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Human resources tools, templates, programs, tutorials, data, policies, regulations and checklists. Job descriptions. Telecommuting program guidance. Tips for HR professionals. Salary surveys. Wage calculators. Labor issues. Alternative staffing. Independent contractors. Volunteers. Foreign nationals. Recruiting, hiring and termination issues. Addressing worker performance.

Alien Labor Registration

US foreign labor certification/registration requirements by state


COBRA continuation of health coverage requirements such as eligibility, periods of coverage, paying for coverage, etc.

Collective Bargaining

Labor contracts, negotiations, collective bargaining agreements

Commute Options

Employer outreach programs. How to get employers on board with commute options for their employees. Statistics for employers on productivity.

Disability Rights

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) relative to employment of the disabled, reasonable workplace accomodations, etc.

DOL Updates

What's new at the US Department of Labor. US Department of Labor what's new page, media releases, federal register notices.

EAP Programs

Resources related to Employee Assistance Programs. EAP standards and guidelines. Directories of service providers. Articles for and about the EAP industry. EAP certification.

Employee Benefits

Explanation of federal laws on minimum wage, overtime pay, child labor, and more. Online benefit departments. Articles on reducing benefits costs. COBRA information. Fact sheets. Flexible and cafeteria benefit plans. Employee benefits primer. Pharmacy benefit management. Social security benefits. Understanding dental benefits. FMLA. FLSA. EAP. Employee benefits, COBRA, defined benefit plans, cafeteria plans, etc.

Employee Discrimination

Resources related to Equal Employment Opportuniy Commission (EEOC) - guides, fact sheets, policy development, etc. Diversity. ADA and disabled employee information. Fact sheets on discrimination - sex, race, age, disabilities, etc. Sexual harrassment at work. Legal issues related to the ADA and AIDS and the workplace.

Employee Layoffs

Tools for layoffs. Weekly layoff reports by industry. Guidance on layoffs and labor laws. How to control excessive WC claims with layoffs.

Employee Leave

Leave laws, forms and policies. Guidance on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Leave banks. Leaves of absence, maternity leave, etc.

Employee Pay

Salary, pay and compensation tools. USA federal and state unemployment tax and minimum wage requirements. Broadbanding. Job pricing. Merit pay. Pay for performance. Incentive pay. Compensation and benefit reports.

Executive Pay

Resources related to compensation, benefits and incentives for corporate executives

Firing Employees

Termination and severance tools. Listing of industry layoffs reported nationwide in US. Using the right management techniques to prevent workplace violence during terminations. Nationwide survey on corporate severance practices. Employee termination issues. Investigation, discipline and termination issues. Full text of the workforce reduction policy of the US Army Corps of Engineers. State rules on final pay check time frames.

Foreign Labor

Details regarding work visas, green cards, immigrational law requirements and more. INS requirements for hiring foreign nationals. Information for employers about hiring immigrants.

Health Savings Accounts

Articles on Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs): legislative action, private sector plans, Medicare, guidelines, taxes, etc. Explanations of Medical Savings Accounts with real life examples. Directory of health insurance carriers who provide Medical Savings Accounts. A model for a cafeteria plan-wrapped MSA program.

Hiring Practices

Recruiting and hiring practices. Interviewing guidelines. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Pre-employment tests. Relocation information. Negligent hiring. Internet recruiting. Guidance on criminal history and background checks, references, etc. of potential new hires. Recruiting and hiring practices and the ADA, negligent hiring claims and more.

HR Audits

Audit materials, forms, checklists, guidance for the Human Resources department

HR Blogs

Discussion groups, forums, newsgroups, message boards and e-mail group lists. E-mail lists and discussion forums for human resources issues.

HR Calculators

Department of Labor has developed several elaws advisors for US labor law guidance to employers. Training tools.

HR Costs

Human resources costs related to employee turnover, hiring, absenteeism, etc.

HR Designations

Certification requirements for human resources. Human resources management basics. Certification requirements for professionala in human resources. Conferences and seminars.

HR Forms

Downloadable forms, including benefits, payroll, employee complaints, time records, performance appraisals, family & medical leave, recruitment checklist, training forms & more. Human resources forms - medical, dental, payroll, employment, appraisals, etc.

HR Handbooks

Guidelines on when to have a handbook and what should be included in employee handbooks and procedure manuals. Full text of employee handbooks in use by universities and others that include general policies & procedures and employee benefits. Administrative handbooks. Faculty handbooks. Policy manuals. Operations manuals. Retiree benefits handbooks.

HR Management

Human resource management basics. Broader human resources perspectives Auditing the HR function. Concepts, issues, principles, trends and theories of human resources management. HR trends and white papers, etc.

HR News

The latest headline news in human resources and benefits. Daily headlines and weekly news articles of interest to HR professionals

HR Policies

Full text of various corporate policies and procedures, e.g., conflict of interest, lobbying, scientific misconduct, environmental health and safety, at-will employment, telecommuting, travel, internet use, fragrance-free workplace and more. Articles & essays on personnel policies, performance evaluations, merit increases, vacations, severance pay, interviewing guidelines, etc. Policy and procedure manuals.

Human Resources RFP

Examples of requests for proposals for accident and health, ancillary medical plans, benefits consulting, etc.

