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GCat: Information Technology
MCat: IT Administration

Tools and strategies for information system professionals. Techniques for diagnosing internet slowdowns and speeding things up. Information about who owns a domain name or if its available. Online education for intranet builders. Internet security resources. Guidance and tips on making web pages accessible to those with disabilities.

Also refer to Categories: Legal - Computer Law, Internet Law. Reference - Internet Commerce, Internet Services, Internet Surveys, Must Have Software, Technical Links, Web Page Programming. Risk Mgt - Cyberliability, RMIS, Technology.


Chief Information Officer (CIO) resources, tools and guides. Information on outsourcing, insourcing or resourcing. How the IT function affects the rest of the corporation.

Computer Basics

General resources and reference materials related to computers

Data Xchg Stds

Data definition alternatives for electronic data interface (EDI) standards. EDI in insurance. IAIABC status for EDI requirements for the 50 states. Compilation of activities of selected health care informatics standards organizations.

IT Certification

Resources related to IT industry certification and verification of an IT professional's certification credentials

IT Contingency Planning

Computer disaster recovery plan. Computer contingency planning.


Understanding Microsoft operating systems

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