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Court decisions and sentencing. Federal and state court opinions - sources for case law, slip opinions, etc. Court verdicts.

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US Court of Appeals: Fifth Circuit Decisions [16362] ?

From 1992 to the present

Civilian Board of Contract Appeals - CBCA [16501] ?

Created to hear and decide contract disputes between government contractors and executive agencies

Court Websites [16375] ?

Committed to improving the administration of justice in the United States and abroad

Federal Judicial Branch [10607] ?

Links to the websites of all US federal courts

Federal Rules of Evidence [10478] ?

Rules govern the introduction of evidence in proceedings, both civil & criminal, in Federal court

Federal Rules used by US Federal Courts [10480] ?

Text of the rules - of Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure, Appellate Procedure and more

How to Sue in Small Claims Courts [18516] ?

The basics related to Small Claims Courts

Judicial Decisions [10481] ?

Advice on where to find US federal and state court opinions on the internet

PACER Service Center [10602] ?

Electronic access to US District, Bankruptcy and Appellate court records

Supreme Court Court Cases [10482] ?

Decisions from 1791 to the present

The Constitution Project [10606] ?

A bipartisan nonprofit that seeks consensus on controversial legal & constitutional issues

The Federalist Papers [10604] ?

Original text of the Federalist Papers {also known as The Federalist}

U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Opinions [16372] ?

The opinions of the District of Columbia Circuit - Search the full text of opinions

U.S. Court of Federal Claims [16500] ?

Decisions since 1997 - monetary claims against the US government

U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines Manual [5557] ?

From the US Sentencing Commission

US Case Law [11088] ?

Case law from the US federal courts and the US state courts

US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims [16503] ?

Decisions since 2000

US Court of Appeals: Eighth Circuit Decisions [16366] ?

The opinions of the Eighth Circuit - also has keyword search engine

US Court of Appeals: Eleventh Circuit Decisions [16369] ?

The opinions of the Eleventh Circuit

US Court of Appeals: First Circuit Decisions [16358] ?

The opinions of the First Circuit

US Court of Appeals: Fourth Circuit Decisions [16361] ?

The opinions of the Fourth Circuit

US Court of Appeals: Ninth Circuit Decisions [16367] ?

The opinions of the Ninth Circuit

US Court of Appeals: Seventh Circuit Decisions [16364] ?

Opinions of the Seventh Circuit

US Court of Appeals: Seventh Circuit Decisions [16365] ?

The opinions of the Seventh Circuit - search by case number or by name, corporation name

US Court of Appeals: Sixth Circuit Decisions [16363] ?

The opinions of the Sixth Circuit

US Court of Appeals: Tenth Circuit Decisions [16368] ?

The opinions of the Tenth Circuit Court

US Court of Appeals: Third Circuit Decisions [16360] ?

The opinions of the Third Circuit

US Courts [5564] ?

Information about the US federal judiciary

US Courts Opinions [16374] ?

Opinions from US federal courts

US Courts Statistical Reports [12436] ?

Statistical analysis of US federal courts

US Federal Courts Locator [16373] ?

Links to US federal courts by state

US Federal Courts, Including Decisions [10676] ?

Search engines and links to find federal court opinions

US Supreme Court Archived Opinions [34109] ?

Issued between 1937 and 1975

US Supreme Court Opinions [4110] ?

From recent years

US Supreme Court Rules [14537] ?

Access to the text of the rules for the US Supreme Court

US Tax Court [64] ?

Opinions since January 1, 1999, Tax Court Rules, etc.

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