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Online access to reference materials such as: toll free directories, Yellow Pages, area code lookup, telephone and internet country codes, reverse phone number lookup, zip codes, state abbreviations, etc.

Reference Materials » Internet Directories

Internet directories for addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites

Area Code Listing, By Number [2669] ?

United States & Canadian area code listings - listed by number and by state/country

Area Code Lookup [2170] ?

Search engine for area codes in the United States and city codes overseas

Reverse Lookup [8655] ?

Enter the telephone number and receive the listing information

Zip Code Lookup and Address Information [2171] ?

To look for zip codes for addresses in the United States

Reference Materials » Political Parties

USA political information, contacts, etc

Project Vote Smart [8994] ?

Enter zip code to find the names of all federal and state legislators representing your district

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