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Accident Investigation

Job safety analyses, accident investigation programs, etc.

Policies and Procedures for Investigating and Reporting Accidents [11248] ?

Example of a sample policy statement regarding accident investigation and reporting

Safety Forms

Safety department forms

Traffic Crash Report Forms by State [36653] ?

Traffic crash report forms and any code sheets applicable to that state form

Safety Inspections

Safety checklists: self-inspections, self-evaluation, hazards, workplace

ADA Checklist for New Lodging Facilities [25242] ?

Hotels, motels, inns and other places of lodging must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA Checklist for Polling Places [25241] ?

Evaluating the Physical Accessibility of Polling Places

Conduct of Operations, Self-Assessment Checklist [19411] ?

Environmental safety and health operational checklist

New Employee Safety Orientation FAQ [10152] ?

An example of a process for determining what job activities require safety and health training

Safety News

Workplace safety regulatory issues headline news

NFPA Press Room [11421] ?

National Fire Protection Association's latest news on NFPA standards

Safety Programs

Workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Cart/Utility Vehicle Operation Procedure [24831] ?

Information on cart and low speed vehicle (LSV) safe operating requirements and procedures (golf carts)

Safety Teams

Safety committees, safety teams, etc.

Canada: Certification of Joint Health and Safety Committe Members [18947] ?

Certification program standards for joint health and safety committee (JHSC) members

Canada: Health & Safety Committees [16998] ?

Find out more about creating effective committees

Ontario, Canada: Joint Health & Safety Committees [18946] ?

Guidance for Joint Health and Safety Committees & Representatives in the Workplace

PA-Pennsylvania Workplace Safety Committees [pdf] [15342] ?

How to reduce WC premiums in the State of Pennsylvania by implementing safety committees

Sample Safety Committee Duties [pdf] [22187] ?

Outlines the functions of a safety committee

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