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GCat: Investments
MCat: Investment Research

Research materials for investors to examine and analyze economic and market trends as well as other indicators and factors to determine suitable investment strategies. Assessments include industry analysis, company analysis, stock valuation, financial forecasts, sector analysis, portfolio analysis and much more.

Company Analysis

Research competitors and companies for investment purposes. Links and explanations of websites that provide online information on companies. The most common methods for acquiring information about competitors. Survey of US companies on the use of business intelligence. Patent search. FTC actions.

Financial Calculators

Online calculators to assist with personal finance planning

Financial Commentary

Links to financial blogs focused on economics and US financial policies

Investing Basics

Guides on how to invest wisely. Diversification. Financial planning. Advice, guidance, news, tools, reports and other resources for individual investors.

Investment Credentials

Credentialing of professionals who provide investment advice - investment advisers, brokers, financial planners, etc

Market Indexes

Information on and status of major stock market indices

Rating Agencies

Rating bureau information, guides and lists. Company Credit Ratings: Duff & Phelps, Standard and Poor's, Moody's - US and International.

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