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Access to the full text of a country's laws and regulations related to radiation control.

Government Laws » Radiation Laws

US DOE, EPA, NRC regulations on radiation, plus state laws

10 CFR Part 20 Standards for Protection Against Radiation [7855] ?

Provides the full text of the regulations

10 CFR Part 35 Medical Use of Byproduct Material [22472] ?

Full text of the provisions for the medical use of byproduct material and NRC licensing requirements

40 CFR Radiation Protection Programs - EPA [7845] ?

Full text of EPA radiation protection program regulations

CFR 21 Part 1020 Peformance Standards for Ionizing Radiation Emitting Products [22449] ?

Full text of the FDA regs for X-Ray systems, CT equipment, etc.

Federal Radiation Protection Standards [913] ?

Text of federal standards for protection against radiation

NRC Guidance for Medical, Industrial & Academic Uses of Nuclear Materials [22474] ?

Regulations, licensing, inspection, guidance and communications documents

NRC Radioactive Waste Disposal Regulations [22477] ?

Regulations, guidance and communications on the subject

NRC: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations [11386] ?

Full text of Title 10 of the CFR- Energy Chapt 1 Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRC: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Rules [680] ?

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission current rulemakings and information about rulemaking

Performance Standards for Light-Emitting Products [22451] ?

Full text of the FDA regs for laser products, sunlamps, etc

Performance Standards for Sonic, Infrasonic, and Ultrasonic Radiation-Emitting Products [22452] ?

Full text of the FDA regs for ultrasonic therapy products

US DOE Occupational Radiation Protection [2656] ?

CFR Title 10 Chapt III Dept of Energy 10 CFR Part 835 Occupational Radiation Protection

International Government » Bulgaria

Bulgaria - References from government and business entities

Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency Legislation [25830] ?

Text of select laws and regulations related to nuclear and radiation safety

International Government » Finland

Finland - References from government and business entities

STUK: Regulations [20609] ?

Information on the nuclear energy regulators and acts for Finland

International Government » Guam

Guam - References from government and business entities

Guam Radiological Health Code [29781] ?

Text of the code

International Government » New Zealand

New Zealand - References from government and business entities

Radiation Protection Act 1965 - New Zealand [2819] ?

Full text of the radiation act and its amendments

International Government » Sweden

Sweden - References from government and business entities

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority Acts [20606] ?

The radiation regulations for Sweden

Workplace Safety » Medical Devices

FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

Electronic Product Radiation Control [22446] ?

US FDA requirements for ionizing and non-ionizing products, including medical products

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