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GCat: Information Technology
MCat: Internet


Research to eliminate the threat from computer viruses. Lists of internet virus alerts and hoaxes.

Email Management

Technical and legal resources related to spam and the elimination of unwanted e-mails

Internet Accessibility

Checklists for web authors to ensure web accessibility to the disabled. Guidance and tips on making web pages accessible to those with disabilities. Web-based tools that analyze web pages for their accessibility to those with disabilities. Bobby approved. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the internet guidelines.

Internet Basics

Internet-related guides, browser , e-mail information, etc. Guides to the Internet. ISP information. HTML guidance.

Internet Data

Internet demographics, useage data, trends, e-commerce data and more. Independent research assess the effect of internet technology change. Results of large scale consumer interviews in US & Europe on online commerce. Internet user survey results. Analysis of past, present and future internet user trends.

Internet Sales

Electronic commerce information from a technology viewpoint. The Electronic Commerce Guide. Maximizing the use and effectiveness of advertising on the Internet for business. Market research articles on online commerce. Web advertising and promotion resources.

Internet Search

The more popular search engines on the internet.

Internet Security

Computer security issues. Electronic credentialing for secure e-commerce using personal digital ID cards. Providing secure transactions over the internet.

Internet Services

Resources on ISP (Internet Service Providers) services. Free internet e-mail addresses. Lists of active ISP's in the US, Canada and Worldwide. How to select an ISP, ISP reviews, surveys and test results.

Internet Technical

Technical internet resources, guides, tutorials, samples and programs for IT professionals. Information on cookies. Techniques for diagnosing internet slowdowns on a Windows 95 system and speeding things up. Statistics about internet domain names & search engines for locating organizations. Comparison of the performance of NT to Unix servers. Secure transmission(SSL), Digital Certificates, Digital Signature, Cryptography. Sources to determine information about who owns & operates the server, the type of servers a website is running and what encryption methodology a given site is running for Secure Transcactions on the net.

Internet Tracking

It has been said that up to 90% of computers are infected with some form of Spyware or Adware. This can mean many things and you should be knowledgeable to what extent you are vulnerable and what youn can do about it.


Guides on different computer operating systems. Technical documents related to operating systems technology including Linux and Windows NT platforms.

Software Downloads

Download software needed to navigate and view information on the internet. Downloadable internet software from major software developers - some free. Browsers. Shareware. Viewers.

Web Browsers

There is more to life than just Microsoft Internet Explorer. Learn about other alternatives such as Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, and more.

Web Page Programming

Guides to building web pages for the internet. Descriptions, scripts, examples and tutorials of various web programming techniques. Libraries of CGI scripts, JavaScript, Perl, VBScript, etc & programming guidance

Website Design

Technical support materials for webmasters and web page authoring. Includes guides to HTML code authoring, font selection viewers, color charts, and other technical materials for webmasters.

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