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International safety standards. Directory of Government Occupational Safety and Health Centres Worldwide. Asia-Pacific Region - full text of national occupational safety & health regulations.European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. African Safety Newsletter. HASTE - European Health & Safety Database. ILO Conventions & Recommendations concerning occupational safety and health. International standards organizations. European Joint Research Centre. Poisons Information Database. Environment in Asia. International road safety.

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EU/ILO Website [10018] ?

Promoting joint information on health and safety standards, good practice and research

European Trade Union Institute [6178] ?

Provide expertise to European institutions dealing with areas related to the working environment

ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety [4409] ?

Listed by country - OSH institutions and more

ILO National Collaborating Centres [36300] ?

Links to websites by country

ILO Occupational Safety and Health Branch [9542] ?

A technical unit of the ILO Working Conditions and Environment Department

ILO Standards concerning Occupational Safety & Health [4396] ?

International Labor Organization's international occupational safety and health recommendations

International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre [4404] ?

Collects all relevant information about occupational safety & health information worldwide

Updated Joint Research Centre [4377] ?

European Commission's scientific research centre

Maritime: IACS Ship Data [11900] ?

Data regarding ISM Code certificated ships

Maritime: International Maritime Organization [11899] ?

United Nations agency responsible for improving maritime safety and prevention pollution from ships

NORMLEX: International Labour Organization Standards [8687] ?

Includes International Labor Office Conventions

Nuclear Energy Agency [3272] ?

Promotes development of nuclear energy as a safe, acceptable & economical energy sourc

Occupational Safety and Health in Asia and the Pacific [13880] ?

National OSH programmes, profiles and policy documents

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