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The LAD Libraries brings together information from the worlds of government, business and nonprofits so that risk managers and their staffs can identify issues, find solutions and design strategies to achieve their objectives. Risk manager's responsibilities cover a wide variety of topics that span organizational lines, and solutions often need to be implemented in multiple areas of the organization to be effective.

The Business Library together with the other LAD Libraries, rmDirectory, Group Gateways and online tools from the rmToolshed provide a communication vehicle for the identification, coordination and implementation of organizational wide solutions never before available to risk managers.

The Business Library brings together the following topics from the worlds of government, business and nonprofits so risk managers and their staffs can identify issues, find solutions, design strategies to achieve their objectives and communicate them effectively to the rest of their organizations.

The thousands of companies and professionals listed in the various LAD Directories provide instance access to available products and services.

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