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GCat: Safety Management
MCat: Environmental Protection

EPA publications, fact sheets, manuals, regulations, interpretations, booklets, Risk Management Program (RMP) requirements, etc. Complaint procedures, inspections. Renewable energy sources. Alternative fuels. Hazardous waste programs. Storage tank requirements. ISO 14000 materials. Radon and radiation hazard mitigation. Recycling and Universal Waste Rule.

Air Quality Requirements

Air quality standards. EPA air quality information. Guidance on building emissions, height of stacks, exposure analysis. General concepts & principles of indoor and outdoor air quality. Research studies. Common pollutants. Emission control standards for motor vehicles, fuels, nonroad engines. Ozone depletion. The Green Book. Major issues related to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Tools for estimating emissions of air pollutants & performing air emission inventories. The science of ozone depletion.

Environmental Reports

Analyses of interactions & relationships between the economy & environmental pollution control. Environmental studies, projects and reports conducted by college students. Environmental development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

Environmental Seminars

Conferences, workshops and certification resources, such as: Water Environment Federation Conferences and Workshops. AAEE schedule of events. SWANA Certification Programs for MSW Management Professionals & training courses in solid waste management. Information on the Diplomate Environmental Engineer (DEE).

EPA Compliance

Incentives for voluntary discovery, prompt disclosure, and prompt correction of violations to the EPA. Full text of US EPA Administrative Law Judge decisions and orders as well as formal opinions ordered by the Environmental Appeals Board. Self-audit policy requirements.

EPA Databases

More than 40 environmental databases. Examples: ADI - Applicability Determination Index, AIRS - air pollution database, ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System, CEDR: Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource, Chemical Scorecard - TRI, EPA environmental databases, ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System, HazDat, Rachel's Hazardous Waste Newsletters, IRIS - Integrated Risk Information System, maritime environmental safety databases, water quality databases, SEP Database - Supplemental Environmental Projects.

EPA Hotlines

EPA hotlines for EMF, indoor air quality, pesticides, underground storage tanks, superfund, radon, etc.

EPA Industries

Examples of environmental industry requirements: agriculture, automotive services, chemical processes, electronics, food & kindred products, printing, real estate, textiles, transportation, wood & paper products. Model Risk Management Program Plans by Industry Sector.

EPA Remediation

Preliminary Remediation Goals - PRGs. Online access to Field Sampling and Analysis Technologies Matrix - an initial screening tool for using cost effective methods for on-site monitoring & remediation. EPA tools for computing PRGs, including an explanation of their use.

EPA Software

Over 40 software programs on the environment. Environmental exposure assessment modeling software. AFR - Automated Form R - electronic form companies complete to report toxic chemicals released into land, water, or air. Oil spill tools. Soil Screening Calculations. Ecotox Thresholds calculations. Datasets and software programs for environmental professsionals. Interactive system for selecting models (air, surface water, ground water and multimedia).

EPA Training

Environmental training tutorials and guides. Large number of RCRA ( hazardous wastes, solid wastes, etc.), Superfund (CERCLA) and EPCRA (SARA Title II), TRI training modules developed by the US EPA. Protocols for conducting environmental compliance audits.

EPA Updates

Links directly to the What's New pages where announcements, headlines, rulemakings, the latest website additions, etc. of the major US EPA Agency departments are found.


The impacts of gas industry hydraulic fracturing practices - environmental and health effects, state and federal regulations, etc

Global Warming

The regulatory environment of global warming and climate change

Hazardous Waste Guides

Full text of hazardous waste programs. Chemical waste programs. Hazardous waste management guidelines & programs as implemented by various universities, medical schools, government entities, etc. Medical hazardous waste. Fluorescent waste. Hazardous materials management. Hazardous waste disposal. Overview of hazardous waste regulations including hazardous waste generators. Municipal waste incineration. Radioactive waste management. Superfund. Hazardous waste sites. Universal Waste Rule. Waste management disposal for artists and schools. Hazardous waste minimization. Protocol for Conducting Environmental Compliance Audits of Hazardous Waste Generators under RCRA. Disposal of PCBs. Waste Management Disposal for Artists and Schools. Chemical Waste Disposal Handbook.

ISO 14000

ISO 14000 overviews, articles, discussion lists, organizations, and other resources. Guidance on establishing ISO 14000. British Standard 7750 (BS7750) specification for an environmental management system. EMAS: European Eco Management & Audit Scheme.

Nuclear Radiation

Database of EPA toxicity values for radionuclides. How nuclear radiation works. Radiological Emergency Management. Radiation dose and risk modeling. Full text of MARSSIM - Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual - used for evaluating requirements with federal radiation regulations. NRC tutorial on radiation. Radioactive waste disposal.

Oil Spills

Oil spill prevention, response requirements for US companies by government federal agencies - EPA,OSHA, etc

Pollution Prevention

Full text of a pollution prevention program. Guidelines on pollution prevention in the workplace, including regulations, vendor information, technical assistance, management & organization issues on specific industries. Eliminating the pollution in health care practices. Data on key indicators of air, water, and land pollutant release data for 28 industrial groups.

Radon Hazards

EPA radon mitigation standards. Technical resources related to the hazards of radon and mitigation strategies. Engineering instructions for indoor radon prevention. Hotlines, answers to common questions, state radon contacts, etc. Ionizing radiation protection. Predicted median annual-average living-area concentration, by county.

Renewable Energy

Solar radiation. Natural energy solutions. Alternative fuels. Bioenergy, geothermal, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, solarthermal & wind-powered electric plant data.

Risk Assessments

News, white papers, etc. on environmental risk assessment and risk management. EPA guidance on ecological and human health risk assessments. EPA soil screening guidelines. Risk assessment in the Superfund Program.

RMP Requirements

Risk Management Plan requirements. EPA resources on Clean Air Act Section 112(r). Full text of the RMP Rule and List Rule, including final rules and amendments & legal settlements. List of Regulated Substances and Thresholds for Accidental Release Prevention. OSHA vs EPA - Listing of Toxic Substances and Threshold Quantities (TQ). Model RMP plans developed by EPA. RMP Data Element Instructions. Retrieve RMPs submitted by facilities that are required to submit them. General steps to completing and submitting your RMP.

Solid Waste Management

EPA regulations on municipal solid waste and the collection, transport, and processing of waste materials.

TRI Requirements

Guides, forms and tools related to Toxic Release Inventory (TRI). Access to TRI forms, TRI inventory databases, related national and international programs and more.

Wastewater Standards

Wastewater treatment requirements. Established Regulatory Limits for Surface Water and Groundwater. Storm Water Management Program. Municipal Sewer Discharge Limits. Equipment Cleaning and Pollution. Wash Water Recycling. Model Urban Runoff Program.

Water Standards

EPA Ground Water Rule. EPA drinking water regulations and guidance. Information on drinking water and arsenic, radon, MTBE, perchlorate, sulfate, cryptosporidium, etc. Permit Compliance System (PCS) Database on water discharge permits. How-to guide for developing urban runoff programs.

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