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Various risk management, insurance, liability, and workers comp forms. ACORD forms. Sample RFPs. Transfer of risk clauses for contracts.

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Risk Management Forms [26074] ?

A series of checklists and forms in use at a major university

Updated Business Continuity Plan Checklist [21743] ?

To assist with business continuity management process

Business Insurance Coverage Checkup for Technology Companies [31367] ?

Helps you determine if your business is properly protected

Business Owners Insurance Checklist [24084] ?

ill make it easier to talk to your agent about what insurance you need.

Business Plan Tools for Captives [19203] ?

Templates and tools

CA-California Sample Letter For Downrating [pdf] [30023] ?

A sample form letter for clients

CA-California Sample Letter For Insurance Carrier Rehabilitation [30025] ?

A sample form letter for clients from insurance agents/brokers

CA-California Sample Letter For Insurer Insolvency [30024] ?

A sample form letter for clients from insurance agents/brokers

CA-California Standard Broker Fee Agreement [30026] ?

Text of the regulations with a sample broker fee disclosure form

CA-California Standard Broker Fee Disclosure & Fee Agreement [27887] ?

Summary of the state regulations and sample standard forms

CA-California University Risk Management Forms [14039] ?

Insurance & liability forms in use by a major university

Case Management Techniques for Major Fire Losses [23626] ?

Checklist provides a snapshot into the many action items that must be faced on a major claim

Checklist For Insurance Carrier Loss Control Services [4804] ?

Checklist designed to help you evaluate your insurance carrier's safety services

Claims Forms Center [19377] ?

Claims letters and forms

Claims Reviews - Guiding Principles [pdf] [27254] ?

Checklist for a reinsurance claims review

Updated Commercial Insurance Forms [31659] ?

Examples of forms used by a commercial carrier

Updated Contract Review Checklist [25622] ?

A general checklist

Equipment Lease Agreement and Guide [pdf] [12203] ?

Sample contract language for use in leasing agreements

Event Planning Risk Management Checklist [pdf] [39926] ?

Example of a form used by a major university's risk management department

Example Security Incident Form [pdf] [16591] ?

Security incident report form example

Exposure Reporting Manual [23422] ?

Rating basis by line of coverage - includes instructions and forms

Facilities Use Hold Harmless Agreement & Insurance Requirements [pdf] [27931] ?

Example of the guidelines/form used by the State of Idaho for state owned buildings

FDA MedWatch Reporting Forms [22447] ?

Risk managers are legally required to report drug and medical device-related deaths & serious injuries

General Contractor Safety Audit Form [pdf] [25620] ?

Form for the contractor to complete about jobsite safety program requirements

General Incident Report [pdf] [26072] ?

(Documents and describes any type of personal injury or property damage incurred by non-employees

Insurance Claim Checklist [35165] ?

Gather the information claim representatives are most likely to need when a claim is reported

Insurance Claims Checklists [23619] ?

A variety of checklists related to filing insurance claims

ISO Commercial Property Classification Checklist [26505] ?

A checklist for classifying property ownership

Medical Claims Audit of Third Party Administrators [27553] ?

A sample audit with focus on self-insured medical plan and prescription drug plan

Updated Notice of Claim Form [7934] ?

For claims related to injury to person or damage to personal property presented to a county government

Personal Property Inventory Form [pdf] [23823] ?

Designed for homeowners

Property/Liability Forms [15598] ?

Includes risk management forms as well as the full text of the manual

Release of All Claims Form [pdf] [27551] ?

A sample form in use at a major university

Renewal Questionnaire Forms [21985] ?

Sample forms to be completed for insurance renewals by public entities

RFP - Broker, Risk Management, TPA [pdf] [15689] ?

Text of a sample RFP for an insurance broker, risk management and TPA claims services

RFP - Risk Management Information System [pdf] [37223] ?

Example of a request for proposal for an RMIS

RFP - Workers Compensation Claims Administration [pdf] [15688] ?

Full text of a sample RFP used by a state for TPA services

RFP: Insurance Agent of Record [pdf] [26854] ?

Sample Request for Proposal (RFP) for port commercial insurance

Risk & Insurance Audit Checklist [pdf] [26077] ?

Checklist for conducting an insurance risk management program audit

Updated Risk Management Division Forms [15791] ?

Sample forms to be used in a risk management program

Self-Insurance Audit Checklist for WC [pdf] [26078] ?

For the State of Washington

Self-Insurance Worksheet [18766] ?

Estimate the self-insured medical and indemnity cost you expect to incur & pay for next 3 years

Small Business Insurance Checklists [22180] ?

Checklists include business interruption, D&O, health insurance, key man life insurance, liability insurance and more

Subcontract Form [19617] ?

Sample agreement for the use of contractors such as pesticide applicators

Updated Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Template [doc] [27554] ?

For compliance with Affordable Care Act Implementation

Various Risk Management Forms [19368] ?

View a variety of risk management forms in use by a California university

WA-Washington WC Claims Checklists [26073] ?

For used by self-insureds

WI-Wisconsin Risk Management Forms [14516] ?

Full text of risk management forms in use by a major university

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