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Guides and resources on nursing homes, eldercare, etc.

Fire Prevention for Seniors [40852] ?

Fire prevention and preparedness advice for older adults

Drug Free Workplace

Workplace drug policies and substance abuse programs

Drug-Free Workplace Act [16406] ?

Requires some Federal contractors & all Federal grantees to provide drug-free workplaces

Drug Guides

Pharmacology clinical resources

Federal Regulations for Controlled Substances [16866] ?

Full text of Title 21 Food & Drugs Chapter II Drug Enforcement Administration

Potential Herb-Drug Interactions [11489] ?

Focuses on the most serious or documented interactions

Healthy Diet

Nutrition guides, food guide pyramid, dietary guidelines, weight control & more

Dietary Guidelines - AHA Diet [549] ?

American Heart Association dietary guidelines for healthy adults

Occupational Health

Occupational medicine reference materials

NFPA 1582 on Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments [19433] ?

Essential functions for firefighters


Health effects of smoking, environmental smoke, workplace smoking rules

ATF Tobacco Industry Programs [12805] ?

ATF collects tobacco excise taxes, issues permits, investigates trafficking of contraband tobacco

Wellness Programs

Health promotion and wellness programs in the workplace

UA Life & Work Connections [36284] ?

Example of a worksite wellness program that incorporates innovative work/life programs

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