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Articles on insurance, reinsurance, finance and economics. Actuarial library. Finite risk insurance. Insurance Research Council information. ISO insurance issues. NAIC white papers. Punitive damages and insurance. Insurer insolvency.

25 Resources
Actuarial Valuation of Property/Casualty Insurance Companies [pdf] [4922] ?

Paper presents a comprehensive model for the actuarial valuation of a property/casualty acquisition candidate

Excess & Surplus Lines State Laws [30040] ?

Provides an overview of requirements by state

Excess and Surplus Lines FAQ [40508] ?

The basics

GAP Insurance [27855] ?

What GAP is, what it covers, common exclusions, how it is regulated

Glossary of Ocean Cargo Insurance Terms [15818] ?

Terms defined in the area of ocean cargo insurance

How to Locate Lost or Missing Insurance Policies [19627] ?

For Environmental Damage Claims

Insurance - A CFO's Perspective [13455] ?

An overview from senior managementís perspective of key considerations when purchasing insurance

Insurance Archaeology [25707] ?

Why you need to look for old insurance policies

Insurance Audit Preparation [14605] ?

Outlines how to prepare for your premium audit

Insurance News by Topic [26799] ?

Articles related to insurance and the insurance industry

Insurer Insolvencies / Guaranty Funds [21772] ?

Backgrounder provides the basics about insurance carrier insolvencies

Physician Insurers Association of America [16167] ?

A trade association of professional liability insurers owned by doctors and dentists

Property-Casualty Insurance Basics [33168] ?

A plain-English primer on several key topics in property-casualty insurance

Reading and Analyzing Insurance Ratios [39858] ?

Pertinent information to analyze an insurance company's financial statements

Regulation of Insurance Rates [21767] ?

Information on insurance rate regulation reform

Residual Markets [21774] ?

Explanation of insurance residual market programs

Retrospective Insurance Alternative [27854] ?

Explains and gives an example of a divisor program as an alternative to a retro program

Retrospective Rating Plans [24087] ?

How they work

Risk Management Research [2641] ?

A variety of articles related to risk management and insurance - all in pdf format

Student BOP Insurance Manual [pdf] [26798] ?

Tutorial on the business owner policy - 13 chapters, 71 pages

Student Insurance Manual [pdf] [26797] ?

Tutorial on the personal auto policy, property insurance and homeowners liability - 9 chapters, over 100 pages

Thinking Outside the Box [23861] ?

Examples of different ways to accomplish the placement of an insurance program

Topics in Business Insurance [40784] ?

A series of articles related to commercial property and casualty insurance

Urban Insurance Issues [21775] ?

Covers auto and homeowner insurance issues in urban areas

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