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Online access to safety statistics.

Business Data » Health Data

Health conditions statistical data

NEDARC: National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center [12323] ?

National EMS and other healthcare data

Business Data » Mortality Data

Mortality by occupation, industry, injury deaths statistical data

Firefighter Fatalities in the United States [3210] ?

U. S. Fire Administration (USFA) tracks the number of firefighter fatalities and conducts an annual analysis

Mortality by Occupation, Industry, and Cause of Death: 24 Reporting States [3351] ?

24 states provided death certificate data for 1984-1988 to the National Center for Health Statistics

Summary of Natural Hazard Fatality Statistics [11013] ?

1995, 1996, 1997 tables provide fatality statistics by state for 10 different natural hazards

United States Mortality [23786] ?

Leading causes of death by race and sex for small U.S. geographic areas referred to as Health Service Areas (HSA's)

WISQARS [17985] ?

US leading cause of death and injury mortality report database

Business Data » Safety Data

Workplace safety statistical data from government and industry sources

Updated Aviation Safety Data [2840] ?

Databases on aviation safety in the US

CDC Injury Statistics [10568] ?

Data and statistical reports on injuries in the USA

Children Injuries: National Injury Data [11928] ?

Data on the occurrence of injuries to children by state or region in the USA

Consumer Product-Related Statistics [314] ?

Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Fatal Workplace Injuries by Event or Exposure [pdf] [9181] ?

Accidents that cause the most workplace fatalities

Hazardous Material Incidents [2901] ?

Series of hazardous materials incidents reports filed on US transportation systems

Industries Injuries and Illnesses Data [9180] ?

US Bureau of Labor Statistics information on incidence rates by industry type.

Injuries in the USA [12060] ?

NCHS data on injuries in the USA

Mine Accident, Injury, Illness, Employment & Coal Production Statistics [2910] ?

US federal government statistics on mining safety, employment and coal production

Motorcycle Helmet Use in USA [32004] ?

Overview of state laws

Occupational Injuries and Illnesses and Fatal Injuries Profiles [8675] ?

Access database of occupational injury and illness reports from BLS

Occupational Injury & Illness Rates - Selective Access [8673] ?

Database of reports on workplace injuries in the United States

Odds of Death Due to Injury [371] ?

Chart provides data on the number of deaths in the USA due to injury

OSHA WorkPlace Injury, Illness and Fatality Statistics [1730] ?

Injury/Illness Incidence Rates in the USA

US Government SHARE Data [29022] ?

Workplace injury and illness case rates of US federal agencies

Workplace Safety & Health Reports [1024] ?

A variety of US Bureau of Labor Statistics related to workplace safety and health

Business Data » WC Data

State workers comp agency statistical reports & analysis of worker claims

Canada Workers Compensation Board Statistical Data [24797] ?

Compares key financial and statistical measures

CO-Colorado Work-Related Injuries [11150] ?

Lost time reports prepared by the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation

DE-Delaware WC Data Reports / Special Studies [16328] ?

Provides a variety of reports related to WC in Delaware

GA-Georgia WC Annual Report [11191] ?

Analysis of WC in the state of Georgia

HI-Hawaii Workers Compensation Data [15245] ?

Reported and processed WC cases, including costs

KS-Kansas Workers Compensation Statistics [23185] ?

Statistics on closed claims to ascertain the effectiveness of the Workers Compensation Act

MN-Minnesota: Workers Compensation Statistics [11218] ?

Series of reports analyzing WC claims in the state of Minnesota

NJ-New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau Actuarial Statistics [11237] ?

Average cost per case, loss development factors, expense ratios and more

Updated OH-Ohio WC Facts and Figures [21600] ?

State of Ohio data for WC injuries and illnesses

OR-Oregon WC Statistics [15340] ?

Oregon claims and audit reports

OR-Oregon Workers Compensation Reports [22611] ?

Claims data and related statistics for WC in the State

RI-Rhode Island WC Statistics [21027] ?

Provides a variety of reports related to WC in Rhode Island

Business Security » Crime Victims

Articles, statistics, programs related to crime and its prevention

Crime Victim Federal Legislative Agenda [2540] ?

Information on congressional proposals that affect the interests of crime victims

Employee Health » Sports Injuries

Sports medicine and sports science

National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research [25129] ?

