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    » Safety - Hazards

Checklists and audits for individual safety hazards, such as lock-out / tag-out, PPE, forklift safety, playgrounds, machine guarding, etc.

Business Security » Arson Prevention

Prevention, statistics, training programs, investigations on arson

Arson Fire Prevention Checklist [pdf] [20227] ?

Prepare for potential arson threats

Business Security » Building Security

Facility physical and electronic security controls

Physical Security Manual [pdf] [25277] ?

Lighting, fencing, access control, security systems and much more

Business Security » School Security

Checklists, sample policies and guides for schools to prevent violence

Fundamentals of School Security [19610] ?

Overview on school security basics

School Safety Assessment [17778] ?

Audit and guide on assessment of school security

Business Services » Food Services

Food safety guides and materials from production to consumption

Food Service Guide [14502] ?

Recommendations for food service areas

Food Service Safety Checklist [pdf] [36436] ?

A safety self inspection checklist

Food Service Sanitation Manual [pdf] [10277] ?

Text of a manual

Business Services » Office Management

Office safety programs, training materials, checklists, etc.

Office Emergency Procedures Checklist [pdf] [22405] ?

What to do in case of emergency

Office Safety Analysis [18951] ?

Office general safe work practices

Office Safety Checklist [pdf] [25064] ?

An example checklist for office safety

Updated Office Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [27272] ?

Includes questions relating to general office safety, ergonomics, fire prevention, and electrical safety

Updated Safe Office Checklist [pdf] [36301] ?

Includes photos of some common office hazards

Sample Self-certification Safety Checklist For Home-based Telecommuters [420] ?

Sample checklist to be completed and signed by telecommuting employees

Self-Certification Safety Checklist for Home-Based Telecommuters [18280] ?

Checklist is designed to assess the overall safety of the home office of a telecommuter

Business Services » Security Management

Crime-free workplace, corporate security, business protection from burglary

Physical Security Checklist [pdf] [27269] ?

For office buildings

Chemical Management » Asbestos Hazards

Control programs, health effects, abatement, technical resources on asbestos

Asbestos Self-Inspection Checklist [24551] ?

Yes/no checklist for OSHA asbestos requirements

Chemical Management » Lead Hazards

Lead and lead poisoning information and resources

Lead Exposure from Torch Cutting [28971] ?

Industrial hygiene concerns from torch cutting on painted surfaces

Disaster Management » Emergency Checklists

Numerous disaster and emergency preparedness checklists

Bomb Threat Checklist [9223] ?

Full text of a one page checklist

Employee Health » First Aid Care

First aid manuals and handouts

Poison Lookout Checklist [26904] ?

Designed for poison control within the home

Insurance » Industry Risk

Specific industries risk management advice & guides

School Risk Management [19607] ?

Resources focused on school risk management

OSHA Requirements » Electrical

Electrical technical resources from OSHA, including lock-out/tag-out

Controlling Electrical Hazards [957] ?

OSHA materials on electrical hazard controls

OSHA Requirements » Machinery

Machine guarding technical resources from OSHA

Machine Guarding Checklist [1092] ?

OSHA's machine guarding checklist assists in compliance with safeguarding standards

OSHA Requirements » Noise

OSHA technical resources on hearing conservation and noise

OSHA Hearing Conservation Standard Checklist [26433] ?

Checklist for 1910.95 hearing conservation program documentation requirements

OSHA Requirements » PPE

Personal protective equipment technical resources from OSHA

OSHA PPE Assessment Checklists [39355] ?

Assessing the Need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

OSHA Requirements » Safety Programs

Safety programs technical resources from OSHA, including motor vehicle safety

AK-Alaska: OSH Manager's Handbook [15499] ?

Guidance on how to implement a safety and health program - includes a checklist & sample outline

OSHA Small Business Handbook [pdf] [27022] ?

Covers a wide variety of workplace safety program topics including self-inspections

OSHA Requirements » Training

OSHA training requirements, guidance on safety training presentations

KY-Kentucky OSHA Instructional Publications [3199] ?

Instructions on safety program requirements for the state

Property Management » Boiler Requirements

Safety information on boiler and pressure vessels

Checklist for Starting Boilers After a Lay-Up Period [10529] ?

Safety checklist for boiler operators

Sample Boiler Checklists, Logs, Informational Articles [35120] ?

