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Full text of drug testing, stress management and workplace wellness programs - some currently in use.

Employee Health » Drug Free Workplace

Workplace drug policies and substance abuse programs

Drug Free Workplace Kit [pdf] [399] ?

Advice for implementing drug free workplace programs

OH-Ohio Drug-Free Workforce Policy Kit [9798] ?

Kit with guidelines, sample policy, checklist, consent forms, etc.

Sample Substance Abuse Policy [pdf] [12217] ?

Example of an employer substance abuse policy

Sample Substance Abuse Policy [pdf] [12383] ?

Example of a sample substance abuse program and guidance

Employee Health » Stress Reduction

Mental health stress, stress management, workplace stress

Critical Incident Stress Management [16160] ?

A backgrounder and overview of CISM

Stress Management in Work Settings [4389] ?

Guidelines for implementation of a workplace stress management program

Employee Management » HR Policies

Ready-to-use sample letters, contracts, forms, policies, checklists

Personnel Policies for Staff Members [3281] ?

Full text of a staff personnel manual currently in use by a university in California

Workplace Health Hazards » Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis control from OSHA and CDC guidelines

Tuberculosis Control Plan [4809] ?

Full text of a draft safety program to control tuberculosis

Workplace Safety » HACCP

HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plans - food safety

Foodservice HACCP Program [22105] ?

Sample plans and resources for the development of your HACCP program

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