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Disaster Preparedness

How to create emergency plans and disaster guides

Disabled: Accommodating Disabled in the Provision of Disaster Mass Care, Housing [31884] ?

ADA Guide for Local Governments on Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery program guidance and flood clean-up

Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 [27828] ?

Text of the act outlines state, tribal and local governmental requirements regarding disaster mitigation

Disaster Relief

Non-government organizations that provide disaster relief services

Mennonite Disaster Service [19983] ?

Repair homes damaged in disasters

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief [19989] ?

Meeting urgent needs of hurting humanity in crisis situations

Evacuation Procedures

Emergency evacuation programs, fire drills, etc.

Building Evacuations FAQ [20440] ?

Answers relating to the evacuation/relocation of occupants in high-rise building emergencies

Fire Escape Planning and Practice [19310] ?

Advice regarding fire drills and evacuation planning and procedures

Government Disasters

US federal , state and local government disaster response services

DOE: National Nuclear Security Administration [19775] ?

Works to stop the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons

SBA Disaster Loan Program [20730] ?

SBA offers low interest loans to qualifying businesses

SBA: Business Disaster Recovery Assistance [20019] ?

Offer financial assistance to those who are trying to rebuild their homes and businesses

Health Service Disasters

Health care facility emergency plans and disaster guidance

Recovery Checklist for Hospitals After a Disaster [pdf] [37606] ?

Intended to assist facilities in maintaining a safe environment of care by checking potential issues after a disaster

Storm Disasters

Thunderstorm, lightning, tornado, hail safety resources

US National Weather Hazards Maps [25364] ?

Indicates severe weather by state and county

Weather Warnings

Disaster alerts from weather to seismic events to floods, etc

National Warnings [8631] ?

Provides immediate access to all available warnings for the United States

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