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Class Actions

Class action suits proposed, filed or settled

Class Action Lawsuits [13742] ?

Top 10 Class Action Lawsuits

Computer Law

Computer technology & the law

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act [14887] ?

Overview of the law also known as the E-Sign Act

Construction Law

Construction industry law resources

Construction Defect Lawsuits [13454] ?

Successful resolution through insurance

Construction Defect Resource Guide [36804] ?

Analysis of major legal trends regarding construction defect

Construction Expert Witness [31645] ?

A Litigation Guide

Contract Management [9484] ?

Contract management is key to protecting yourself against unexpected liability

Defective Construction as Occurrence [31657] ?

Construction Defect Analysis for Occurrence and Manifestation Occurrence Form Policies

Environmental Law

Resources on environmental law

Environmental Coverage Case Law [36805] ?

A review of state laws affecting environmental tort cases and insurance coverage

Insurance Law

Resources on insurance law

Against Insurance Rescission [pdf] [30323] ?

Proposes an alternative remedy called “actuarially fair reformation”

Bad Faith Compendium [36802] ?

2008 review of the relevant principles government bad faith claims in all 50 states

Chinese Drywall Markings Photographs [38858] ?

Chinese Drywall Markings: Photographic Examples

Common Liability Exclusions [40096] ?

Common exclusions in the general liability insurance policy

Conflicting Arbitration and Service-of-Suit Clauses [39827] ?

Which jurisdiction prevails

First Party Property Desk Reference [36803] ?

Review of state laws affecting property claims adjusters - notice of claim and proof of loss, arson reporting, etc

Insurance 101 - Claims [40090] ?

Insurance claims education in three to four minute increments

Insurance Coverage Opinions [40088] ?

Commentary on court decisions related to general liability and professional liability insurance

Missing Insurance Policies [40094] ?

How a party in a court of law may reconstruct missing insurance policies

Mold Exclusions Guide [38739] ?

The Risk Advisor’s Survival Guide to Mold Exclusions

Proximate Causation - Property Claims [40093] ?

Efficient Proximate Cause: There May Be Coverage For An Excluded Cause of Loss

Reservations of Rights Letters [36801] ?

Review of state laws on reservation of rights letters, disclaimer letters and non-waiver agreements

Tennessee Insurance Litigation Blog [40092] ?

Legal insights on insurance litigation in Tennessee

Intellectual Property

Patents, copyrights and intellectual property law

Patent Marking and the America Invents Act [36867] ?

The 2011 Leahy-Smith America Invents Act made it easier to comply with patent marking requirements

Labor Law

Employment & labor law resources and tools

EEOC and Workplace Retaliation Guidance [36946] ?

Draft retaliation guidance for public input 1_21_201

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages and insurability legal resources

Punitive Damages - How Much is Enough [19653] ?

A discussion of the topic

Punitive Damages USA [36800] ?

Post Judgment Interest/Pre-Judgment Interest/Punitive Damages

Transportation Law

Transportation law resources

Underinsured Motorist [35396] ?

Auto liability insurance is compulsory in the District of Columbia and all states except New Hampshire

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