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Labor and employment law case, articles and data. Employment law briefs and law cases from around the US. Federal laws. Legal bulletins. Labor law. Mental and physical disability law. Employment defamation and privacy. Case developments, articles, resources related to employment & labor law. Employment law alerts, articles and updates.

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Arbitration News [14198] ?

Summaries of court decisions and opinions related to labor arbitration

Child Labor Laws [40550] ?

Federal and state requirement summaries

Collective Bargaining and Labor Union Legislation Database [40556] ?

Current legislation on labor unions and collective bargaining is available in a searchable database

Court Refuses To Extend FLSA Enterprise Liability to Nonprofits [31646] ?

2007 decision of a New York court

Discriminating Against the Unemployed [40547] ?

Chart provides citations and a brief summary of state laws relating to discrimination in hiring the unemployed

EEOC and Workplace Retaliation Guidance [36946] ?

Draft retaliation guidance for public input 1_21_201

Employee Misclassification - Legal [40544] ?

Legal issues on the practice of labeling workers as independent contractors, rather than employees

Employee Privacy Laws [19440] ?

Information about employee rights and what workplace information is considered private

Employee Rights [8552] ?

Legal rights for government employees, private sector employees, etc

Employment & Labor [5368] ?

Workplace materials for employers and employees

Employment at Will Revisited [40539] ?

Advice for employers

Employment Labor Law Advice [18505] ?

Legal advice to assist small business and individuals understand their rights

Employment Law Articles [11279] ?

Legal articles related to employment in the USA

Employment Law Articles [14196] ?

Employment law news and articles

Employment Law Compliance Thresholds [28828] ?

The numbers of employees required for an employer to be covered under these laws

Employment Law News [10173] ?

The latest in employment law issues

Employment Recordkeeping [pdf] [19448] ?

Recordkeeping requirements

Employment-at-will Doctrine - Exceptions [pdf] [40549] ?

Three major exceptions to the doctrine

Enforcing Noncompetition Agreements [37929] ?

Are noncompete agreements enforceable? The answer is yes and no.

Federal FLSA Claim Decisions [16763] ?

Summaries of FLSA decisions for US federal worker claims

Federal FLSA Claims Decisions [16762] ?

For Fair Labor Standards Act decisions for US federal workers

Federal Labor Laws [2338] ?

Short, summary descriptions of the most pertinent labor laws in the United States

FLRA Decisions, Final Actions and Briefs [12937] ?

Authority decisions, summaries of recent FLRA decisions

Human Resources Law News [13295] ?

News on US federal labor decisions, laws and regs, etc

Labor & Employment Law News [29116] ?

Articles for employers related to employment law

Legal Issues for Human Resources Management [8153] ?

A list of the major laws impacting Human Resources Management

Mediation and Arbitration of Statutory Disputes Arising Out of the Employment [pdf] [30070] ?

Due Process Protocol for Mediation and Arbitration of Statutory Disputes Arising Out of the Employment Relationship

Military and Veterans Affairs State Legislation Database [40557] ?

A searchable database for state laws related to military and veteran issues

NLRB - Find a Case [14199] ?

Search all unfair labor practice cases and representation cases

NLRB FAQs [14201] ?

Answers to common questions to assist with US federal National Labor Relations Board requirements

NLRB Manuals [13469] ?

Provide a wealth of material useful for understanding and navigating NLRB cases

Overtime/Contractors [19439] ?

Answers to questions by employers and employees

Prevailing Wage Resources [40554] ?

State and federal prevailing wage law requirements

Recordkeeping Requirements [8154] ?

Type of Record; Length of Time to Retain; Applicable Law

Special Rules on Release Agreements for Workers Raise Questions and Create Litigation Risks [30163] ?

Difficult to draft group termination releases that will reduce the risk of employment litigation

State Discrimination Laws Regarding Off-Duty Conduct [pdf] [40546] ?

Chart provides citations and a brief summary of state off-duty conduct laws

State Laws on Employment-Related Discrimination [40548] ?

Chart provides citations and a brief summary of state laws relating to employment discrimination

State Legal Pay Laws [40545] ?

Chart provides citations and a brief summary of state equal pay laws

State Minimum Wages [40551] ?

A chart of state minimum wages

State Overtime Requirements [40553] ?

Chart summarizes state law related to overtime or premium pay

State Paid Family Leave Laws [40552] ?

California and New Jersey, offer paid, or partially paid, family and medical leave

State Right-to-Work Laws [40555] ?

Resources and summaries of the legal requirements

US Dept of Labor Regulations and Rulemaking [10582] ?

Federal Register documents and more

US Federal Employment Laws [29114] ?

Information about employment law as related to US federal laws

US Merit Systems Protection Board Decision Database [13296] ?

Decisions from the MSPB

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