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Online access to fleet resources, such as: Safety & Fitness Electronic Records Systems (SAFER), Kelley Blue Book, Edmund's, diesel & fuel prices, crash tests and vehicle evaluations, list of alternative parking areas for truckers, recall databases, dictionaries of trucking terminology and more.

Insurance » Auto Insurance

Auto insurance guides and tools

Glossary of Automotive Terminology [18662] ?

Provides definitions of automotive terminology

Reference Materials » Glossaries

English language glossaries and dictionaries

Trucking Terms [1633] ?

Common terminology and their meanings

Safety Administration » Recalls

Information regarding product recalls, food recalls, motor vehicle recalls, etc.

Motor Vehicle Recall Notices and Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) [16008] ?

Search for a recall notice or TSB title for your auto

Vehicle Management » Carrier Info

Databases & guides on carrier safety records

Motor Carrier Safety Measurement System [14796] ?

A tool used by FMSCA and State partners to evaluate a carrier's safety performance

Safety & Fitness Electronic Records Systems [1613] ?

Provides online access to carrier, vehicle, driver safety and credential information

Vehicle Management » Costs

Cost of accidents fuel prices, new & used vehicle prices, taxes

Automotive Adviser [671] ?

Dealer invoice on new vehicles, book value reports for used vehicles and more

Edmund's Car and Truck Buyer Guides [2092] ?

Calculate new and used car and truck prices - plus, auto loan calculator

Kelley Blue Book [2091] ?

Calculate the price for new and used cars via Kelley Blue Book - plus, links to related sites

Vehicle Management » Crash Tests

Vehicle crash data for the USA, Australia, Europe & Japan

Euro NCAP - European New Car Assessment Programme [9167] ?

European testing of vehicle safety performance

IIHS: Crashworthiness Evaluations [619] ?

Crashworthiness information on passenger vehicles

Japan - National Organization for Automotive Safety & Victim's Aid [9166] ?

Vehicle safety performance comparison tests (in Japanese)

NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test Database [1639] ?

Engineering data measured during various types of research on vehicle crash tests

Vehicle Safety Testing & Ratings [17229] ?

NCAP rollover resistance ratings and crash tests results

Vehicle Management » Hazmat

DOT hazardous materials regulations, guides & reference materials

North American Emergency Response Guidebook [3574] ?

Full version of the guidebook

Vehicle Management » Maintenance

Guides & checklists for vehicle preventive maintenance procedures

Updated Vehicle History Reports [10417] ?

Vehicle Recall Check, Lemon Check, Flood Check

Vehicle Management » Railroads

Highway-rail crossing safety materials, light rail safety, FRA regs, etc.

FRA Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety [20615] ?

Promotes and regulates safety throughout the Nation's railroad industry

Vehicle Management » Research

Traffic safety research reports

NHTSA Safety Research [11576] ?

Vehicle safety studies conducted by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Vehicle Management » Trucking

Trucking industry safety

Truck Equipment Glossary [18617] ?

Definition of truck equipment terms

Vehicle Management » Vehicle Safety

Motor vehicle and equipment safety, seat belts, recalls

EPA Vehicle Air Pollution Ratings [13725] ?

Database helps you evaluate the pollution ratings of vehicles from 1985 to the present

Green Vehicle Guide [21130] ?

Use this guide to choose the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your needs

NHTSA Defects Investigation Database [9123] ?

Information on active defect investigations, defect petitions, recall petitions & civil penalties

Updated Vehicle Recalls, Safety Problems & Issues [3213] ?

Access to databases related to vehicle recalls, defect investigations, technical bulletins, etc.

VINCheck [29072] ?

Determine if a vehicle has been reported as stolen or a salvage vehicle

Workplace Safety » Work Zones

Minimize delay & enhance safety in highway construction

Work Zone Devices [12273] ?

FHWA guidance on crashworthy work zone traffic control devices

Work Zone Safety Training Database [12275] ?

Description of courses, programs, workshops, etc. on work zone safety

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