Death and permanent disability sports injury data that involve brain and/or spinal cord injuries

Human Factors » Management

Management's role in ergonomics, cost of injuries, cost/benefits, etc.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Basics [14140] ?

An overview

Insurance » WC Forms

US state workers compensation forms such as first report of injury

NY-New York Independent Medical Examination (IME) Forms [15221] ?

Download IME forms for the state of New York

International Government » European Union

European Union - References from government and business entities

OHS: Occupational Safety and Health Statistics in the European Union [13881] ?

Accidents at work in the European Union

International Laws » Safety

Workplace safety polices and issues internationally

Occupational Safety and Health in Asia and the Pacific [13880] ?

National OSH programmes, profiles and policy documents

OSHA Requirements » Statistics

Injury and illness reports and other statistics from OSHA

2006 Fatal Workplace Injuries [5608] ?

Results of an analysis of detailed information on all work-related fatal injuries occurring in the United States

AK-Alaska Occupational Injury & Illness Information [11152] ?

OSHA statistics for the state of Alaska

BLS Safety & Health Statistics [14774] ?

Injury and illness data from the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

CA-California Occupational Injuries and Illnesses [11157] ?

Fatal & Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses in California

CA-California Occupational Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatality Statistics [14178] ?

From 1996 to the most recent statistics

CT-Connecticut Occupational Injuries and Illnesses [11161] ?

State OSHA statistics for the state of Connecticut

FL-Florida: Work-Related Injuries [11401] ?

Occupational safety and health statistics for the state of Florida

IN-Indiana Occupational Injuries and Illnesses [11469] ?

Occupational injury and illness data for the state of Indiana

KS-Kansas Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries [22434] ?

Statistics on work-related deaths in Kansas

KY-Kentucky Occupational Injury & Illness Statistics [3200] ?

Data is collected to provide statistics on work-related lost-time injuries & illnesses in Kentucky

MA-Massachusetts Occupational Safety & Health Statistics [24101] ?

Workplace safety statistics for the state

MD-Maryland OSHA Statistics [25051] ?

Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)

MI-Michigan Occupational Injury and Illness Reports [8608] ?

Series of reports related to workplace injuries in the state of Michigan

MN-Minnesota Workplace Safety Reports [15284] ?

Minnesota's occupational injuries and illnesses

Updated MO-Missouri Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses [15297] ?

Missouri Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

NC-North Carolina OSHA Statistics [8609] ?

Workplace fatalities, occupational injury and illness statistics for the state of North Carolina

NM-New Mexico: Work Related Injuries and Illnesses in New Mexico [15509] ?

Number of occupational injuries and illnesses by selected industries and case types

NY-New York State: Occupational Injuries & Illnesses [13496] ?

Incidence rates and case characteristics - lost worktime statistics

OR-Oregon OSHA Occupational Safety ad Health Statistics [22610] ?

Oregon OR-OSHA occupational injury and illness survey reports

OSHA Chemical Exposure Health Data [39289] ?

Download datasets of industrial hygiene samples taken as part of OSHA's compliance monitoring program

OSHA Weekly Reports of Fatalities, Catastrophes, and Other Events [39288] ?

Weekly summaries of fatalities and catastrophes resulting in the hospitalization of three or more workers

PA-Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Statistics [18724] ?

Pennsylvania workers compensation and workplace safety report

SC-South Carolina Occupational Injury Data [17970] ?

Tables of workplace injury statistics in the state of South Carolina

State Occupational Injuries & Illnesses [8605] ?

Rates of occupational injuries and illnesses by state

TN-Tennessee Injuries, Illnesses & Fatalities in the Workplace [pdf] [15262] ?

Tennessee's state OSHA statistics

TX-Texas Safety Information Systems [15972] ?

SIS provides occupational injury, illness, and fatality data for the State of Texas

TX-Texas: Occupational Injury & Illness Data [11261] ?

Worker safety information for the state of Texas

Updated UT-Utah Occupational Safety and Health Statistics [23222] ?

Data on workplace injuries in the State of Utah

VA-Virginia Occupational Injuries & Illnesses [23139] ?

FAQ on workplace injury and illness statistics for the State of VA

WA-Washington: Occupational Injuries & Illnesses [12701] ?

