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    » Business & Finance

Checklists and tools for general business and finance. Includes checklists that are currently in use as well as checklist guides to assist businesses with labor laws, financial internal audits, company performance, building lighting assessments and more.

Accounting » Cost Estimate Tools

Online models for estimating the cost of a project, building valuation data, etc

FAA Acquisition System Toolset [9337] ?

Lifecycle phases, decisions and management control

Accounting » Internal Audit

Resources for internal audit departments

Audit Committee Checklist [6137] ?

Questions to Ask and Items to Review

Guide to Internal Controls - GAO [pdf] [2841] ?

An internal control management and evaluation tool

Internal Controls Checklist [6134] ?

AICPA checklist for internal controls

Business Basics » Nonprofit Basics

Resources and tools for managing nonprofits

National Center for Charitable Statistics [12349] ?

NCCS provides data on nonprofit organization activities

Business Basics » Small Business

Small business guides, handbooks, tools, forms, software

Communicating with Prospective Clients [12503] ?

Guidelines when meeting with a prospective client

Business Management » Management Topics

Management tips, strategic planning, project management

Buy/Sell Agreement Checklist [13234] ?

Use this checklist when buying or selling a business

Business Management » RFP Guides

Write and respond to a Request For Proposal (RFP)

Proposal Checklist [13669] ?

Proposal preparation checklist

Business Security » Building Security

Facility physical and electronic security controls

Updated Building Security Checklist [25290] ?

Provides considerations for assessing your building security

Corporate Law » Forms

Fill-in-the-blank legal forms and contracts

Contract Review Checklist [25287] ?

What to look for before you sign

Corporate Law » Internet Law

Case law and resources on internet technology law

A Checklist for Web Site Counsel [5258] ?

Managing the Legal Risks of E-Commerce: Practical Legal Strategies

Disaster Management » Business Continuity

Business recovery post-disaster and business continuity planning

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for IT Assurance [pdf] [29770] ?

For information technology business continuity planning

Updated Business Continuity Plan Checklist [29768] ?

For use in your business continuity or disaster recovery plan

Business Continuity Plan Checklist for Pandemic Flu [pdf] [29769] ?

A checklist for plan development

Employee Management » Firing Employees

Resources and issues related to employee terminations

When Should You Fire an Employee? [12497] ?

A true/false checklist to assist with termination decision-making

Employee Management » HR Policies

Ready-to-use sample letters, contracts, forms, policies, checklists

Business Forms [2028] ?

A variety of business templates: sample forms, policies and checklists

Insurance » Crop Insurance

Agriculture and crop risk management

Building a Risk Management Plan - Agriculture [8455] ?

Meant to help agricultural growers start building a risk management plan

Insurance » Insurance Privacy

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requirements, etc.

OCC Privacy Preparedness Questionnaire [pdf] [18728] ?

Assessing Existing Information Practices

Retirement Plans » Pension Plans

Pension plan guides, data and forms

Pension and Retirement Plan Tools and Tips [5109] ?

Provides tools (IRS series 5500 forms) & practical applications (checklists, tips)

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