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GCat: Business Administration
MCat: Marketing

Business sales and marketing materials including advertising, branding, customer relationship management, internet marketing, market analysis processes, pricing guidance, promotional plan ideas, public relations and sales materials.


Develop a print ad, sales brochure, direct mail piece, media kit and banner ads. Guides with step by step tutorials and creating effective advertisements. Testing and tracking ads. Advertising messages and communication.


Developing a brand and image for your business. Tutorial on building business identity. Articles on the importance of brand.


Guides, tools and articles on building relationships with customers to improve retention and loyalty. Understanding the lifetime value of a customer. Customer retention tools and ideas. How to measure success with customer relationships. Identify most profitable customers and retain them.


Marketing, advertising and public relations discussion boards. Marketing list serv's and forum boards.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing campaigns. Affliate programs. Launch and email ad campaign. Online advertising statistics. Search engine submission tips. Web site development considerations for customer experience and usability. Provide content and information on your web site to attract customers.

Market Analysis

Step-by-step process to help identify specific target markets & create a customer profile. Tutorial on how to measure customer satisfaction. Tutorial on the basics of market research. How to run focus groups. Different marketing research techniques.

Marketing Plans

How to create an effective business marketing plan. Includes samples and templates.


Links to home pages of marketing, advertising and PR associations : American Marketing Association, Public Relations Society of America, etc.


Product and service pricing strategies and techniques. Value pricing.


Guide on how to establish a promotional mix. Promotional plans for businesses. Using sweepstakes and contests for promotions. Business promotion idea list. Word of mouth promotions.

Public Relations

Guide on how to establishand implement a public relations campaign. How to write effective press releases. Media relations. Public relations strategy and tools.


Tutorial on sales tips & techniques. 12 part tutorial on the sales management process. Marketing primer on how to forecast sales. How to write a sales proposal, sales letter. Qualify leads & prospects, prepare a telemarketing program and sales calls.

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