Safety statistics from WISHA - state OSHA for the state of Washington

WI-Wisconsin Occupational Injuries & Illnesses [23178] ?

Statistical information on workers injuries, illnesses and fatalities

WorkPlace Injury, Illness and Fatality Statistics [202] ?

OSHA statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

WV-West Virginia Occupational Safety & Health Survey [15273] ?

Nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses for the state of WV

Professional Societies » Mental Health Societies

Mental health associations, non-profits, institutes

American Managed Behavioral Healthcare Association [5689] ?

Represents the managed care mental health industry

Safety Administration » Accident Investigation

Job safety analyses, accident investigation programs, etc.

Policies and Procedures for Investigating and Reporting Accidents [11248] ?

Example of a sample policy statement regarding accident investigation and reporting

Safety Administration » Injury Data

Large variety of reports and datasets on workplace safety

Accidents or Unintentional Injury Statistics [12058] ?

Injury health statistics in the USA

Australia - National Data Set for Compensation Based Statistics [1102] ?

Australian government statistics on workplace safety and health

Australia Workers Compensation Statistics [18596] ?

Statistics compiled by the federal government

Canada: Occupational Safety and Health Statistics [5292] ?

Provides links to governmental workplace safety and health statistics in Canada

CDC Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System) [23785] ?

A comprehensive look at the injury problem in America

Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, New Jersey [11239] ?

Provides an overview of all work-related fatal injuries that occurred in New Jersey

Childhood Agricultural Surveillance [11657] ?

Injuries Among Youth on Farms in the United States

Ergonomics Injury Analyses [26125] ?

BLS statistics related to ergonomic injuries

Fatalities: WISQARS [17986] ?

US leading causes of death and injury mortality reports

Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program [23918] ?

FACE program concentrates on investigations of fatal occupational injuries

Updated Floor Institute - Statistics on Injuries From Falls [20240] ?

Fact sheet related to injuries due to falls

Injuries Among Children and Adolescents [6215] ?

How big is the problem of injuries for U.S. children and adolescents

Injuries/Illnesses Statistics for US Federal Agencies [11883] ?

OSHA worker injury and illness statistics by federal agency

Injury and Illness Incidence Rate Calculator and Comparison Tool [28157] ?

Compare your injury rates to other establishments, industries or national rates

Updated MA-Massachusetts Injury Surveillance [14136] ?

State statistics

MSHA Data [12362] ?

Statistics from the Mining Safety & Health Administration

MSHA Data File Downloads [28951] ?

Data files on mining accidents, injuries, fatalities, employment, production, etc. collected by MSHA

MSHA Mining Safety Statistics [28950] ?

Data, graphs, tables, fact sheets, statistical publications

Nail Gun Injuries [30630] ?

An analysis of nail-gun injuries treated in emergency departments 2001-2005

Occupational Burns in the Kitchen [26676] ?

Analysis about the most common types of burns among restaurant workers

Occupational Injuries and Illnesses - Industry Data [28158] ?

Industry Injury and Illness Data in the USA

OSHA Data Initiative - ODI [40070] ?

For each data collection cycle, OSHA only collects data from a small portion of all private sector establishments

Playground-Related Statistics [21948] ?

Statistics about Playground Related Injuries

SC-South Carolina Fatal Occupational Injury Data [12647] ?

Statistics from South Carolina OSHA on fatalities and on occupational injuries and illnesses

Sports Injuries Report [21717] ?

Yearly injuries per 1000 participants per sport - USA

Sports: National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research [22645] ?

Sports injury data that involve brain and/or spinal cord injuries

Sports: NCAA Injury Surveillance System [22644] ?

College sports injury statistics and related injury data

Surveillance of Mortality and Morbidity in U.S. Workers [17972] ?

NIOSH-funded study seeks to evaluate time trends for morbidity and longitudinal mortality

Transportation Safety Databases [22167] ?

Statistical databases related to transportation safety - aviation, marine, highway, rail, etc.

US Navy Safety Statistics & Data Anlysis [13420] ?

Series of safety statistical reports for the US Navy

USA Cost of Injury Reports [21561] ?

Cost injury estimates for fatal or nonfatal injuries

USA Transportation Safety Statistics [14791] ?

Safety stats for air, highway, transit, railroad, water and pipline transportation modes

WISQUAR: Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System [14070] ?

