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Online access to financial databases.

Accounting » Business Taxes

Internal Revenue Service forms, publications and resources

IRS Facts & Figures [13558] ?

Highlights of IRS statistics available on-line

Business Basics » Small Business

Small business guides, handbooks, tools, forms, software

Small Business Planner [3002] ?

Information and resources that assists at any stage of the business lifecycle

Business Data » Economic Data

Government and industry sources of economic statistical data

Bureau of Economic Analysis [2985] ?

Compiles data that illuminate key national, international and regional aspects of US economy

Consumer Expenditures [2998] ?

Annual consumer expenditures data for the United States

Economic Statistics - USA [2978] ?

Economic statistics for the United States

Economy at a Glance [2875] ?

US Bureau of Labor Statistics economic indicators - updated monthly - 12 month archive

Updated FRED II - Federal Reserve Economic Data [3531] ?

A database of over 800 U.S. economic time series of Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)

Housing Facts and Figures [4454] ?

Statistics on residential homebuilding from the National Home Builders Association

IRS Tax Statistics [3000] ?

Internal Revenue Service compiled tax statistics on individual and corporate income, etc.

Metropolitan Statistical Area Lists [17076] ?

Lists of the MSA's in the United States

Regional Accounts Data [2984] ?

US per capita personal income by state and region

Today's Bank Rate Averages [571] ?

Provides today's averages for various bank rates: mortgages, auto loans, etc.

US Economic Indicators [2871] ?

US government economic indicator statistics

Business Data » Financial Data

Financial market data from treasury bill rates to calculators

Economic Times Series Page [13067] ?

Over 100,000 data files, with charts and MS Excel files for each - USA, Europe, Japan, Canada

Exchange Rates [12213] ?

Daily foreign exchange rates, information about currencies and currency derivatives

Updated FDIC Statistics on Banking [14923] ?

Provides detailed aggregate financial information as well as key structural data quarterly

FRASER: Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research [3535] ?

Economic information and data to researchers interested in the U.S. economy

IRS Tax Statistics [34135] ?

A wide range of tables and data that describe and measure elements of the U.S. tax system

Business Data » Insurance Data

Insurance industry statistics

Updated Health Insurance Statistics [3059] ?

US health insurance statistics from the US Census Bureau

Business Data » US Statistics

Statistical data from USA government sources

2010 US Census Data [12507] ?

Statistics on social and economic conditions in the USA & selected international

International Accounts Data [2987] ?

Summary data on balance of payments, exports & imports, investments abroad, etc.

US Balance of Payments: Tables [2986] ?

Tables on the United States' balance of payments

USA State & County Quick Facts [2981] ?

Economic, demographic and social statistics of the 50 states

Corporate Law » Intellectual Property

Patents, copyrights and intellectual property law

Copyright and Fair Use [2216] ?

Current legislation, cases, issues, overview of copyright law & related resources

Insurance » Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance, equipment breakdown insurance

Inland Marine Insurance Basics [22489] ?

The following coverages represent a wide range of the types of coverages typically called inland marine

International Laws » Insurance

Insurance resources and requirements internationally

International Facts [15809] ?

Life and non-life premium data world rankings of insurers, brokers, etc.

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