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  » Cases:
    » USA Government Rulings

Provides online access to USA federal agency rulings, such as: OSHA standards interpretations and compliance letters, HCFA rulings, NLRB decisions, etc.

Corporate Law » Environmental Law

Resources on environmental law

US Environmental Appeals Board Decisions [18433] ?

Published decisions since 1992

Corporate Law » Labor Law

Employment & labor law resources and tools

FLRA Decisions, Final Actions and Briefs [12937] ?

Authority decisions, summaries of recent FLRA decisions

NLRB - Find a Case [14199] ?

Search all unfair labor practice cases and representation cases

US Dept of Labor Regulations and Rulemaking [10582] ?

Federal Register documents and more

US Merit Systems Protection Board Decision Database [13296] ?

Decisions from the MSPB

Corporate Law » Securities Law

Resources on securities law

SEC Administrative Proceedings & Decisions [14946] ?

Orders, opinions, decisions released by the Commission on administrative proceedings

Corporate Law » Transportation Law

Transportation law resources

US DOT Surface Transportation Board Decisions & Notices [10363] ?

Obtain STB decisions and notices - archives to 1993

Employee Management » Work Hours

Federal work-hour guidelines related to FLSA

US DOL Wage and Hour - Opinion Letters [28194] ?

Such rulings provide a potential good faith reliance defense for violations of the FLSA

Environmental Protection » EPA Compliance

EPA enforcement actions, self-audit policy requirements

Decisions & Orders from EPA's Administrative Law Judges [18442] ?

Decisions and orders database

EPA Environmental Appeals Boards [13458] ?

Final Agency decisionmaker on administrative appeals under all major EPA environmental statutes

Government Laws » Immigration

Full text of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Board of Immigration Appeals Precedent Decisions [9633] ?

US Executive Office for Immigration Review final opinions and decisions

Government Laws » LHWCA

Full text of the Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act

Longshore Legal Briefs [1970] ?

Briefs filed on behalf of Director OWCP that state his position on the issue before the court of appeals in that case

Government Laws » NBIC Code

Order National Board Inspection Codes (boilers)

NBIC Interpretations [1586] ?

National Board Inspection Code interpretations

Government Laws » NLRB Laws

National Labor Relations Board regulations

NLRB Decisions [1976] ?

Decisions of the Board, Regional Directors and Administrative Law Judges

Government Laws » OSHA Codes

OSHA standards for general industry & construction

Archives - Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Decisions [332] ?

OSHRC decisions with archives from 1972 to the present

Government Laws » SSA Laws

US Social Security laws

Social Security Laws and Regulations [1823] ?

US laws on social security, rulings, recent legislation, welfare reform information, etc.

Health Cost Management » Medical Coding

Coding: DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM. Medicare payment rates

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) [7870] ?

Information related to the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)

Investment Research » Company Analysis

Search for information on public and privately-held companies worldwide

FDIC Enforcement Decisions & Orders [14898] ?

The full text of the FDIC Enforcement Decisions and Orders (ED&O) is published here in its entirety

NLRB Decisions [5814] ?

Determine if a company has had any union disputes that the NLRB has mediated

OSHA Requirements » Inspections

Site specific targeting plans for inspections, home-based inspections from OSHA

Establishment Inspections [2710] ?

Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular company

Establishment Inspections - Industry Search [2763] ?

Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular SIC or NAICS code

OSHA Fatality and Catastrophe Investigation Summaries [13464] ?

Summaries of accidents/fatalities investigated by OSHA

OSHA Requirements » Violations

Inspection procedures, decisions, citations profiles from OSHA

OSHA Standards Interpretations and Compliance Letters [6718] ?

Search engine provides full text access to OSHA standards interpretation and compliance letters

Review Commission Decisions [3543] ?

Search engine to view full text of OSHA Review Commission Decisions

Personal Finance » Social Security

US social security benefits including black lung and disability

Insights: Social Security Rulings [4116] ?

On Federal Old-Age, Survivors, Disability, Supplemental Security Income, and Black Lung Benefits

Workplace Safety » Aviation

Aviation safety resources and tools

Updated FAA Licenses & Certificates [5496] ?

FAA certification information on aircraft, airlines, airmen, airports and medical certification

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