An interactive database system that provides customized reports of injury-related data

World Health Chartbook [6381] ?

A NIOSH report from 2000

Safety Administration » Safety Case Studies

Lessons learned from prior workplace accidents

WA-Washington: Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program [6195] ?

Lessons learned fact sheets on workplace fatalities in the state of Washington

Vehicle Management » Associations

Highway safety trade associations, alliances & advocates

Large Trucks Facts [767] ?

Series of fact sheets, fatality facts, etc. from IIHS

Vehicle Management » Bikes-Scooters

Safety materials, laws for bicycles, mopeds, scooters, electric bikes, etc.

Unpowered Scooter-Related Injuries 1998-2000 [3973] ?

Rapid increase in injuries associated with riding the new lightweight, folding, unpowered scooters

Vehicle Management » Crash Tests

Vehicle crash data for the USA, Australia, Europe & Japan

NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test Database [1639] ?

Engineering data measured during various types of research on vehicle crash tests

Vehicle Management » Pedestrians

Pedestrian accident statistics and fact sheets

10 Most Dangerous States for Pedestrians [13640] ?

Based on 2012 data

Vehicle Management » Railroads

Highway-rail crossing safety materials, light rail safety, FRA regs, etc.

FRA Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety [20615] ?

Promotes and regulates safety throughout the Nation's railroad industry

Rail Safety Data [18746] ?

Download Federal Railroad Administration safety statistics, train accident data, etc

Vehicle Management » School Buses

School bus safety materials and accident crash data

School Bus Safety [5673] ?

News related to school bus safety issues

Vehicle Management » Statistics

Highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs statistics

Australian Transport Safety Bureau - Road Fatality Statistics [14419] ?

Statistical information published by the ATSB Road Safety

Auto Insurance Costs [5053] ?

Auto insurance costs statistics from the insurance industry

Bike/Pedestrian Statistics [22168] ?

Access to various databases containing pedestrian and bike accident information

Updated Crash Analysis & Reporting Environment (CARE) [1416] ?

Designed for problem identification and countermeasure development purposes

Updated Crash Calculator [25000] ?

Compare your's company's vehicle crash rates with national rates

Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES) [12322] ?

Motor vehicle accident statistics

Updated DOT Crash Statistics [2203] ?

Descriptive statistics about fatal and non-fatal (injury & property damage) of large truck crash

Drunk Driving Fact Sheets [1634] ?

Fact sheets provide various statistical information

Updated FARS Fatality Analysis Reporting System [12402] ?

Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) contains data on all fatal vehicle crashes

FARS - Fatality Analysis Reporting System [9170] ?

Contains data on all vehicle crashes in the USA that occur on a public roadway & involve a fatality

Highway Statistics [5737] ?

Highway statistics in the USA - drivers licenses, motor vehicles, etc.

Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety Statistics [20614] ?

US National Highway-Rail Crossing Collisions and Casualties

HSIS: Highway Safety Information System [12406] ?

Crash, roadway inventory & other data for CA, IL, ME, MI, MN, NC, OH, UT, WA

IL-Illinois Traffic Safety Evaluation Reports [5707] ?

Studies completed by the State of Illinois

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Data [7051] ?

Fact sheets on motor vehicle fatalities and more

MN-Minnesota Crash Data & Reports [25013] ?

Documents concerning Minnesota's motor vehicle crashes

MO-Missouri Motor Vehicle Crash Variables and Outcomes for Drivers [17099] ?

Motor vehicle accident statistics for the state of Missouri

Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria Guideline [30475] ?

Improving crash data for safer roadways

Updated Motor Carrier Safety [14800] ?

Analysis and research on company motor carrier and bus safety

Updated NASS: National Automotive Sampling System [18859] ?

Database of in-depth analysis of passenger vehicle crash protection performance

Updated NHTSA Special Crash Investigations [21152] ?

Analyze the nature, causes and injury outcomes of crashes and strategies for reduction

State-Specific Costs of Crash Deaths [26147] ?

Fact sheets and statistics by state

Teen Drivers and Safety [6230] ?

Resources related to safe teen driving

Updated Traffic Crash Data - USA [14829] ?

Safety statistics

Workplace Health Hazards » Indoor Air

Indoor air quality guides, checklists, fact sheets, sick building syndrome

MN-Minnesota Guidelines for Managing Indoor Air Quality [8547] ?

