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    » Safety - Food Safety

Full text of food safety and HACCP programs - some currently in use.

Property Management » Fire Safety Prevention

Programs, checklists and reference materials on fire safety

College Fire Safety Forms [5463] ?

Sample evacuation plan, self-inspection fire safety checklist, fire drill tips and more

Workplace Safety » HACCP

HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plans - food safety

Food Safety Enhancement Program [5744] ?

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's guidelines and principles for implementation of HACCP

HACCP - Restaurants [14334] ?

Sample plans, Standard Operating Procedures, etc

HACCP Generic Seafood Plans [5027] ?

Numerous examples of generic seafood HACCP plans

HACCP Principles Guide for Retail Food Establishments [6589] ?

Guidance from the US FDA for retail food services

NMFS HACCP Manual [pdf] [6730] ?

Full text of the National Marine Fisheries Service HACCP Manual

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