Created by State government agencies responsible for boilers and pressure vessels

Property Management » Building Freeze

Property protection precautions for the winter

Freeze-Up Checklist [pdf] [24312] ?

Helps you identify measures to take before cold weather

Winter Preparation Facility Advice [pdf] [27179] ?

Protecting your facilities from winter storms

Property Management » Fire Extinguishing

Fire sprinklers, halon, and fire protection engineering technical resources

Updated Automatic Sprinklers Submission Checklist [22186] ?

Checklist provides a basic guide for evaluating NFPA 13 sprinkler system compliance

Combustible Metal - Fire Extinguishing [13347] ?

A list of combustible metals that require a type D fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Checklist [16099] ?

Checklist that can be used to analyze adequate fire extinguisher protection

Property Management » Fire Inspections

Fire safety inspection, protection and suppression checklists

Building Condition Evaluation Form [pdf] [35356] ?

A point system for grading building components

Daycare and Public School Life Safety Code Manual [24806] ?

As required in the State of Illinois

FHA Property Inspection Checklist [35445] ?

Minimum FHA property requirements

Fire Alarm sytem Inspection, Testing and Maintenance [35119] ?

Procedures for Inspecting, Testing, Maintaining Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, and Smoke Management Systems

Fire Door Inspection Checklist [pdf] [32560] ?

For fire door inspections, check the following

Flammables Storage Inspection Checklist [36430] ?

A safety self inspection checklist

Hazardous Materials Inspection Checklist [36431] ?

A safety self inspection checklist

Updated Home Fire Safety Inspections [24557] ?

Guide for Training Fire Service Personnel to Conduct Dwelling Fire Safety Surveys

Workplace Fire Safety Checklist [26889] ?

For a fire safe workplace check these items routinely

Property Management » Fire Prevention Plans

Fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

Sample Fire Safety Plan Materials [23804] ?

Includes a checklist, policies and procedures for fire drills, fire extinguisher placement and more

Property Management » Flammables

Flammable and combustible liquids and gases

Paint Booth Safety Inspection Checklist [29370] ?

A loss prevention checklist for spray paint booths

Property Management » Window Management

Safety tips for windows

Window Safety Checklist [pdf] [18556] ?

For home safety

Safety Administration » Industry Safety Hazards

Specific industries safety and health hazards & controls

College IIPP Manual [18924] ?

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Manual for a College

School Environmental Safety and Health [22619] ?

Environmental health program materials for schools

Safety Administration » Safety Forms

Safety department forms

OSHA Compliance Self-Inspection Checklist [pdf] [35164] ?

A sample checklist

Shop Safety Audit [pdf] [28487] ?

Example of a workplace safety inspection form for shops

Safety Administration » Safety Inspections

Safety checklists: self-inspections, self-evaluation, hazards, workplace

ADA Checklist for New Lodging Facilities [25242] ?

Hotels, motels, inns and other places of lodging must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA Checklist for Polling Places [25241] ?

Evaluating the Physical Accessibility of Polling Places

Australia: Workplace Safety Checklists [22539] ?

A series of workplace safety inspection checklists

Automotive Services Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [18877] ?

Download a general safety checklist for automotive services

Checklist for Safe PTO Operation [pdf] [20561] ?

Includes strategies for PTO safety

Checklist for Sharps Injury Prevention [pdf] [25381] ?

Intended to help your facility comply with OSHA standards related to bloodborne pathogens (pdf)

Updated Church Self-Inspection Checklist [22346] ?

For a church occupancy

Construction Checklist for Jobsite Self Inspection [25046] ?

A series of questions that persons working in construction should answer during a self-inspection

Construction Safety Checklists [17446] ?

A series of construction site safety checklists

Excavation/Trenching Operations Checklist [25132] ?

Part of a best practices guide

Updated Facility Safety Security Audit Form [pdf] [35642] ?

A facility safety audit and security checklist

Farm and Ranch Safety Audit [pdf] [25952] ?

7 page safety checklist for farm safety

Fire Safety Checklist [pdf] [9720] ?

A self-evaluation checklist for fire prevention

Framing Emphasis Safety Checklist [26067] ?

Jobsite inspection form for wood framing safety (pdf)

Updated Garage / Shop Safety Checklist [pdf] [18952] ?

A repair garage / shop safety inspection checklist form

General Industry Checklist [pdf] [12384] ?

