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Industry Safety Hazards

Specific industries safety and health hazards & controls

Funeral Homes & OSHA [20360] ?

Review of OSHA regulations that affect funeral homes

Nail Salon Safety [20359] ?

Steps to a Safe Nail Salon

School Safety Guidelines and Regulations [20362] ?

All schools share common safety issues

Wastewater-Treatment Facility Safety Guidelines [20363] ?

Primary safety concerns of the wasterwater treatment industry

Injury Data

Large variety of reports and datasets on workplace safety

How to Calculate Accident Injury Rates [469] ?

Primer for trending occupational illness and injuries, occurrence reports, performance indicators

Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index [17554] ?

Ranking of the leading causes of workplace accidents and their costs & guidelines to control costs


Safety program management and loss prevention strategies

Canadian Incident Analysis Framework [40085] ?

Goal is to create a safer healthcare system

Construction Safety Management Guide [39831] ?

For US DOE construction projects

Safety Audits - Basics [40095] ?

Types of safety audits

Safety Glossary [26994] ?

Safety acronyms/terms commonly used in the USA

Safety Assessments

Safety program audits and regulatory compliance self-inspections

Updated Post-Storm Healthcare Facilities Checklist [459] ?

Checklist for Infection Control Concerns When Reopening Healthcare Facilities Closed Due to Extensive Storm Damage

Safety Briefs

Safety bulletins for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

Safety Tips Technical Resources [480] ?

Workplace safety documents that assist with in-house training or plans for compliance

Safety Forms

Safety department forms

Department of Occupational Health & Safety Forms [14061] ?

Download forms in use by a major university

OSHA Worker Complaint Form [21073] ?

File a complaint online or download the OSHA complaint form

Updated SOP Development for Laboratories [22018] ?

Standard operating procedures guidelines and template for hazardous materials

Safety Incentive Program

Guides on safety incentive program

Safety Incentives Programs [17597] ?

Advice on how to implement a safety incentive program

Safety References

Online databases of workplace safety and health documents, statistics, etc.

Understanding ANSI, ASTM, FM, NFPA, SEI and UL [3142] ?

Fact sheet gives brief overview, addresses and phone numbers of each standards organization

University Safety

Environmental health & safety departments home pages

DE-University of Delaware Department of Environmental Health & Safety [11997] ?

Home page to the EHS department for the university

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