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Managed Care

Overviews, studies, and technical resources on managed care

The Growth and Success of Entrepreneurial Medicine - Urgent Care Centers [15998] ?

Retail, walk-in clinic model is growing

Medical Report Cards

JCAHO, USQA Quality Reports. NCQA accreditation. CVO certification

JCAHO - Quality Check [5014] ?

Performance reports for healthcare facilities accredited by JCAHO

Performance Measures

Performance measures that evaluate the care provided to patients

JCAHO Performance Measurement Systems [9678] ?

Extensive information on Measurement Systems

WC Drugfree Programs

Workers compensation discounts for establishing workplace drug-free programs

AL-Alabama WC Drug-Free Workplace Program [10616] ?

Outlines certification requirements of an employer's drug-free program to receive WC discounts

WC Managed Care

Managed care in workers compensation to control medical costs

AL-Alabama WC Utilization Review & Bill Screening Rules [21737] ?

The initial effective date of these rules was September 12, 1996

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