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Online access to technical manuals currently in use by universities, state governments, etc.

Accounting » Accounting Procedures

Accounting-related reference materials.

Accounting Manual [9609] ?

Full text of an accounting manual in use by a major university

Comptroller's Office Policies and Procedures Manual [8424] ?

Full text of a university's manual for their comptroller's office

Business Management » Public Speaking

Presentation tutorials and support materials

Effectively Communicating With Visual Aids [pdf] [6457] ?

Guidance for the presenter

Business Management » Quality Management

Total Quality Management tools, resources, guides

Quality Assurance Manual [6127] ?

Example quality manual

Business Services » Building Services

Facilities and property management tools and resources

Dept of Facilities Management Policies and Procedures Manual [8429] ?

Full text of a university's facilities management manual

Property Management Manual [8957] ?

Policies regarding the acquisition, maintenance, reporting and disposition of capital assets

Business Services » Purchasing Management

Business supply management and purchasing

Purchasing and Business Services Manual [8427] ?

Full text of a university's purchasing and business services manual

Employee Management » HR Handbooks

Employee handbooks and procedures manuals

Handbooks and Procedure Manuals [9046] ?

Full text of a series of handbooks, policy & procedure manuals for faculty and students

HR Policy Manual [21899] ?

Example of a state's manual for human resources policies

Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual [8425] ?

Full text of a university's human resources manual

Employee Management » Training Skills

Tools and resources on corporate training and development

Instructional System Design Manual [8098] ?

A complete on-line training guide to inplementing a training program

Insurance » Property Insurance

Risk management and property insurance

Property Control System [8426] ?

Full text of a university's policies and procedures manual for property control

Insurance » Risk Management Programs

Risk management policy and procedure manuals

ND-North Dakota Risk Management Division Manual [pdf] [6281] ?

Text of the state of North Dakota's risk management manual

RMTSA- Risk Management for Texas State Agencies [9426] ?

Full text of a four volume risk management program for state agencies in Texas - plus checklists

WI-Wisconsin Risk Management Policy and Procedure Manual [3251] ?

Online text of a risk management policy and procedure manual

Safety Administration » Safety Programs

Workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Environmental Health & Safety Policies & Procedures Manual [8432] ?

Full text of a university's safety manual

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