Yes/no type premises inspection

General Industry Self Inspection Checklist [25047] ?

Useful to assist in determining minimum requirements for safe and healthful workplace condition

General Industry Self-Inspection Checklist [pdf] [25945] ?

A 20 page checklist that covers general industry safety

General Monthly Safety Inspection Report [pdf] [25601] ?

A safety and health checklist for general business

Guidelines for Hazard Abatement [5607] ?

Checklist for public areas, parks, playgrounds

Hazardous Waste Inspection Checklists [29059] ?

Santa Clara, California designed forms

Health Services Inspection Checklists [pdf] [29020] ?

Checklists of potential safety hazards in medical facilities

Highway Work Zone Checklist [pdf] [24750] ?

Use this checklist to analyze highway work zone safety

Home Fall Prevention Checklist [21814] ?

Checklist for analyzing and correcting fall hazards in the home

Home Safety Checklist [23985] ?

This checklist is designed to make your home environment safer by preventing accidents and injuries

Home Safety Checklist for Seniors [24803] ?

Check the following throughout your home

Industrial Shop Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [36433] ?

A safety self inspection checklist

Job Site Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [20632] ?

A sample form assists with job site safety inspections

Job Site Safety Planning Checklist [pdf] [20631] ?

Assists with planning for job site safety

Jobsite Safety Reference Checklist [pdf] [26174] ?

3 page form for conducting job site safety inspections

Ladder Inspection Checklist [pdf] [23312] ?

The following are guidelines for the safe use of ladders

Updated Ladder Inspection Checklist [pdf] [26669] ?

General safety checklist for all types of ladders

Ladder Self-Inspection Guide [pdf] [26068] ?

Checklist for ladder safety requirements

Updated Leased Property Safety Assessment [pdf] [35644] ?

An evaluation checklist for safety assessment of leased property

Loss Prevention Checklists [29369] ?

A series of workplace safety checklists

Manufacturing Facility Safety Analysis [18956] ?

Manufacturing safety checklist

Migrant Housing Inspection Checklist [17465] ?

Yes/no checklist available in English and Spanish

Municipal Maintenance Yard Inspection Checklist [pdf] [18786] ?

Checklist to inspect job yards

New Employee Safety Orientation FAQ [10152] ?

An example of a process for determining what job activities require safety and health training

NV-Nevada CAPP Element Audit Checklists [16843] ?

For Nevada's Chemical Accident Prevention Program (CAPP) - Program Guidance

Occupational Safety and Health Checklists [32148] ?

A series of safety checklists

Office Safety Analysis [18955] ?

Office safety checklist

Office Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [26099] ?

Form designed to be used monthly

OSHA Construction Checklist [pdf] [23136] ?

A guide that does not necessarily cover all OSHA construction standards

OSHA Construction Safety Checklist [pdf] [27183] ?

Sample job site inspection form to ascertain compliance with OSHA requirements

OSHA General Industry Checklist [pdf] [39901] ?

Useful for OSHA standards compliance for general industry

Outdoor Recreational Safety Checklist [25276] ?

For hiking and camping

Public Assembly Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [36425] ?

A life safety checklist for theaters and other public assembly occupancies

Safety & Loss Control Checklists [4384] ?

Fire extinguisher checklist, food preparation area checklist, hazard checklist, etc.

Safety Checklists [25126] ?

Modify these documents to meet site-specific hazards

Safety Checklists [19609] ?

Series of safety checklists for schools and for business

Safety Guidelines for the Home Work Space [9145] ?

Sample safety checklist for home-based telecommuters

Safety Inspection Checklists [40796] ?

A variety of safety inspection checklists

Safety Inspection Checklists [35630] ?

A series of checklists for food services, lab safety, offices, classrooms, plant operations, shop and studio areas

Safety Inspection Checklists [27278] ?

Office Safety Checklist, Laboratory Safety Checklist, Shop Safety Checklist

Safety Inspection Checklists [27544] ?

Safety inspection checklists on carpentry, HVAC, welding, automotive and more

Safety Inspection Checklists [16999] ?

A series for general industry

Safety Inspection Checklists [27144] ?

A series of safety premises inspections checklists for the workplace

Safety Program Audit Checklist [pdf] [23109] ?

