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CIA World Factbook. Country Commercial Guides. Country Risk Forecast. US Library of Congress Country Studies. Country reports on economic policy and trade practices. Basal Convention documents. International chemical safety cards. United Nations Environment Programme databases. UNEP Chemicals & WHO - GEENET. Embassies. International business traveler tips. Databases of hotel chains, airlines, travel warnings and more.

Business Security » Travel Security

Travel safety warnings, public announcements for overseas travel

US State Department Travel Warnings and Alerts [1599] ?

Travel security advice from the US State Department

Business Services » Travel Management

Access to airlines, hotels, rental cars, reservations & ticket booking

Airline Toll Free Numbers & Websites [1587] ?

Toll-free numbers for passenger airlines with links to their websites - worldwide

Encyclopedia of Travel [1598] ?

Over 6,000 pages of information for the leisure traveler, daily travel newsletter, etc.

Subway Page [4438] ?

Find routes in subway systems in various cities around the world, including the USA

International Business » Country Guides

World wide geographic, economic and political facts

CIA World Factbook [132] ?

Geographic, economic and political facts on countries throughout the world - full text online

Updated Country Commercial Guides [538] ?

US Dept of Commerce executive summaries on doing business internationally

Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices [4473] ?

Economic policy & trade practices of countries the USA has significant economic/trade relationships

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices [13004] ?

Covers internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights for each country

Country Studies [4424] ?

US Library of Congress Country Studies

Embassies in Washington DC [20] ?

Provides information on each of the embassies in Washington D.C.

Updated European Union [5746] ?

EU is active in a wide range of topics, from human rights to transport and trade

International Business » Global Business

Resources and tools for international business

globalEDGE [534] ?

Meta-index with large number of links to international business resources on the internet

International Government » Canada

Canada - References from government and business entities

Environment: National Pollutant Release Inventory of Canada [3770] ?

Information on industrial releases of toxic substances to air, water & land in Canada

International Laws » Chemicals

International chemical safety resources and information

International Chemical Safety Cards [4430] ?

International Programe on Chemical Safety's chemical safety cards (ICSCs)

International Laws » Health

International information and statistics on health

Updated Country Summary Profiles [4551] ?

Health and safety profiles for each country listed

International Laws » Labour

Labour information and resources internationally

NORMLEX: International Labour Standards [4502] ?

Full text trilingual database on international labour standards with online search and retrieval

International Laws » Safety

Workplace safety polices and issues internationally

NORMLEX: International Labour Organization Standards [8687] ?

Includes International Labor Office Conventions

Reference Materials » Internet Directories

Internet directories for addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites

Canada 411 Directory [8656] ?

Over 10 million telephone listings of Canadian businesses and persons, including postal codes

Country Codes [4649] ?

Telephone, internet and other codes for each country listed

Internet Country Codes [6702] ?

Alphabetical list of countries and their url codes

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