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Mediation and arbitration resources

The Federal Arbitration Act [pdf] [21698] ?

Full text of the act

Business Law

Corporate & business law case developments, articles, resources

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act [17592] ?

The federal law that governs consumer product warranties

Class Actions

Class action suits proposed, filed or settled

Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 [pdf] [35774] ?

Text of the act

Construction Law

Construction industry law resources

Purchase Orders are Contracts [32896] ?

A purchase order is legally binding


Court opinions from federal and state courts

US Courts Opinions [16374] ?

Opinions from US federal courts


Resources related to discrimination law


Online legal discussion forums & list servs

Privacy Compliance & Data Security Blog [35908] ?

Data breach prevention and the appropriate response


Online privacy policies and statements

Privacy - Sensitive and Protected Information [13692] ?

Respect individual privacy when communicating with the public about marketing offers


Fill-in-the-blank legal forms and contracts

Legal Forms Archive [4112] ?

Large number of sample legal forms

Small Business Forms [20689] ?

Forms from the Small Business Administration

Intellectual Property

Patents, copyrights and intellectual property law

European Patent Office Database Search [26483] ?

Search engines for patents and trademarks by EPO

Fair Use of Trademarks [28718] ?

Trademark use fact sheet

Intellectual Property and Technology Articles [30118] ?

On a variety of topics

IP Watchdog - Blog [28717] ?

Intellectual Property Law Blog

Kluwer Patent Blog [27011] ?

Covers topics of interest in US patent law

Patent Infringement Under US Law [31647] ?

An overview

Patent Trolls [20877] ?


Trademark FAQ [30091] ?

Related to trademark issues in the USA


Personal data privacy and privacy guidelines & requirements

Drivers Protection Act USC Title 18 Chapter 123 [17521] ?

Prohibition on release and use of certain personal information from State motor vehicle records

Product Liability

Product liability law information and data

Phthalates in Toys [5566] ?

A discussion of CPSC requirements


Internet search site for case law, legal opinions and more

PublicLegal [4111] ?

Forms, law firms, legal professional salaries, academia, legal research

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