Checklist for making sure you have compliance with workplace safety program components

Safety Self-Inspection Checklists [20624] ?

A series of self-inspection checklists

Safety Self-Inspection Checklists [15578] ?

Several sample checklists

Sample Checklist for Purchasing Used Vehicles [22043] ?

Use this checklist when purchasing a used vehicle

Sample Machine Safety Inspection Checklist [27536] ?

Sample Employer Self-inspection Checklist Safeguards

Sample Telework Safety Checklist [13401] ?

The following checklist is designed to assess the overall safety of the home worksite

Updated Sample Workplace Safety Checklists [9685] ?

For workplace safety site and program inspections

Updated Scaffold Safety Checklist [pdf] [24926] ?

Basic checklist for scaffold safety

Scaffolding Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [35800] ?

An example checklist

Updated School Safety Checklists [24811] ?

A series of checklists including one for guidelines for retrofitting bleachers

School Safety Checklists [26565] ?

A series of safety checklists for schools

School Safety Guide Checklist [pdf] [22621] ?

Designed for schools in the State of Washington

School Safety Manual Checklists [6653] ?

A manual of self-inspection checklists for school safety

Self Inspection Checklists [pdf] [38841] ?

For property, premises liability, workers compensation, auto, etc

Self-Inspection Safety Checklist for Exterior of Facilities [pdf] [31982] ?

For worship centers, schools and related facilities

Step Safety [23812] ?

Checklist on stair step safety

Tablesaw Safety Tips [26446] ?

Safety advice

Temporary Power Checklist [13382] ?

True / false statements comprise the checklist

Tractor/PTO Safety Guidance [16835] ?

Tractor/Power Take Off (PTO) training guidance

Violence in the Workplace Checklist [21703] ?

Approx 21 question checklist

Updated Warehouse Safety Checklists [18953] ?

A series of safety checklists for warehouses

Work Area Safety Checklist [pdf] [25923] ?

Worksite safety inspection checklist

Workplace Housekeeping Checklist [18957] ?

Use the following checklist as a general workplace guide

Workplace Safety Surveys [24901] ?

A series of safety inspection checklists to control a variety of safety hazards

Updated Worksite/Jobsite Safety Audit [pdf] [35643] ?

General job site safety checklist

Safety Administration » Safety Programs

Workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Safety / Loss Control Program Materials [15600] ?

Sample safety checklists, forms, programs and manuals

Vehicle Management » Fatigue

Effects of fatigue on drivers

Driver Fatigue Prevention [26175] ?

Know the warning signs and how to prevent fatigure related vehicle accidents

Vehicle Management » Trailers

Trailer conspicuity and other requirements

Trailer Inspection Checklist [14082] ?

General guidelines and a procedure for inspecting trailers

Workplace Health Hazards » Biosafety

Biosafety control and bloodborne pathogen programs

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Checklist [pdf] [25969] ?

A self-audit checklist to determine if BBP plan meets OSHA standards

Workplace Health Hazards » Confined Spaces

Confined space requirements technical resources

Sample Confined Space Entry Program Materials [23807] ?

Includestraining materials and other resources

Workplace Health Hazards » Dusts

Dusts, hantavirus, histoplasmosis, silicosis and more

Bird Droppings & Excrement Removal Checklist [29371] ?

A health safety checklist when encountering and removing bird droppings and excrement

Workplace Health Hazards » Hazard Communications

Hazard communication programs and resources

Hazard Communication Self-Inspection Checklist [2529] ?

For a school hazard communication program

Workplace Health Hazards » Indoor Air

Indoor air quality guides, checklists, fact sheets, sick building syndrome

Indoor Air Quality Checklists [27869] ?

To be used during field investigations

Workplace Health Hazards » Labs

Lab safety programs, chemical hygiene plans, standard operating procedures

Lab Safety Guidelines [26997] ?

Sample safety checklist for laboratories

Laboratory Inspection Checklists [29896] ?

For safety inspections

Research Laboratory Safety [25143] ?

Safety materials in use at a major university

Workplace Health Hazards » Lasers

The safe use of lasers

Lasers in Health Care [8371] ?

Hazards of lasers used in health care settings, plus laser safety checklist

Workplace Health Hazards » Noise

Acoustics, hearing conservation programs, hearing protection devices

A Quick Checklist for Monitoring Your OHC Program [6664] ?

