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View full text job descriptions currently in use. Access the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, O*Net: Occupational Information Network. Search databases of salary surveys, layoff reports, tips for HRD professionals, etc.

Business Data » Educational Data

Statistical data on education from government and industry sources

WebCASPAR [10107] ?

Statistical data focusing on US universities and colleges and their science & engineering resources

Business Security » Background Checks

Checking references, SSN verification, fingerprinting tools and guides

AK-Alaska Sex Offender Registration Central Registry [10769] ?

A central registry of sex offenders

Selective Service System Database [20398] ?

Allows you to look up a man's Selective Service number, as well as the date he registered

Social Security Death Index [10132] ?

Search over 60 million names in the Social Security Death Index

Vital Records Information [12658] ?

Where to find vital records from each state in the USA

Employee Management » EAP Programs

Employee Assistance Programs resources and tools

Employee Assistance Service Providers List [13196] ?

Lists of service providers from EAPA that can implement EAP programs

Employee Management » Executive Pay

Executive compensation, benefits, incentives

Executive PayWatch [2885] ?

AFLCIO's guide to monitoring salaries, bonuses and perks in CEO compensation packages

Employee Management » Hiring Practices

Hiring and recruiting techniques and tools

Updated SESTAT Database [10106] ?

Employment, educational and demographic data on scientists & engineers in the USA

Employee Management » HR Calculators

Software to assist with compliance to US Labor Laws

O*Net Database & Related Products [2027] ?

Download the database, the transition tables to SOC, etc.

Employee Management » Job Classification

Sample job descriptions, checklists, documents of job analysis

AZ-Medical Center Classified Staff Job Descriptions [3047] ?

Full text of job descriptions in use by a medical center

Canada: Essential Skills Occupational Profiles [18646] ?

Database of job profiles outlining the essential skills needed for each job described

Dictionary of Occupational Titles [1971] ?

Occupational Categories, Divisions, and Groups Master Titles and Definitions

GA-Georgia Job Descriptions [15242] ?

An exhaustive job description or job analysis of state jobs in Georgia

Updated Healthcare Job Descriptions [18836] ?

A series of job descriptions for the medical industry

O*Net: Occupational Information Network Online [1833] ?

Online database of occupational information - job profiles

Occupational Outlook Handbook [1983] ?

Full text of US Dept of Labor publication on the outlook for specific occupations

Sample Job Descriptions - Local Government [20859] ?

These samples are for the principal use of cities, towns and counties

SOAR: Searchable Online Accommodation Resources [2026] ?

Database of various accommodation options for persons with disabilities in the work setting

WI-Wisconsin Dictionary of Occupational Classifications & Work Descriptions [20930] ?

For use on all Public Works Projects in the State of Wisconsin

Employee Management » Prevailing Wages

Databases of State Prevailing Wage Rates

CA-California Prevailing Wage [11156] ?

Wage rates that workers must receive when working on public works projects in the state

Employee Management » Training Skills

Tools and resources on corporate training and development

ERIC Database [3850] ?

Database of journal and non-journal education literature

Employee Management » University HR

Human resource department websites: university, government, etc.

Veterans Affairs: Human Resources Management [14393] ?

Home page of the human resources department for the department

Employee Management » Wage Surveys

Obtain salary data for a large number of professions

National Compensation Survey [4057] ?

Approximately 25 data reports on compensation in the United States

Profession Specific Salary Surveys [4062] ?

Links to a large number of salary surveys with the focus on California

Salary Wizard [13940] ?

Basic report shows national average salaries adjusted by location

Salary Wizard [17096] ?

Contains salary information on thousands of job titles in the USA

Television and Radio News Salaries & Benefits [23505] ?

Results of research studies on the subject

Wage Determinations [24452] ?

Wage determinations required on most federal construction contracts and on most federal service contracts

International Laws » Health

International information and statistics on health

Foreign Vital Records Links [12659] ?

Where to find vital records internationally

Safety Administration » Industry Safety Hazards

Specific industries safety and health hazards & controls

Warehouse & Loading Dock Safety [3744] ?

Proper equipment, proper training, and enforcement of safe operating procedures

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