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    » Human Resources - Telecommuting

Full text of telecommuting programs - some currently in use.

Business Security » School Security

Checklists, sample policies and guides for schools to prevent violence

Blueprints for Violence Prevention [19163] ?

Ten model violence prevention programs

Employee Health » Drug Free Workplace

Workplace drug policies and substance abuse programs

US Air Force ADAPT Program [pdf] [13926] ?

Guidance for the identification, treatment and management of personnel with substance use disorders

Employee Management » Employee Discrimination

Information on discrimination: race, gender, age, disabilities, etc.

Equal Opportunity Services Program [12269] ?

University Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Employee Management » HR Policies

Ready-to-use sample letters, contracts, forms, policies, checklists

Departmental Personnel Manual [5959] ?

Text of a human resources manual currently in use by US DOT

FHWA Personnel Resource Manual [12585] ?

Full text of the personnel manual for the Federal Highway Administration

Employee Management » Performance Reviews

Employee workplace performance

Employee Performance Management System [9776] ?

An example of a US government agency's procedures for performance review

Employee Management » Telework Programs

Telecommuting policies, training programs, and tools

Building a Telework Program [6421] ?

Toolkit for employers

Interagency Telecommuting Program [7988] ?

Details of the USA federal government's telecommuting program, including implementation guides

Telework Program [3597] ?

Materials to help you set up a telework program, including sample telework policy

Telework Program Policy Guide [13400] ?

Includes a sample telework agreement, safety checklist and more

The Telecommuting Zone [12590] ?

The telecommuting program for the state of Arizona

Employee Management » University HR

Human resource department websites: university, government, etc.

CA-California Department of Human Resources [12591] ?

Home page to the human resources department for the state of California

Health Cost Management » WC Return to Work

Managing workers compensation costs by returning injured workers to work

School Return to Work Program [22391] ?

Text of a return to work program for school districts

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