Informal Learning

Companies spend the most money on formal learning which is the smallest part of the learning equation. The other 80 percent of learning happens informally as the learner creatively adapts to ever changing circumstances. Examples of such informal knowledge transfer include instant messaging, a spontaneous meeting on the Internet, a phone call to someone who has information you need, a live one-time-only sales meeting introducing a new product, a chat-room in real time, a chance meeting by the water cooler, a scheduled Web-based meeting with a real-time agenda, a tech walking you through a repair process, or a meeting with your assigned mentor or manager.

Job Banks

Job posting services provided by state and local governments

Job Classification

Job description tools, data files and templates. Full text of sample job descriptions, checklists, documents of job analysis. Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Job requirements checklist. Job analysis research papers and resources. Occupational classification systems. Sample job descriptions.

Labor Issues

References to assist with labor-management issues, labor grievance resolution, collective bargaining

Labor Law Posters

USA federal and state employment posting requirements.

Labor Laws

Labor law tools and resources. Includes which employers or employees are covered by each statute; the statute's basic provisions and requirements; how to obtain information and assistance from DOL; penalties for non-compliance; and relation to state, local and other federal laws. Links are provided to more detailed information available on DOL agencies’ websites, such as the text of statutes, regulations (e.g., the Code of Federal Regulations), and interpretative bulletins. Full text of US Dept of Labor laws and technical reference materials.

Labor Relations Boards

Links to federal and state boards involved in labor-management relations in the USA

Labor Unions

Websites of labor unions in the United States

Managing Staff

Information for employers about the use of independent contractors, outsourcing, considerations to be made relative to alternative staffing and more. Using volunteers. PEOs. Staffing strategies. Blended staffing.

Managing Volunteers

Volunteer recruitment process. Sample volunteer management policies. Volunteer legal handbook. Assessing volunteer job needs. Volunteer Protection Act of 1997. Sample volunteer task descriptions. Sample volunteer contract. Articles, sample policies and agreements related to volunteer management.


Reference materials related to new hire orientation and retention

PEO Management

Professional Employer Organizations tools. Covers issues related to PEOs, how to select a PEO, legal considerations, etc.

Performance Reviews

Performance measurements for employees and teams. Guide to conflict resolution for managers and supervisors. 360-Degree Feedback. Performance appraisal systems. Guide to performance management. A checklist for troubleshooting performance problems. Addressing poor workplace performance.

Prevailing Wages

The prevailing wage rate is the basic hourly rate paid on public works projects to a majority of workers engaged in a particular craft, classification or type of work within the locality and in the nearest labor market area (if a majority of such workers are paid at a single rate). If there is no single rate paid to a majority, then the single or modal rate being paid to the greater number of workers is prevailing.

Eighteen States do not have prevailing wage laws. These States are Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and Virginia.


Materials related to building a high retention workforce with reduced employee turnover

Staff Motivation

Motivation and empowerment tools for employees and management. General principles for classroom motivation and employee motivation & empowerment. How to motivate workers.

State EEOC

State offices of civil rights, equal opportunity, human rights commissions responsible for state anti-discrimination laws

Telework Programs

Telecommuting manuals and guidelines. Sample telecommuting programs, checklists and forms. Cost-benefit analysis. Fill-in-the-blank telecommuting policies, training programs, etc. Answers to frequently asked questions about various telework and telecommuting issues.

Temp Hires

Temporary staffing tools, issues and strategies. Advice on how to select a temp service agency. Information on contingent employment and regulations. Issues when hiring seasonal workers. Contingent and part time employment strategies. Temporary help agency checklist. Overview of US laws affecting the temporary workers industry. Temporary workers industry research statistical report.

Training Skills

Corporate training and development resources. Teaching tips. Distance education tutorials and resources. Questioning skills, active listening, nonverbal behaviors, classroom techniques, etc. Overview of the most common types of training situations that may lead to litigation. Training industry trends. Enhance nonverbal communication skills. Knowledge management. Creating job aids. Needs assessment. Topics, articles and tools for training professionals. Testing. Training statistics. Learning style inventory. Instructional system design manual. Measurement and evaluation.

Union Issues

Workplace rights. Employee dispute resolution. Collective bargaining. Union positions on issues such as family leave, childcare, eldercare, alternative work schedules.

University HR

Home pages to government and university departments of human resources. A variety of human resources departments for major universities and state and federal government agencies. The majority provide online access to their employee handbooks, HR manuals, policies and more.


USERRA Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act information. State military leave laws.

Wage Data

Wage data useful for pay-setting purposes includes information on wages nationally, regionally, by state and by metropolitan areas

Wage Surveys

Salary surveys by profession, such as the heatlh care profession, executive pay, safety & health profession, psychology profession, trainers, information technology, advertising profession and other business professions. Salary and wage tables for USA federal government employees. Compare state and local government workers salaries with the private sector. Online calculators for converting hourly wages to annual salary and vice versa as well as cost of living calculators.

Work Hours

FLSA federal requirements for employee work-hour pay and recordkeeping - how to determine whether or not employee must be paid for breaks, meals, holidays, overtime, travel time and more.

Work Teams

Corporate team building resources. Self-directed work teams. Team building. Series of articles on corporate culture, teamwork, communication, etc. Special project teams. Team organization, vision and leadership.

Youth Labor

US federal requirements related to the employment of minors

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