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Access to the official government agencies responsible for the country's workers compensation laws.

Government Agencies » DOL Agency

US Department of Labor departments and agencies

Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation [1968] ?

US Department of Labor agency responsible for enforcement of Longshore & Harbor WC Act

Office of Workers Compensation Programs [2665] ?

OWCP administers four major disability compensation programs

Insurance » WC Federal Benefits

USA federal workers compensation laws

Agency: Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation [13057] ?

FAQs, laws, forms, pamphlets, resources on the Black Lung Program

Agency: Division of Federal Employees' Compensation [13055] ?

FAQs, laws, forms, pamphlets, resources

Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program [20651] ?

Text of the EEOICPA with extension amendment to Oct, 2012

International Government » Australia

Australia - References from government and business entities

NSW: Work Cover Authority New South Wales [9730] ?

The Workers Compensation Commission, occupational health and safety policies, etc

SA: WorkCover Corporation South Australia [9731] ?

Manages SA's workers compensation and occupational safety & health system

Workcover Tasmania [8531] ?

Established to administer workers compensation legislation in Tasmania

Workcover Tasmania Workers Compensation [9727] ?

Employer WC requirements for Tasmania

International Government » Canada

Canada - References from government and business entities

CSST: Workers Compensation Board - Quebec [983] ?

Responsible for workers compensation and workplace safety in Quebec

Workers Compensation Board - Alberta [978] ?

Responsible for administering the workers compensation system in Alberta, Canada

Updated Workers Compensation Board - British Columbia [3910] ?

Responsible for promoting workplace injury prevention, fair compensation & quality rehabilitation

Workers Compensation Board - Manitoba [984] ?

Responsible for administration of workers compensation in Manitoba

Workers Compensation Board - Nova Scotia [1403] ?

Coordinates the workers compensation system in Nova Scotia

Workers Compensation Board - Saskatchewan [24792] ?

Mission is to protect workers and employers against the result of work injuries

Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island [8326] ?

Responsible for WC and workplace safety in Prince Edward Island

Workers Compensation Commission - Newfoundland & Labrador [1405] ?

Addresses occupational health and safety issues & adminsters workers compensation

Workers Compesnation Board of the Northwest Terrorities & Nunavut [24787] ?

Oversees the laws that protects workers in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Workers' Compensation, Health and Safety Board - Yukon [24794] ?

Responsible for worker safety and health

Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission - New Brunswick [1402] ?

Adminsters the Workers' Compensation Act and the Occupational Health & Safety Act

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board - Ontario [1400] ?

Workers compensation in Ontario

International Government » Japan

Japan - References from government and business entities

Workmen's Accident Compensation System - Japan [3325] ?

Provides compensation to workers injured on the job

State Agencies » HI-Hawaii

US state agencies, laws and regulations for the state of Hawaii

Agency: Hawaii Disability Compensation Division [15244] ?

Administers the workers compensation rules for the State of Hawaii

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