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GCat: Safety Management
MCat: Safety Administration

Occupational safety and health management program materials such as: prototypes of employee safety handbooks, forms, guides, manuals and safety programs. Safety training materials, safety talks and bulletins. Loss control concepts & strategies. Techniques for identifying unsafe conditions & procedures. Accident analysis tools. Safety alerts. Lessons learned.

Accident Coding

Injury code tables for recording accident investigation information such as bodily injury codes, nature of injury codes, and various other employee injury cause of loss codes.

Accident Investigation

Accident analysis tools, methods for determining causes & contributing factors of major accidents, techniques for identifying unsafe conditions and procedures. Accident investigation program guidelines. Online tutorial. Workbook for conducting accident investigations. Full text of accident investigation programs. OSHA 200 recordkeeping.

Industry Safety Hazards

Safety and health hazards for specific industries, such as: schools, drycleaners, dental, agricultural, firefighter, healthcare, mining, petroleum refining, photography, poultry processing, pulp and paper, semiconductor industry, silk screen printing, water and wastewater treatment plants, woodworking.

Injury Data

Consumer product safety statistics. OSHA statistics including ergonomics. US federal government statistics on mining safety. Accident statistics in the drilling industry. Occupational respiratory disease surveillance data.


Safety program management and loss prevention strategies. Side effects of downsizing and reengineering on safety programs. Sample safety policy statements. Tips on the use of safety incentives. Risk management aids. Strategies for loss control & workplace safety programs, safety incentives, etc.

MSHA Updates

Mining Safety & Health Administration's safety alerts and bulletins, news releases, speeches, special reports, etc. What's new at the US Mining Safety and Health Administration.


Downloadable safety and health posters and signs. OSHA posters.


Safety recall information on consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics and environmental products

Safety Assessments

Safety program audits. Program self-assessments. Self-audits. Self-evaluation guidance. Regulatory compliance self-inspections, program audits, self-evaluations.

Safety Briefs

Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job Safety meeting outlines, fact sheets, brochures and bulletins on topics suitable for safety talks and safety support materials. Off-the-job and home safety. Safety resources & hotlines. Tool box talks.

Safety Case Studies

Workplace fatality evaluation reports. Chemical accident histories and investigations. Analysis of industrial accidents and incidents with lessons learned. Accident histories. Fire investigations.

Safety Culture

Readings and reference materials on the subject of behavior safety. Guidance on behavioral safety topics.

Safety Discussion

Discussion groups, forums, newsgroups, message boards and e-mail group lists.

Safety Forms

Safety forms related to biological materials, radiation/radioactive materials, chemical waste tag, accident reports, training forms, safety permits, safety checklists, worksheets, OSHA forms, inspection forms, safety report forms, JSA, etc.

Safety Incentive Program

Guidance on safety incentive program implementation. Pros and cons and do's and don'ts of safety incentive programs.

Safety Inspections

Full text of self-inspection checklists for general industry and construction. Series of safety checklists for physical hazards, equipment, etc. Sample yes/no workplace safety checklists. Safety self-inspections, self-evaluation checklists, yes/no questions.

Safety Lesson Plans

Online safety training modules. Explanations of OSHA requirements regarding employee safety training. Training resources. Curriculum modules. Download instructor and supervisor safety training guides. Series of web-based employee safety training courses with online tests. Lecture modules with all the material necessary to make safety presentations to business managers.

Safety News

Daily headlines and weekly news articles of interest to safety and health professionals. Headline news related to workplace safety regulatory issues

Safety Photos

Environmental health and safety clip art, graphics, posters and photographs that may be downloaded.

Safety Programs

Full text of over 30 workplace safety and health programs & manuals. Full text of employee safety handbooks, checklists, guides, policies & procedures, safety & health manuals and programs from state agencies, government facilities, universities, and safety organizations.

Safety References

Archives of safety educational materials. Technical safety standards and resources. DOE, EPA, NIOSH & OSHA safety & health databases. Safety & health documents from the State of NewJersey. Documents, research studies, reports and data on highway safety.

Safety Seminars

Calendars of North American and international seminars, conferences, symposiums and training sessions on occupational safety and health. Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Board of Hazard Control Management.

Safety Spanish

Spanish language safety training handouts and materials including construction tool box talks.

Safety Talks

Wide variety of safety tool box talks for construction job sites and safety committee meetings.

Safety Teams

Safety committee development as a component of a corporate safety program.

Safety Warnings

Safety and health hazard alerts. Occupational injury alerts. NIOSH alerts. CPSC Product recalls.

University Safety

Each EHS department's website provides access to their safety programs, manuals, training programs, etc.

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