Series of yes / no questions on occupational hearing conservation programs

Workplace Health Hazards » Radiation

Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials

Updated US Army Radiation Safety Program [pdf] [3830] ?

Control of hazards to health from laser radiation, ionizing radiation, x-ray systems and more

Workplace Health Hazards » Respirators

Full text of respiratory programs and respirator fit

Respiratory Protection Training Kit [10437] ?

Materials on compliance with OSHA's respiratory protection standard

Workplace Safety » Ladders-Platforms

Ladder Safety Checklist [pdf] [36398] ?

Includes some Do Not's

Workplace Safety » Agriculture

Farm & agriculture safety resources, tools and bulletins

CAL-OSHA Model Injury & Illness Prevention Program for Intermittent Agriculture [8133] ?

Full text of a model safety program for agricultural workers

Safety/Operations for the Grain, Milling, Feed & Seed Industries [6272] ?

Series of articles provide safety information

Workplace Safety » Amusement Industry

Amusement park, carnival, and festival safety resources

Workplace Safety » Arts

Safety for art classes, theaters, schools, and entertainment industry

Stage and Theater Safety Checklist [pdf] [19608] ?

Theater and stage safety checklist with yes/no questions

Workplace Safety » Aviation

Aviation safety resources and tools

US Forest Service Aviation Safety Plan [pdf] [3745] ?

Text of the plan for the Rocky Mountain Region

Workplace Safety » Boating-Marine

Resources and guides on boating and marine safety

AWO Responsible Carrier Program & Audit Checklists [20743] ?

Tools by which companies and auditors verify their compliance with the RCP

Canada: Pre-Departure Marine Safety Inspection Checklist [5499] ?

Used by the Canadian government

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) [pdf] [29073] ?

Checklist to be completed by a US Coast Guard approved Vessel Examiner

Workplace Safety » Construction

Safety and health resources & tools for construction hazards

Construction Checklist for Self-Inspection [12578] ?

Job site self-inspection checklist

Construction Jobsite Loss Control Survey [26060] ?

Checklist of safety items that should be observed at construction job sites

Job Site Safety Checklist [27302] ?

A job start-up safety checklist outline

Residential Wood Framing Jobsite Safety Requirements [pdf] [26069] ?

Safety audit for the residential wood framing industry

Roof Inspection and Assessment Work Hazards [pdf] [38474] ?

Hazard awareness training for those involved in conducting roof investigation, assessment and inspection work

Workplace Safety » Cranes-Hoists

Programs and guides on crane and hoist safety

Crane Safety Program [pdf] [26407] ?

Text of a program in use at a major university

Hoisting and Rigging Manual [pdf] [26439] ?

Includes worksheets

Manlift Pre-Use Inspection Form [pdf] [30240] ?

To be used prior to use

OSHA Subpart CC Qualified Rigger [pdf] [26413] ?

This fact sheet describes the qualified rigger requirements of subpart CC

Overhead Crane Pre-Use Inspection Checklist [pdf] [30239] ?

To be used prior to use

Overhead Hoist Inspection [31931] ?

Inspection checklists for hand chain-operated hoists and for electric or air-powered hoists

Telescoping Boom Hydraulic Crane Inspection [16246] ?

A crane inspection checklist

Workplace Safety » Electrical

Technical reference materials on electrical safety

Electrical Safety Checklist [pdf] [23125] ?

A safety inspection checklist

Workplace Safety » Elevators

Safety tools and resources on elevators, escalators and moving walkways

MN-Minnesota Elevator Building Codes and Standards [24047] ?

As required by the State of Minnesota

Workplace Safety » Equipment

Safety tools on industrial robots, woodworking machinery, machine shops, etc

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automating with Industrial Robots [27053] ?

How to choose the right industrial robot

Caterpillar Equipment Safety Checklists [35743] ?

Safety & Maintenance Inspection Checklists, Start-up & Shut Down Procedures Checklists

Machine Shop Safety [18360] ?

Safe work practices

Updated Trailer Safety Checklist [pdf] [25607] ?

Don't take chances-check all of these inspection items

Woodworking Machinery Checklist [3169] ?

Safety checklist to for safety hazards and controls in the use of woodworking machinery

Workplace Safety » Excavations

Excavation and trenching safety requirements and resources

Canada - Excavation Safety Checklist [pdf] [20640] ?

