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Access to the full text of health quizzes and self-assessments with the majority graded online. Also includes patient simulations.

Disaster Management » Disaster Stress

Post-disaster emotional support and guidance

Employee Health » Disease References

Handouts applicable for patients

Patient Safety Speak Up [1388] ?

Materials to promote patient participation in patient safety

Employee Health » Health Assessments

Self-evaluations and questionnaires about health online

Health Surveys [1925] ?

Series of health self-assessment surveys

Employee Health » Pain Treatment

Pain assessment tools, diagnosis & treatment of migraines, cancer pain

Updated MIDAS: Migraine Disability Assessment Questionnaire [pdf] [1923] ?

Tool developed to measure headache-related disability

Employee Health » Stress Reduction

Mental health stress, stress management, workplace stress

General Well-Being Scale [pdf] [24894] ?

Self-assessment quiz on your present state of well-being

Employee Health » Temperment

Personality tests and measures and job analysis

Big Five Personality Test [18639] ?

Take this psychology test to find out about your personality

Emotional Intelligence Quotient [18640] ?

Take the E-IQ Test to evaluate you emotional intelligence quotient

Jung/Meyers Briggs Temperment Sorter [1994] ?

Myers-Briggs personality test of 72 questions that scores the assessment online

Human Factors » Symptom Surveys

Ergonomics medical symptom survey questionnaires

Ergonomics Evaluation Form [148] ?

Employee checklist for medical symptoms from computer workstations

Workplace Health Hazards » Noise

Acoustics, hearing conservation programs, hearing protection devices

Ten Ways to Recognize Hearing Loss [14780] ?

The following questions will help you determine if you need to have your hearing evaluated

Workplace Safety » Fatigue

Resources on shiftwork, sleeping disorders, etc

Narcolepsy [3927] ?

A chronic sleep disorder characterized by overwhelming daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep

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