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Access to the full text of written safety programs - some currently in use. Each consists of multiple sections for different hazards.

Business Security » Violence Prevention

Prevent violence in the workplace guidelines, statistics, resources

Gang-Related Legislation by State [19583] ?

Highlights of gang-related legislation in the USA by state and by subject

Environmental Protection » Environmental Reports

Environmental white papers, studies, reports, projects

Updated Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines [12940] ?

The G3 Guidelines for Corporate Environmental Reporting

Insurance » Public Liability

Public visitor liability, premises security liability

Hotel Operations: Guests and Visitors Safety [5961] ?

Protecting guests and minimizing liability

OSHA Requirements » Cranes-Hoists

Crane and hoist technical resources from OSHA

CAL-OSHA Crane Certifier Accreditation Unit [15347] ?

California OSHA's crane safety certification unit

OSHA Requirements » Safety Programs

Safety programs technical resources from OSHA, including motor vehicle safety

AL-Alabama Model Safety and Health Programs [1929] ?

Series of workplace safety programs

Updated AR-Arkansas Basic Safety & Health Programs [1860] ?

Full text of a sample safety program with safety rules

CAL-OSHA Model Program - Prevention Program for High Hazard Employers [1576] ?

Full text of CAL/OSHA's Injury & Illness Prevention Program for High Hazard Employers

CAL-OSHA Model Program - Prevention Program for Intermittent Employers [1577] ?

Full text of CAL/OSHA's Injury & Illness Prevention Program for Intermittent Employers

CAL-OSHA Model Program - Prevention Program for Non-High Hazard Employers [1578] ?

Full text of CAL/OSHA's Injury & Illness Prevention Program for Non_High Hazard Employers

GA-Georgia Sample Written Safety Programs [25041] ?

A series of sample workplace safety programs

HI-Hawaii OSHA: Sample Safety and Health Program [pdf] [15514] ?

A guide to assist in complying with HIOSH Occupational Safety and Health Regulations

LA-Louisiana Loss Prevention Manual & Materials [6240] ?

Loss prevention program materials for safety and health conditions in the workplace

ND-North Dakota: Safety Toolbox [23210] ?

A safety toolbox for employers

Updated NJ-New Jersey: Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health Program [6628] ?

Guidelines and model programs from the state of New Jersey

OH-Ohio Sample OSHA Programs [19379] ?

These sample programs are provided as a guide to help develop individual programs

OK-Oklahoma Worker Safety Health Programs - Samples [2154] ?

Download a series of safety programs

TX-Texas Safety and Health Library [20622] ?

Workplace safety publications that can be used for training and implementing safety programs

TX-Texas Sample OSHA Written Programs [22100] ?

Templates of OSHA-required written programs that you can save and modify to your company's specs

VA-Virginia Industry Safety and Health Templates [39993] ?

A series of safety program templates

WA-Washington Accident Prevention Program Guide [pdf] [16921] ?

Sample accident prevention program for various industries

WY-Wyoming: Sample Written Comprehensive Safety & Health Program [1720] ?

Full text of safety and health program components to assist in compliance with WY state laws

OSHA Requirements » Violence

Violence in the workplace technical resources from OSHA

Workplace Violence Prevention Guide [pdf] [9665] ?

A guide for employers

Safety Administration » Accident Investigation

Job safety analyses, accident investigation programs, etc.

Accident Investigation Program [5084] ?

Example of an accident investigation chapter from a safety program

Policies and Procedures for Investigating and Reporting Accidents [11248] ?

Example of a sample policy statement regarding accident investigation and reporting

Safety Administration » Industry Safety Hazards

Specific industries safety and health hazards & controls

College IIPP Manual [18924] ?

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Manual for a College

County Government Safety and Health Manual [36709] ?

Example of a workplace safety program in use by a California county government

Municipal Safety Program - Canada [18427] ?

For a safety program for employees of a municipality

Petroleum Industry Safety Resources [22058] ?

On safety practices for the petroleum industry

Postal Employees Guide to Safety [pdf] [18419] ?

Safety rules for postal employees

Recreational Activity Safety [25272] ?

Swimming,festivals, floats and more

School Health Policies and Programs Study [25308] ?

A national survey periodically conducted to assess school health policies

School Safety Model Policies [22390] ?

Injury & Illness Prevention Program for California schools

Updated Special Events Safety [pdf] [24904] ?

Example of a safety checklist related to public events

Safety Administration » Safety Forms

Safety department forms

Sample Seat Belt Policy [pdf] [3862] ?

Example of a corporate safety policy related to seat belts

Safety Administration » Safety Programs

Workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Canada: Health & Safety Programs [23991] ?

Safety programs in use at a major university in Ontario, Canada

Updated Church Loss Control Manual [22347] ?

A safety program for a church occupancy

Construction Safety Program [2085] ?

Full text of a construction health and safety program

Contractor Safety & Health Standards [23571] ?

Full text of a contractor safety program consisting of 29 sections - Appendices A-L

Creating a Basic Wellness Program [18391] ?

Summarizes all the tasks you should complete in developing your wellness program

DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security [474] ?

Dept of Energy Worker Safety and Health Directives

EHS Safety & Health Manuals [173] ?

EHS manual - also includes waste generator guidelines, worker safety and health program and more

Employer's Safety Guide [31769] ?

Guidance for safety programs and workers compensation

Environment, Health and Safety Program Manual [820] ?

Full text of a medical center's safety program

Environmental Health & Safety Manuals [2314] ?