State guidelines for conducting an indoor air quality investigation

Workplace Health Hazards » Lasers

The safe use of lasers

RLI Laser Accident Database [11674] ?

Statistical summary data on types of lasers, occupations and causes

Workplace Health Hazards » Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis control from OSHA and CDC guidelines

TB Respiratory Protection Program in Health Care Facilities [14875] ?

Administrators Guide on a TB respirator program

Workplace Safety » Agriculture

Farm & agriculture safety resources, tools and bulletins

Injuries Among Youth on Farms [14490] ?

NIOSH analysis

Workplace Safety » Amusement Industry

Amusement park, carnival, and festival safety resources

Go-Kart Related Injuries & Deaths to Children [pdf] [25584] ?

Results of the 2000 study conducted by the Hazards Analysis Division of the CPSC (pdf)

Workplace Safety » Aviation

Aviation safety resources and tools

Updated ASRS: Database Report Sets [5522] ?

27 ASRS report sets of interest to the aviation community

Aviation Safety Databases [19260] ?

International airliner accidents, incidents, hijackings, FAA enforcement actions, Concorde incidents

Aviation Safety Network [19259] ?

Worldwide airliner accident reports, safety assessment actions, passenger safety info

Data Bank [5497] ?

Source for aviation data bases - NTSB, ASRS, etc.

Updated FAA Data and Research [5521] ?

US aviation data - passenger and cargo data, safety data, incident data, grant data and more

Updated FAA Licenses & Certificates [5496] ?

FAA certification information on aircraft, airlines, airmen, airports and medical certification

Updated FAA Regulations [8893] ?

Access to Federal Aviation Regulations Database

US Forest Service Aviation Safety Plan [pdf] [3745] ?

Text of the plan for the Rocky Mountain Region

US Transportation Aviation Databases [22170] ?

Access to over 20 aviation databases - air carriers, accidents, commodities, international air travel, etc.

Workplace Safety » Boating-Marine

Resources and guides on boating and marine safety

Boating Accident Report [10053] ?

US Coast Guard data on boating accidents

Recreational Boating Accident Statistics [356] ?

Information on recreational boating accidents in the USA

US Transportation Maritime Databases [22169] ?

17 databases related to maritime statistics - safety, pollution, commodities, etc.

Workplace Safety » Construction

Safety and health resources & tools for construction hazards

The Construction Chart Book [11788] ?

The US Construction Industry and Its Workers online book

Worker Health Chartbook [11917] ?

Data from many different sources on the nature and prevalence of work-related injuries, illnesses

Workplace Safety » Cranes-Hoists

Programs and guides on crane and hoist safety

Crane Accident Statistics [19528] ?

Statistics on crane-related accidents in the USA

Workplace Safety » Firearms

Resources on basic fire arm safety

Fact Sheet on Gun Violence [11926] ?

Firearms facts and gun violence research

Workplace Safety » Patient Safety

Patient safety guides, medical errors, medication errors

Sentinel Event Statistics [26684] ?

Statistics identifying causes, trends, settings and outcomes of patient safety events

Workplace Safety » Playgrounds

Resources on playground safety

CPSC: Toy Safety [2911] ?

Consumer Product Safety Commission safety information related to toy safety

Playground Injuries [5715] ?

Fact sheets provides statistics and injury prevention advice about playground injuries

Playground Safety Injury Facts [13149] ?

Injury facts from the CDC

Workplace Safety » PPE

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment programs

Permeation Index Numbers [1927] ?

Explains ratings Index 0 through Index 5 materials

Workplace Safety » Slips and Falls

Fall prevention safety materials

Updated Falls in Nursing Homes [3940] ?

What can be done to prevent falls in nursing homes

Workplace Safety » Sports

Resource on preventing sports injuries

Collegiate Athletic Injuries [31032] ?

Trends and prevention

Workplace Safety » Swimming

Resources on pool and spa safety and drowning prevention

Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention [22179] ?

Dedicated to reducing the number of diving injuries, drownings and near drownings

Workplace Safety » Work Zones

Minimize delay & enhance safety in highway construction

Occupational Injuries in Work Zones [12185] ?

Work zone safety statistics for workers

Work Zone Fatalities [9008] ?

Statistics about crashes in work zones in the USA

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