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MCat: International Laws

Guidance on various international laws and regulations such as chemicals, environment, health, insurance, intellectual property, labour, social security and more.

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EU and UN symbols to show chemical hazards. Safe chemical transport in Europe by chemical industry. Basal Convention documents on chemical safety. Control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal. International chemical safety cards. ILO-CIS online materials for international chemical safety. United Nations Environment Programme databases on toxic chemicals.


United Nations Environment Programme. Environmental remediation regulations by country. Organizations concerned with global environmental issues. Control environmental risk factors. World Health Organization work on environmental health.


Materials related to the health of the world's population. Center for International Health Information. Public health bulletins from WHO, US CDC and others. World Health Organization. Red Cross. Global health resources. Country Health Summary Profiles. Pan American Health Association.


International insurance issues and requirements throughout the world. Strategies to manage global insurance programs. Statistical guide to international insurance markets with premiums by country - life & non-life. News related to the insurance industry and insurance regulations worldwide. Terminology used in various languages related to insurance, risk management, etc. Global developments affecting insurance distribution. International benefits for employees who are stationed overseas. Risks of doing business overseas.

Intellectual Property

Law & procedure relevant to patent litigation internationally. Worldwide patent offices. International patent laws, protection of intellectual property and trademarks, etc. Eurpoean Patent Office. The Madrid Protocol. Patent, trademark and copyright law worldwide.


Database of national laws on labor, social security and related human rights for numerous countries. Free access to databases of international labour documents, publications & standards. International Labour Organization (ILO) resources and databases. NATLEX.


Collections of international legal instruments and model contracts. Mulitlateral Conventions, Treaties, International Mergers & Acquisitions, International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, Foreign Legal Reviews, Eurodicautom. Multilateral conventions, treaties, foreign legal reviews, etc. International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, Foreign Legal Reviews, Eurodicautom. International law sample contract.


International safety standards. Directory of Government Occupational Safety and Health Centres Worldwide. Asia-Pacific Region - full text of national occupational safety & health regulations.European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. African Safety Newsletter. HASTE - European Health & Safety Database. ILO Conventions & Recommendations concerning occupational safety and health. International standards organizations. European Joint Research Centre. Poisons Information Database. Environment in Asia. International road safety.

Social Security

Organizations and resources that provide information about social security internationally. International disability benefits.

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