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    » Human Resources

Audits & checklists to assist with US labor law compliance, job analysis, temporary help agency selection, team performance, telecommuting, training, etc.

Business Security » School Security

Checklists, sample policies and guides for schools to prevent violence

The Challenge: Creating Safe and Drug-Gree Schools [11376] ?

A guide for schools to prevent violence & drug use

Business Security » Violence Prevention

Prevent violence in the workplace guidelines, statistics, resources

Updated A Guide to School Vulnerability Assessments [30145] ?

A guide for safe schools

Employee Health » Drug Free Workplace

Workplace drug policies and substance abuse programs

OH-Ohio Drug-Free Workforce Policy Kit [9798] ?

Kit with guidelines, sample policy, checklist, consent forms, etc.

Employee Health » Health Privacy

Health privacy, medical record privacy, patient confidentiality, etc.

Checklist for Monitoring Alcohol & Other Drug Confidentiality Compliance [9806] ?

Determine whether a breach of patient confidentiality has occurred under Federal laws & regulations

Employee Management » Employee Layoffs

Layoff guides, reports, laws and tools

Workforce Reductions [3836] ?

Guide to Employee Transition

Employee Management » Firing Employees

Resources and issues related to employee terminations

Termination Checklist Form [11113] ?

A few sample items that could be put on an employee termination checklist

Employee Management » Hiring Practices

Hiring and recruiting techniques and tools

Updated Cost of Employee Turnover Checklist [pdf] [31539] ?

Items to include when calculating the cost of turnover in any organization

Updated Recruiting and Hiring Templates [11115] ?

Sample forms, templates, checklists related to the recruiting and hiring process

Employee Management » HR Audits

Checklists, forms, guidance related to audits of the Human Resources department

Auditing the Human Resources Function [8159] ?

Assess the effectiveness of the Human Resources function & ensure regulatory compliance

Diagnostic HR Checklist [13947] ?

A Human Resources Management checklist

HR Reference Manual Audit [34276] ?

Checklists for hiring, separation from employment, personnel policies and compensation & benefits

Employee Management » HR Calculators

Software to assist with compliance to US Labor Laws

Elaw Advisors: Software to Assist with US Labor Laws [3968] ?

Department of Labor has developed several elaws advisors for US labor laws

Employee Management » Job Classification

Sample job descriptions, checklists, documents of job analysis

Job Analysis Questionnaire [pdf] [11110] ?

A sample job analysis questionnaire

Employee Management » Telework Programs

Telecommuting policies, training programs, and tools

Building a Telework Program [6421] ?

Toolkit for employers

Managing the Telecommuter [21] ?

Guidance for managing employees who are home alone and working

Telework - Checkout List [23500] ?

Designed to ensure that your telecommuting employee is properly oriented to the policies and procedures

Employee Management » Temp Hires

Temporary, contingent and part time employment tools

Employee Management » Work Hours

Federal work-hour guidelines related to FLSA

Understanding Overtime Wage Law [11105] ?

When is Overtime Due?

Employee Management » Work Teams

Team building and teamwork tools

Teams: Part 2 Special Project Teams [8104] ?

Workgroups defined as teams - plus, a team checklist

Health Cost Management » WC Return to Work

Managing workers compensation costs by returning injured workers to work

Reasonable Accommodation Checklist [pdf] [35937] ?

Steps to take for accommodating an injured employee's return to work

Sample Return to Work Program [pdf] [16510] ?

Elements of a Modified/Return-To-Work Program

Transitional Work Plan for Returning to Work [35938] ?

A form for use in outlining the plan specifications for returning an injured employee to work

Internet » Internet Accessibility

Make web page content accessible to those with disabilities

IBM Accessiblity Center Guidelines [13407] ?

Guidelines and checklists for accessible hardware and software applications

Safety Administration » Safety Forms

Safety department forms

Safety Guidelines for the Home Work Space [6] ?

Safety checklist for telework

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