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Disability Rights

Employment of the disabled, making workplace accomodations,etc.

AZ-Arizona Center For Disability Law [28572] ?

State advocacy agency that advances legal rights of people with disabilities

Employee Benefits

Tools on employee benefits: COBRA, defined benefit plans, cafeteria plans, etc.

Benefits Services [8842] ?

Home page of a university website for staff and faculty on benefits

Employee Layoffs

Layoff guides, reports, laws and tools

employee Layoffs and Litigation [35545] ?

To reduce risks associated with layoffs, employers should consider the following

Toolkit: Reductions in Force [35569] ?

To help with legal requirements when planning and implementing a reduction in force, plant closings, etc

Hiring Practices

Hiring and recruiting techniques and tools

Conducting a Lawful Employment Interview [9739] ?

Guidance on conducting interviews

HR Forms

Download HR forms: medical, dental, payroll, employment, appraisals

Human Resources Forms and Templates [19429] ?

In use by a major university in New York state

Labor Law Posters

Government posting requirements

AL-Alabama Labor Law Posters [8080] ?

Download the posters for child labor law, WC fraud, etc.

VT-Vermont Safety and Health Protection on the Job [17273] ?

Print the poster required by VOSHA to be posted in the workplace

Labor Relations Boards

Federal and state labor relations boards in the USA

MN-Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services [30830] ?

Conciliation/mediation, arbitration, bargaining unit determinations, and bargaining unit certification elections

Telework Programs

Telecommuting policies, training programs, and tools

Building a Telework Program [6421] ?

Toolkit for employers

Managing the Telecommuter [21] ?

Guidance for managing employees who are home alone and working

Wage Data

US federal and state statistics related to wages by area and occupation

National Compensation Search [29281] ?

Occupational wage data are available for local areas and for the nation

Wage Surveys

Obtain salary data for a large number of professions

NV-Nevada Occupational Employment Statistics [29919] ?

What jobs pay in Nevada

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