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GCat: Safety Management
MCat: OSHA Requirements

References materials assist with compliance to US federal and state OSHA regulations. Publications, databases, statistics, fact sheets, manuals, regulations, interpretations, booklets, etc. Complaint procedures, inspections, employer rights. Access to federal and state OSHA laws and agencies with state approved plans.


Very large number of technical references related to OSHA requirements in agricultural operations and grain handling. OSHA farm and agricultural safety.


OSHA references on bloodborne pathogens, needle sticks, tuberculosis, etc. Bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan. Biohazard safety cabinets. Washroom requirements.


Numerous resources on OSHA safety requirements for chemicals such as air contaminants, ammonia, asbestos, lead, silica, solvents, etc. Pressure vessel safety materials. Toxic Substances Control Act. Chemical protective clothing.

Confined Spaces

Directives, standards and materials related to confined spaces. OSHA confined space requirements. Confined space rescue and safety


Full text of OSHA's resource manual for safety in construction and a job site safety handbook. Other construction safety reference materials include fire safety, excavations, scaffolds, trenching, underground construction, etc. Trench and excavation safety. Field sanitation. Jobsite safety.


OSHA reference materials on crane and hoist safety - derricks, etc. Wire rope safety. Sling requirements. Crane and hoist safety program.


OSHA technical resources to assist with control of electrical hazards. Directives and guidance to OSHA inspectors on lockout/tagout inspections. Electrocutions. Control of hazardous energy. Electrical safety program.


Employee rights and employer responsibilities as required by OSHA. US Department of Labor guidelines on the safe employment of teenagers. Imminent danger requirements. Teenage worker safety.


Directives for ergonomic inspection instruction to OSHA inspectors. OSHA technical resources to assist with control of ergonomics hazards. Repetitive motion hazards. Ergonomics statistics. Computer accomodation.

Fall Prevention

Fall safety resources include fall protection systems criteria and practice, scaffolding, stairways and ladders, walking and working surfaces, etc. Fall protection equipment. OSHA fall prevention regulations.

Fire Safety

Very large number of technical resources related to OSHA requirements and spray operations, compressed gas, pressure vessels, welding, cutting and brazing. OSHA fire safety standards. Combustibles. Flammable liquids. Spray painting hazards.

First Aid

Large number of technical resources related to OSHA medical and first aid requirements. Automated external defibrillators.


OSHA emergency hotline. OSHA consultation resources. Voluntary Protection Programs. Definition of 'competent person.'

Hazard Communications

OSHA technical resources for compliance with hazard communication standards. MSDS form that meets the requirements of OSHA's Hazard Communication standard. Chemical right-to-know.


Inspection Procedures for Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER). Interpretations to the standard. Chemical emergency response. OSHA hazwoper standard.

Heat Stress

OSHA technical resources for heat stress information. Hot work environment. Hot weather injury prevention.


Industry health hazards. Examples of industries: nursing homes, healthcare facilities, meat packing, maritime, textiles, logging. Industry safety requirements.


OSHA policies and procedures for handling worker complaints. Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular company or SIC code. Explanation and lists of those companies being targeted for OSHA inspections & the list of targeted companies. OSHA's Site Specific Targeting plan for inspections. OSHA's inspection policies and procedures concerning worksites in an employee's home. Guidance on what employers can expect from an OSHA inspection.


Technical resources to comply with OSHA machine guarding standards. Full text of OSHA's manual on the concepts and techniques of machine safeguarding. OSHA's machine guarding checklist assists in compliance with safeguarding standards. Technical resources for compliance with OSHA robotics standards. Powered industrial truck safety.


Full text of OSHA Technical Manual, Field Inspection Reference Manual, OSHA Directives. CPL compliance.


OSHA resources on reproductive hazards, pulmonary function tests, latex allergies, tuberculosis. Information on Legionnaires Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, occupational asthma. Medical screening surveillance.


Hearing protection devices and acoustics. OSHA technical resources for compliance with noise standards. Hearing conservation programs.

OSHA Updates

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updates. OSHA Federal Register Notices, news releases, what's new pages.


Large number of technical resources for OSHA compliance with personal protective equipment.

Process Safety

Technical resources for compliance with OSHA's process safety management standards. Chemical plant safety.


Online access to OSHA publications: fact sheets, reports, documents.


OSHA technical resources related to ionizing radiation hazards, radiofrequency radiation and lasers. Medical radiation. Radiation safety manual.


OSHA technical resources for compliance with OSHA recordkeeping requirements. Summary of the OSHA proposal for changes in the recordkeeping requirements.


Full text of all Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards, interpretations, compliance letters and related documents. Rules of Procedure for Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.


OSHA guidance materials for assisting with compliance to new respirator standard.

Safety Programs

OSHA technical resources to assist with instituting safety and health programs. Basic elements for a safety & health program - voluntary guidelines. OSHA technical resources related to motor vehicle safety, accident investigation. Environmental safety and health programs.


OSHA technical reference materials for industrial hygienists regarding sampling and analytical methods. Air sampling standards. Occupational hazard sampling. Industrial hygiene sampling.


OSHA free software includes guidance on asbestos, fire safety, hazard awareness, lead in construction, cadmium, the impact of injuries on profitability, etc.

State OSHA

Access to each OSHA approved plan state agency and to the full text of their state laws.


OSHA injury and illness reports. Workplace safety statistics. OSHA statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


OSHA training resources. Lists all sections of the OSHA code for General Industry and Construction that require training programs. OSHA training courses. Full text of OSHA's Small Business Outreach Training Program including overheads & handouts.


OSHA technical resources on ventilation, indoor air quality, diesel exhaust, etc. Laboratory exhaust fans. Local exhaust ventilation. HVAC.


Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular company or SIC code. OSHA policies and procedures for handling worker complaints. Adjudication of workplace safety and health disputes between the Department of Labor and employers. OSHA inspection practices and policies. The relationship between violations and OSHA penalties. Variance. OSHA Review Commission Decisions.


OSHA technical resources to comply with OSHA standards on workplace violence. Workplace violence prevention program.


Information from federal and state OSHA regarding VPP: Voluntary Protection Programs, Star programs, safety program recognition

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