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Online access to the portion of government and agency websites that provide safety alerts, warnings, etc.

Business Security » Fraud Prevention

Consumer fraud guides, scam & fraud information, statistics, mail fraud & more

Phone Scams [16264] ?

How the scams work

Business Security » Travel Security

Travel safety warnings, public announcements for overseas travel

US State Department Travel Warnings and Alerts [1599] ?

Travel security advice from the US State Department

Business Services » Travel Management

Access to airlines, hotels, rental cars, reservations & ticket booking

National Traffic and Road Closure Information [6253] ?

The status for highways in the USA

Disaster Management » Earthquake Disasters

Advice and resources on earthquake preparation

Recent Earthquake Activity Map [853] ?

Current worldwide earthquake information presented by the US Geological Survey

Disaster Management » Government Disasters

US federal , state and local government disaster response services

Catastrophe Information Center [9440] ?

Find current information on catastrophes in the USA

Disaster Management » Weather Warnings

Disaster alerts from weather to seismic events to floods, etc

National Earthquake Information Center [2814] ?

Worldwide earthquake information from the US Geological Survey

National Warnings [8631] ?

Provides immediate access to all available warnings for the United States

River Forecast Centers and Weather Forecast Offices [3079] ?

Provides the latest river stage and elevation data and daily precipitation summaries

United States Severe Weather Statements [21668] ?

Includes flood warnings as well as fire weather statements

US FEMA News Releases [1062] ?

News releases from the US Federal Emergency Management Agency

US Fire Service Wildland Fire Assessment System [5096] ?

Reports on fire watches for the United States

US National Weather Service Warnings [1063] ?

National Weather Service warnings and a variety of weather information

Environmental Protection » Water Standards

Drinking water quality reports, regulations, guides, news

EPA Drinking Water Consumer Information [9844] ?

Drinking Water Standards and Health Advisories Tables

Internet » Alerts

Up to date internet virus alerts and hoaxes

Advisories, Alerts and Assessments [13490] ?

Alerts about internet security problems

Updated IC3 Alerts [26238] ?

Alerts from the Internet Crime Complaint Center

Property Management » Fire Safety Prevention

Programs, checklists and reference materials on fire safety

Updated Summary of the Corridor Utilization Policy [pdf] [3758] ?

Text of a policy regarding storage in corridors

Reference Materials » Weather Centers

Real time weather updates, live weather cameras, etc.

National Fire Weather Forecasts - USA [26240] ?

Red flag warnings, watches, etc.

Safety Administration » MSHA Updates

US Mining Safety and Health Administration news and updates

MSHA - Alerts [4012] ?

Equipment, Health and Safety Hazard Alerts

Safety Administration » Recalls

Information regarding product recalls, food recalls, motor vehicle recalls, etc.

Updated Australia: Product Safety Recalls [11047] ?

Voluntary safety related product recalls notified to Minister for Financial Services & Regulation

CPSC Recalls and Product Safety News [1941] ?

Recall information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Toy Recalls [16223] ?

A partial list of children related recalls announced by the CPSC

Safety Administration » Safety Case Studies

Lessons learned from prior workplace accidents

Logging Industry Lessons Learned [18930] ?

Fatality lessons learned

Safety Administration » Safety Warnings

Health hazard and safety alerts

CA-California Health Alerts [11631] ?

Press releases and health warnings from the Dept of Health Services, California

Canada Petroleum Industry Safety Alerts [18398] ?

A series of safety alerts from petroleum industry in Canada

Exploding Flashlights [4227] ?

Fact sheet describes the danger of batteries exploding in flashlights

FDA Import Alerts [11965] ?

Of food, drugs, biologics imported into the USA

FDA Medical Device Safety Alerts and Notices [14752] ?

FDA issues alerts and warnings to explain why problems may be occuring and clarify proper procedures to ensure safety

FDA Patient Safety News [9202] ?

A Video News Show for Health Professionals

FDA Product Recalls, Alerts and Warnings [13483] ?

Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts

Updated Food Safety Recalls [11635] ?

US federal government agencies alerts related to food safety

Updated Hazard Alerts [3444] ?

Large number of bulletins and alerts relating to workplace accidents and hazards

Hazard Controls & Hazard Alerts [6196] ?

Workplace hazard alerts from the state of Washington

Medication Safety Alerts [5378] ?

Alerts from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices

MSHA Fatalaties [6197] ?

Fatal alert bulletins and fatalgrams from Mining Safety and Health Administration

NIOSH - Alerts [4006] ?

Occupational injury alerts from the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health

Updated OR-OSHA Hazard Alerts [7920] ?

Workplace safety alerts from the State of Oregon

Updated Sentinel Event Alerts [23633] ?

JCAHO warnings about dangers in health care facilities

Workplace Safety » Compressed Gas

Safety resources on compressed gas, pressure lines, propane, helium, etc

Helium MSDS [11348] ?

Safety precautions

Workplace Safety » Medical Devices

FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

Medical Device Safety Reports [14751] ?

A repository of medical device incident and hazard information

Workplace Safety » Patient Safety

Patient safety guides, medical errors, medication errors

FDA Medical Product Safety Information [16494] ?

Databases regarding medical safety alerts for drugs, biologics, devices, dietary supplements

Institute for Safe Medication Practices [5136] ?

Provides education & alerts about adverse drug events and their prevention

JCAHO Sentinel Event Alerts and Solutions [7154] ?

Reference materials related to medical and medication errors

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