A series of EHS manuals - radiation, biosafety, laser safety

Environmental Health and Safety Programs [2174] ?

Chemical safety, radiation safety, laboratory safety, art safety and more

Fire Prevention and Safety Plan [22289] ?

Text of the plan

Generic Injury & Illness Prevention Plan [35804] ?

A basic sample safety program

Generic Mine Safety Programs [21119] ?

Download a generic safety program for underground mines and one for surface mines

Health and Safety Manual [10138] ?

Full text of a health and safety manual currently in use by the Berkeley Lab

Hospital Safety Manual [80] ?

Safety policies and procedures for a medical center

Hospital Safety Manuals [18832] ?

Series of safety manuals for a major university medical center

IIPP Health & Safety Manual [27235] ?

Includes a field health & safety program as well as an office emergency & crime prevention plan

Updated Injury & Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) School Template [40221] ?

Example of a California school district IIPP

Injury & Illness Prevention Program [24301] ?

Full text of a program in use by a California university

Injury and Illness Prevention Program [222] ?

In use at a major university

Injury and Illness Prevention Program [2752] ?

Full text of Injury & Illness Prevention Program, job safety handbook, safety checklist, etc.

Laboratory Standard & Design Guidelines [258] ?

Designed for research laboratories using hazardous materials

Medical Center Safety & Health Program [23875] ?

Safety program materials for medical centers

Medical Center Safety Manuals [13478] ?

Full text of safety manuals in use by a major university's medical center (pdf)

Model Safety Program - General Industry [15582] ?

A sample safety program

Municipal Safety and Health Resource Manual [28736] ?

Example of a loss control program for a municipality

Municipality Safety Materials [22370] ?

Municipality safety and loss control materials

NASA Safety Manual [pdf] [28871] ?

Occupational Safety and Health Program used by NASA

Updated Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual [pdf] [26135] ?

Text of the manual - consists of 32 chapters

Occupational Safety & Health Guide for Supervisors [pdf] [4127] ?

Full text of a Canadian university's occupational safety and health guide for supervisors

Updated Program Components - Safety & Health [1145] ?

Various portions of the safety and health program for Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Psychiatric Hospital Policy Manual [22077] ?

Text of a safety and policy manual for a state hospital

Safety & Health Services SOP's [885] ?

Sample standard operating procedures - includes industrial hygiene SOPs

Safety Administrative Manual [40363] ?

Created by a major university - general safety, workplace safety, laboratory safety

Safety Documents [16552] ?

Safety forms and manuals

Safety Manual [21819] ?

Full text of a university's safety manual

Safety Manuals, Policies and Procedures [23467] ?

Full text of a safety manual

Safety Policies and Procedures [3304] ?

Asbestos, biosafety, committees, occupational health, radiation safety, water quality

Updated Safety Policies and Procedures [17391] ?

Used by the USDA

Safety Programs - US Marine Corps [18425] ?

Safety manuals and directives created by the US Marine Corps

Sample General Industry Safety Program [35424] ?

A sample template to tailor to your operations

Updated Sample OSHA Standard Specific Programs [20134] ?

Sample safety programs required by OSHA

Sample Safety Program [pdf] [39954] ?

For general business

Updated School Crisis Management [23389] ?

Example of a school crisis emergency and medical response plan

Small Unit Safety Officer/NCO Guide [pdf] [23014] ?

A US Army safety manual

Technical Manuals for Occupational Safety and Health [21707] ?

Resources related to occupational health and safety

University Injury & Illness Prevention Program [914] ?

Text of the manual including safety survey checklists

University Safety Manuals & Forms [25149] ?

Example of safety program materials in use at a major university

Updated University Safety Manuals and Programs [2128] ?

Includes safety manuals, control plans, guidelines, procedures, etc.

Updated University Safety Program [410] ?

Fire safety guidelines, policies & procedures for hazardous materials, lab safety manual, etc.

University Safety Programs and Procedures [26450] ?

Text of a safety manual

US Navy Safety Supervisor Manual [pdf] [32147] ?

Text of the manual - hundreds of pages

US Postal Services Safety Guide [pdf] [27982] ?

Safety rules, etc

Safety Administration » Safety Teams

Safety committees, safety teams, etc.

Updated Safety & Health Committee Manual [pdf] [11938] ?

Full text of a safety committee manual used by the National Institutes of Health

Safety Administration » University Safety

Environmental health & safety departments home pages

Duke University Health System [18829] ?

Home page of the safety department to the university's medical center

Workplace Health Hazards » Radiation

Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials

University Radiation Safety Manual [pdf] [13477] ?

Full text of a radiation safety program in use at a major university

Workplace Health Hazards » References

References on air sampling, technical papers, etc. related to industrial hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Practices [32313] ?

US Department of Energy standard operating procedures for industrial hygienists

Workplace Safety » Agriculture

Farm & agriculture safety resources, tools and bulletins

CAL-OSHA Model Injury & Illness Prevention Program for Intermittent Agriculture [8133] ?

Full text of a model safety program for agricultural workers

Workplace Safety » Construction

Safety and health resources & tools for construction hazards

Sample Construction Accident Prevention Program [doc] [35420] ?

A sample template to assist construction businesses in developing a safety program

Sample Construction Employee Safety Manual [doc] [35421] ?

A sample template

Workplace Safety » Restaurants

Restaurant and food operations safety resources

Sample Restaurant Safety Program [doc] [35416] ?

Customize this accident prevention program according to your workplace

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