A checklist for excavation safety inspections

Safety Orientation - Excavation Workers [35968] ?

Steps to safer digging - video

Workplace Safety » Fall Protection

Fall protection safety resources

Fall Arrest System Checklist [pdf] [27184] ?

Safety checklist outline

Ontario, Canada: Work at Height Checklist [pdf] [40134] ?

For tasks above 5 feet (1.5m)

Workplace Safety » Forklifts

Safety materials on proper forklift operation

Daily Checklists for Powered Industrial Trucks [11187] ?

Checklists for specific types of industrial trucks

Forklift Safety & Maintenance [28964] ?

Includes forklift maintenance and forklift safety materials

Forklift Safety Checklist [pdf] [35801] ?

Example of a forklift operator's daily safety inspection check-off list

Forklift Trucks [8359] ?

Forklift safety including a daily checklist

Workplace Safety » HACCP

HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plans - food safety

HACCP Checklist [6900] ?

Food safety and HACCP checklist for standard operating procedures

Workplace Safety » Ladders-Platforms

Safety resources on ladders and work platforms

Ladder Safety Basics [22281] ?

Introduction on basic ladder safety for workers

Portable Ladder Safety Checklist [27058] ?

Checklist for portable ladder safety

Portable Ladders Safety Checklist [pdf] [3167] ?

Checklist on the proper use of portable ladders

Safety Checklist for Mobile Ladder Stands [3166] ?

Designed for controlling falls from mobile ladder stands

Workplace Safety » Playgrounds

Resources on playground safety

Child Care Safety for Parents and Child Care Providers [pdf] [12671] ?

A child care safety checklist

Playground Checklist [11745] ?

Checklist can be used to evaluate the general safety of your local playground

Playground Inspections [17606] ?

Worksheets, forms, checklists, etc. for playground inspections

Playground Risk Evaluation [36711] ?

A scoring system with each yes response receiving one point

Playground Safety Guidelines [22620] ?

Guidance for creating safe playgrounds

Public Playground Equipment Checklist [29130] ?

Injury free safety tips and checklist

Public Playground Safety Materials [10541] ?

Includes a checklist for playground safety inspections

Recreational & Sports Safety Publications [2048] ?

CPSC documents, handbooks, checklists, etc. on playground and sports safety

Sample Safety Checklist for Active Play Areas [19571] ?

Checklist for safety equipment and location hazards

Workplace Safety » PPE

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment programs

Checklist for Foot Safety Protection [27310] ?

For evaluating your safety footwear program

Personal Protective Equipment [8366] ?

Basics on PPE equipment and creating an effective PPE program - plus PPE program checklist

Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessment Checklist [pdf] [38748] ?

Useful when implementing a PPE program

Personal Protective Equipment Safety Checklist [pdf] [3171] ?

A safety checklist on PPE

Workplace Safety » Restaurants

Restaurant and food operations safety resources

Electric Meat Slicers Safety Tips [pdf] [40010] ?

Safety advice

Kitchen and Cafeteria Safety Checklist [11985] ?

53 question audit for kitchen safety

Restaurant Loss Control Toolkit [23638] ?

Safety management for the restaurant industry

Workplace Safety » Slips and Falls

Fall prevention safety materials

Falls Among Older Adults [2070] ?

An overview of the problem

Slips, Trips and Falls Brochure [pdf] [23116] ?

A safety brochure

Walking and Working Surfaces Safety SOPs [27063] ?

Covers barricades, exits, walkways, guardrails and more

Workplace Safety » Sports

Resource on preventing sports injuries

Bleacher Inspections [19621] ?

The following guidelines form the basis for safe bleacher use and operation

Locker Room Safety Checklist [pdf] [15954] ?

Practices for locker room safety

Recreation Safety Materials [32149] ?

Includes a series of recreation safety checklists

Recreation Site Inspection Checklist [pdf] [36424] ?

Safety and sanitation guidelines

Workplace Safety » Tools

The safe use of hand and power tools

Abrasive Wheel Equipment Grinders Checklist [39450] ?

A safety checklist for abrasive wheel grinders

Workplace Safety » Work Zones

Minimize delay & enhance safety in highway construction

Work Zone Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [21719] ?

A highway workzone safety checklist

Updated Work Zone Safety Program [14812] ?

Materials to be used to institute a work zone safety program

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