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GCat: US Laws & Regs
MCat: Corporate Law

Business law. Securities law. Employee benefits. Insurance law. Consumer law. Labor law. Environmental law. Health law. Transportation law. Real estate law. Resources of legal research, case law, verdicts and settlements, arbitration, etc. Arbitration. Litigation cost control. Case management. Legal forms, contracts, model documents. Computer, internet, & intellectual property law. Attorney-client privilege.


Guides to mediation and arbitration. Arbitration rules & procedures. Vacating arbitration awards. Arbitration forms used for general business, labor, etc. Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) - mediation.

Business Law

Resources for corporate and business law. Newsletters, articles and cases relating to various areas of business and corporate law. Case developments, articles, resources related to corporate law.

Class Actions

Notices of class actions, proposed, filed or settled. Class action guides. Class action litigation issues, guides, notices and other related information. Requirements for prosecuting and certifying a class action.

Computer Law

Case developments, articles, resources related to computer technology & the law. Guidelines used by US federal agencies for the search and seizure of computers. Monitoring employees' electronic communications. Full text of the Computer Law Association's conference papers. Large number of articles related to internet law, & information technology.

Construction Law

Arbitration and mediation in construction disputes. Designer-led design build construction and legal issues. Court decisions in construction law. Case developments, articles, resources related to the construction industry.

Consumer Law

Consumer law and safety standards. Recent consumer law decisions in the state of New York. Series of brochures on consumer law. Case developments, articles, resources related to consumer law.


Court decisions and sentencing. Federal and state court opinions - sources for case law, slip opinions, etc. Court verdicts.


Case law in regards to discrimination. Employment discrimination law materials - age, disabilities, etc. Court cases, fact sheets, resources related to discrimination due to age, sex, mental and physical disabilities, etc. Case developments, articles, resources related to employee discrimination


E-mail lists and discussion forums for legal issues. Online forums, e-mail list servs, bulletin boards, etc. related to the legal industry.


Online privacy principles. Checklist helps you create your website's privacy policy. How to make a website privacy policy. Model Privacy Statement & Site Coordinator's Guide. Online privacy branded seals displayed by member Web sites. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA): Business Requirements. Sample internet privacy policies and statements.

Employee Benefits

Articles on various topics of employee benefits law. ERISA litigation. Unforseen ERISA fiduciary responsibilities. Case developments, articles, resources related to ERISA & employee benefits. Discussion of welfare benefit plans and retirement plans. Legal topics related to ADA, FLMA, COBRA, HIPAA, EEOC, etc.

Environmental Law

Environmental law hot topics and alerts. Environmental litigation, case law, and law updates. Case developments, articles, resources related to environmental law


Sample flat fee cost schedule. Negotiating fees. Fee disputes. Alternate billing arrangements. Litigation cost control.


Fill-in-the-blank contracts and policies templates. Download various legal forms for general business and for law firms. Fill-in-the-blank contracts and policies. Model documents. Large number of resources for fill-in-the-blank legal forms and contracts.

Health Law

Medical malpractice law and information. Case developments, articles, resources related to medical law. Law and the physician, medicine and law, medical liability, etc. Resources, cases, statutes, memos and articles on health law. Latex allergy litigation.

Insurance Law

Insurer and carrier liability. Analysis of court opinions involving insurance issues. Articles on commercial insurance, self-insurance and alternative market, etc. Case developments, articles, resources related to insurance law.

Intellectual Property

Informations and tools on intellectual property law. Articles on patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, computer & web law, etc. Case developments, articles, resources related to intellectual property.

Internet Law

Online laws and regulations. E-commerce, copyrights, trademarks related to the internet. Guidance related to intellectual property on the internet. Court decisions. Case developments, articles, resources related to internet technology. Junk e-mail litigation. Online liability and regulations.

Labor Law

Labor and employment law case, articles and data. Employment law briefs and law cases from around the US. Federal laws. Legal bulletins. Labor law. Mental and physical disability law. Employment defamation and privacy. Case developments, articles, resources related to employment & labor law. Employment law alerts, articles and updates.


Trial, lawsuit and litigation information. Attorney-client priviledge. Expert witnesses. Case management. Sentencing. Legal case management. Use of computer-generated evidence. Work Product Doctrine. Using surveillance tapes in the courtroom. Introduction to basic legal citation. Legal bulletins focused on the hospitality industry - applicable to most industries.


Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Privacy Rule Handbook. Information on EU Privacy Directive 95/46/EC and USA Safe Harbor requirements. Excerpts of existing federal privacy laws. Data protection laws in Argentina and Ireland. Drivers Protection Act USC Title 18 Chapter 123. Personal data privacy, GLB requirements, OECD guidelines, EU privacy directive

Product Liability

Product liability law information and data. Product liability legal issues. Legal resources related to product liability lawsuits. Articles and bulletins related to product liability law. Case developments, articles, resources related to product liability. Brief on how mass personal injury litigation differs from other product liabilility cases.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages. Information by state on whether or not punitive damages are insurable, plus US nationwide trends. Trends, state laws related to punitive damages and insurability.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law standards and data. Legal resources related to landlords and tenants in the USA. Case developments, articles, resources related to real estate law. Legal issues property managers face with lead paint.


Internet search engines for US state, federal and international laws, cases, court opinions, etc. Search the internet for case law.

Securities Law

Securities, stocks, bonds laws and data. Guide and resources to securities law in the USA. Case developments, articles, resources related to securities law

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct and harassment laws and standards. Liability of employers in regards to sexual harrassment, Litigation of sexual misconduct. Court decisions, articles and cases related to sexual harassment in the USA. Case developments, articles, resources related to sexual harrassment.

Transportation Law

Court decisions, articles and cases related to transportation law in the USA. Case developments, articles, resources on transportation law

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