods used in labs at the Univ of Kentucky

Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Safety [27141] ?

How to recognize and protect workers from oxygen deficient atmospheres

Workplace Safety » Boating-Marine

Resources and guides on boating and marine safety

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) [pdf] [29073] ?

Checklist to be completed by a US Coast Guard approved Vessel Examiner

Workplace Safety » Compressed Gas

Safety resources on compressed gas, pressure lines, propane, helium, etc

Gas Cylinder Safety [16870] ?

Safe operating procedures for gas cylinders

Workplace Safety » Construction

Safety and health resources & tools for construction hazards

Canada: Safe Construction Work Practices [22067] ?

Safe work practice documents for the construction industry

SOP: Work Sites [pdf] [14816] ?

Full text of a large number of Standard Operating Procedures for injury prevention at work sites

Workplace Safety » Cranes-Hoists

Programs and guides on crane and hoist safety

Rules for Rigging [pdf] [26062] ?

Inspections and general requirements for rigging safety

SOP Hoists and Cranes [pdf] [27071] ?

Recommendations for safe work procedures when using cranes and hoists

Workplace Safety » Electrical

Technical reference materials on electrical safety

Sample Lockout/Tagout Procedures [18915] ?

Typical minimal lockout procedures

Workplace Safety » Equipment

Safety tools on industrial robots, woodworking machinery, machine shops, etc

Workplace Safety » HACCP

HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plans - food safety

Foodservice HACCP Program [22105] ?

Sample plans and resources for the development of your HACCP program

State HACCP Contacts Directory [6085] ?

The Contact is generally the State meat and poultry program director

Workplace Safety » Patient Safety

Patient safety guides, medical errors, medication errors

Guidelines for the Use and Handling of Hazardous Drugs [pdf] [13476] ?

Full text of a hazardous drug handling policy in use by a major university's medical center

Workplace Safety » PPE

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment programs

SOP: PPE - Construction [pdf] [14813] ?

Full text of a Standard Operating Procedure for construction workers wearing PPE

Workplace Safety » Restaurants

Restaurant and food operations safety resources

Kitchen Safety Rules [22407] ?

A list of safety rules for anyone who works in a kitchen

Workplace Safety » Swimming

Resources on pool and spa safety and drowning prevention

Pool and Spa Tips and Information [5743] ?

Guidelines on pool and spa water chemistry and maintenance and safety tips

Pool Safety [9201] ?

11 safety rules related to pool safety

Workplace Safety » Tools

The safe use of hand and power tools

Chain Saw Safety [26417] ?

Safety ripa when using chain saws

Workplace Safety » Welding

Guides and fact sheets on safe welding

Hot Work Permit Tips [pdf] [3334] ?

Requirements for safe practices

Workplace Safety » Work Zones

Minimize delay & enhance safety in highway construction

Work Zone Safety Program [14811] ?

As implemented by the State of North Carolina

Work Zone Safety Program [14812] ?

Materials to be used to institute a work zone safety program

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